AESequenceExporter Bridges Hiero to After Effects Workflows

Matt Brealey shares his tool for exporting clips, shots and sequences from the Foundry’s Hiero into After Effects. The AESequenceExporter is sort of a work in progress that Matt is sharing in the hopes that a select few will find it useful.A quick video showing just what the Hiero > AfterEffects exporter I put together actually does. Hopefully it’ll prove vaguely useful for a few of youThe exporter can export multiple clips or entire sequences and can handle settings and retimings. It essentially creates a .jsx file that can be used inside of After Effects which will create and save a project for you. Matt notes that currently it will only auto set output modules in After Effects in the TIFF format. Check out the AESequenceExporter An ‘After Effects Exporter’ for Hiero here.

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