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10 Famous Funny Commercials

10 Famous Funny Commercials

CGI VFX Spot 1080 : “Qashqai” by – Digital District

Here is another beautiful spot created for Nissan by the talented artists over at Digital District. Find them here:‎ Founded in 2008, Digital District is a french creative studio specialized in visual effects and motion graphics.

CGI 3D Animated Spot 1080 : “Folds” by – Digital District

Check out this innovative recent spot showcasing a super cool animation technique as a world unfolds before our eyes in the wonderful spot called "Folds" created for La Poste Group by Iconoclast and Digital District, directed by Edouard Salier.

Boeing “100 / Commercial”

We created three spots to celebrate Boeing’s 100th anniversary. Executed using seamless design and hyper-real CG, we drew inspiration from engineering blueprints, as each spot captures the awe-inspiring process that starts with a single spark in the mind of a Boeing engineer, and finishes with a gravity defying roar of an engine taking a machine […]

Mitre Friction Commercial

Motion Design / 3D Animation / Post Production : RocknRoller Studios Director : Paul Clements 3D Modelling / Texturing: Joe Myers Audio : Combustion Created for Mitre Sports International / Pentland Brands Follow at : Website :    

Chameleon Commercial

In 2015 EMG has reached us with a task to create a commercial spot for their new mobile application Chameleon. Playing with the result a little longer ended up with an abstract motion piece where the cosmic interfaces are triggering the smoke bursts and connecting the devices with the colorful flow. Client: EMG Creative Director: […]

BeeTrue Honey 3D commercial

Client: Armo Luxury Food Imp & Exp Inc. Ltd Assignment: Commercial video 1min Concept Designer and Storyboard Artist: Dupp Du Producer & Executive Creative Director: Connie Gao Production Coordinator & Project Manager: Huan Shen Editor: Han Shee Director of Photography: Jialiang He

“Smarter by the Second” Invicta Watch Commerical

BY Alexandria Husted -Used low f-stop macro photography to create a soft bokeh background for the subject. -A classic Serif font was combined with animated blurs, 3D position movement, and animated tracking to create simple but elegant text animations -Color corrected the watch to silver to contrast with the blue Bokeh


Cute TV Spot for Audi by Post23. Post23 is a VFX, Animation and Post-Production house, based in Barcelona.We participate on award-winning animation, moving image, music and all kind of digital projects for feature films, advertising, TV and video games industries. THE DOLL THAT CHOSE TO DRIVE (2016) Animation, Commercial, Advertisement Produced by Post23 ( […]

Google Chrome Commercial

An Advert for Google Chrome produced by Blink Ink and directing by Noah Harris. I animated on this commercial with fellow animators; Timon Dowdeswell, Tim Collins, Martin Rhys Davies and Martin Pullen. Both the hover craft and the spinner had motors powering their propellers that spun throughout the animation process making animating them a challenge […]

Street Fighter x Tekken Commercial

Axis created the VFX for this live action commercial for Street Fighter x Tekken. Actors were shot with green head stockings and were then tracked and replaced by the Axis team. Photoreal characters were then animated and integrated into the shots. Client: Capcom Director: Michael Chaves Agency: Ayzenberg Creative Director: Gary Goodman Axis VFX Supervisor: […]

3D Animation commercial ” AJMAl PERFUME”

Commercial for Ajmal perfume’s Real OUD . BY :THE COMPANY FILMS

Character Animation Reel (Commercials)

Animated Commercial Reel All commercial work done at Anima İstanbul Role:Character Animation BY: Cihan Kiliccioglu

Olden commercial, 3D- animated

This is a commercial we did for Hansa Borg bryggerier for their water/w-taste drink called Olden Puls. I did all shading, lighting and rendering for the 3D. I also did atmospheric simulation and rendering using fumefx. Pluss I did the compositing for the 3D ice-shots.

“Sound garden” animated commercial

The animated colour shape was done using cloth and handpainted textures for diffuse, specular and alpha. I did most of the rendering, fluid simulation, hard-surface simulation and compositing.

Love & Sockets Animated Commercial for Frito-Lay

An adorable and gorgeous little animated commercial for Frito-Lay Chips and Dip. I came across Love & Sockets first and fell in love with it, then discovered that it’s one of 5 different animations that make up this cool new campaign called Made For Each Other.

Coke 2012 Commercial: “Catch” starring Bear

This game day spot will change depending on the circumstances. If the 2nd quarter is particularly stressful, then NE_Bear will relieve some tension when his friends toss him a Coke…if he can catch it. #GameDayPolarBears

3D Animated Beer Commercial

Fully animated but realistic beer commercial with pouring beer simulation. Afterward, there is a 3D elements breakdown animation.