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Rig & Animate a Character in 2 Minutes – CINEMA 4D

A quick tutorial for someone who just want's to get that character rigged and animated as fast as possible using Mixamo in just 2 minutes

Tutorial : Rigging 2D Lego Facial Expressions in Maya

Rigging 2D Lego Facial Expressions in Maya

Infinite Floor in Vray – 3DS Max Tutorial

In just a few minutes i manage to reveal the most secret technique of them all, the Infinite Floor!

HOUDINI BREAKDOWN / 01 / Ice Growth / Stalactite / Tutorial

Learn some techniques used to create a Stalactite / Ice growth effect in Sidefx Houdini. I directly manipulate the VDB volumes to create an art directable mask to drive an organic growth effect, in a custom direction needed.

Using Sculptris Pro in ZBrush 2018

Learn how to get started with Sculptris Pro in ZBrush 2018 in this video tutorial. Sculptris Pro is the innovative new feature found in ZBrush 2018. Learn how to use to to make your ZBrush life a lot easier and better as a sculptor!

Maya Sticky Lips Rigging Tutorial Part 1

This video playlist covers the rigging setup of sticky lips (aka zipper lips) using a series of blendshapes and setRange nodes.

Turbulence FD In Cinema 4D (Easy)

A super easy way to use the TurbulanceFD plugin in Cinema 4D.

Animated Constraints in Houdini

In this tutorial I’m showing how you can animate the constraint network to gradually break apart an object in a rigid body sim.

Maya Modelling Secrets

In this Maya modelling tutorial, learn some of our top tips for speeding up your modelling work in Autodesk Maya.

Creating Color LUT File For Substance Painter

my good friend jeremie noguer from allegorithmic did help me to figure out how to create my own LUT file for substance painter and now i am sharing with you how to do it 🙂

Shading Octane for Cinema 4D Tutorial

Cinema 4D Tutorial Octane  

Shader Deformer Redshift, Cycles 4D

In this lesson, we will be creating a universal shader deformer, that can be used with any kind of render engine, in order to manually define the position of texture influence.

Maya Tutorial – How to create a realistic Eyeball with Arnold

Maya Tutorial - How to create a realistic Eyeball with Arnold

Maya 2018 Tutorial – Cartoon House breakdown – Modeling – Lighting – MASH Tree

In this Maya breakdown tutorial, Sophie will show her process of creating a stylized house inspired by San Fransico architecture.

The Ultimate Brick Material in Substance Designer | Beginner Tutorial

In this tutorial, we create our own brick material from scratch! We cover using the brick generator node to make the base pattern for our material, and then proceed to destroy them for another hour. Just like any other Get Learnt video, really. BY : Get Learnt

After Effects Expressions Tutorial 4: Rotating Wheels Rig

In this class we use everything we learned in the previous classes for a hands-on example: We develop an expression to rotate the wheels of a car automatically.

Quads, Triangles and N-Gons in 3D Modeling

Full 3D Modeling courses: Online 3D Workshop: BY: Elementza

Nuke Using geometry to mask elements and particles

Please support my channel at Patreon: In this episode 9, we cover how to use the FillMat material in Nuke’s 3D system to create 3D based mattes to occlude 3D particles and 2D elements. Hope you enjoy this video and please leave some comments in this Post or in the YouTube post.

Nuke Workshop – 2.5D rain drops using UVs

This Tutorial was brought to you by Photogenic by BenQ. This is the first video from a Nuke workshop filmed at Splash 2017 – In this short video, we will go over a quick trick to make realistic rain using 2.5D techniques in Nuke. Using the UVs and geometry cache of a CG character it […]

Creature Shading: Sub Surface Materials in Vray for Maya

In this tutorial we will learn how to set up a sub surface shading network in Vray for Maya using the Fast SSS material and a system of blends and coats.