Atari ® ASTEROIDS Outpost Game Trailer

client: Atari ®
postproduction house: Nenashev ™
idea: Anton Nenashev
art director: Anton Nenashev
producer: Anton Nenashev / Nikita Pichugov
CG superviser: Arsenii Gutov
lead 3D artist: Sergey Movchan
3D modelling: Konstantin Zankov, E.D.Satan
texturing:Konstantin Zankov, E.D.Satan
shading, lighting: Sergey Movchan
rendering: Alexey Cheprakov, Arsenii Gutov
rnd, simulation: Alexey Cheprakov, Arsenii Gutov
animation: Alexander Sokolov
pre-visualisation: Alexander Sokolov
digital compositing: Arsenii Gutov
concept art: Olga Antonenko
scripting: Michael Ivanov
music: Alexander Knyazev (“Triangle Sun”)

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