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Reel VFX Breakdown 2018

Reel VFX Breakdown 2018

ATROPA VFX Breakdowns

Visual effects breakdowns for the sci-fi digital series ATROPA.

Cinesite Lost In Space Breakdown Reel

Cinesite reunited with VFX producer Terron Pratt, ultimately delivering over 160 VFX shots split over 4 episodes for the updated Lost in Space series, a Legendary Television production for Netflix.

VFX Breakdown 2018 by Terminal FX

VFX Breakdown 2017 by Terminal FX

“The Hurricane Heist” (2018) VFX Breakdown by LipSync Bulgaria

"The Hurricane Heist" (2018) is directed by Rob Cohen, starring Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace and Ben Cross.

“Borg vs McEnroe” VFX Breakdown

Breakdown of our work on "Borg" / "Borg vs McEnroe". Goodbye Kansas did 3D scans and delivered the assets to Haymaker FX - to help them create the Visual Effects. The VFX Supervisor:

Annihilation | VFX Breakdown Reel

Union had to imagine how flowers might have mutated in the shimmer. The team created concept ideas using Photoshop to paint wide and close up stills from the shoot to determine the creative direction then, once approved, created a matte painting for the wide shots.


Congrats to the French team for being the champions of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia! At the very beginning of the Championship UPP Advertising made a World Cup teaser for Alfa Bank with Leo Messi which VFX breakdown we’re now bringing to you – enjoy the whole CG stadium and overall CG environment! […]

The Food Thief RIGG – Technical breakdown.

Mother of Rigging breakdowns. One of the most amazing character rigging breakdowns we have seen yet on the internet by Mindbender Animation Studio. The character named Thief, done in Maya and looks amazing.

The CRISPY Creature Design of Rampage

Watch Brilliant Concept Design Team behind Rampage. How real-life inspirations helped Aaron Sims Creative Team to Realize Detailed Creatures for the movie.

Ant-Man | VFX Breakdown | DNEG

DNEG always produces most stunning and high-quality film work. This VFX breakdown surely confirms their commitment to highend CG and vfx work. Enjoy Ant Man VFX breakdown showreel by DNEG.

Amazing Before & After Hollywood VFX Westworld

The amazing fabricated world known as 'Westworld' isn't actually that far from what you see on screen. Most of the scenes were filmed on location and aside from editing out a few pylons and adding a couple of mountains, not much was changed.

Kong: Skull Island | VFX Breakdown by Rodeo FX

The Rodeo FX team delivered 80 shots for this film. Much of our work can be seen in the film’s opening sequence during a fight between two World War II pilots.

VFX Miniatures That You Thought Were Real SCANDINAVA

VFX Miniatures That You Thought Were Real SCANDINAVA

CGI 3D/VFX Breakdown: “Bring Life Forward” – by Roof Studio

VFX spot called "Bring Life Forward" as a futuristic & stunning campaign is created for Toshiba by the talented folks over at Roof Studio & Gyro San Francisco! 

CGI & VFX Breakdowns | Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle | By MPC

Check out this awesome VFX Breakdown for ""Jumanji" Led by MPC VFX Supervisor Bob Winter who worked closely with director Jake Kasden and overall VFX Supervisor Jerome Chen, MPC’s VFX team completing 160 shots for Jumanji.