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Nuke Beauty Tutorial

Tutorial on doing beauty fixes using NukeX and a little bit of Mocha

Tutorial: Compositing Large Scale Explosions

In this tutorial, Alan Fire shows us how to layer several of our Explosions Vol. 2 elements in a scene and blending them against a bright, sunny background.

Fusion 9 – COMPLETE Lighting Shading Tutorial with new Spherical Camera

This is a time-lapse of a Tutorial which will be released soon. Patrons will enjoy a pre-release.

Blood Splatter Effect – After Effects Tutorial

— INFO — Here’s a little cool trick you can use to achieve water-like liquid effects with particular (and blood in this case). The premise of this tutorial is using a very simple and basic particular simulation to achieve a blood splatter. Using different layers and effects we can mesh the particles together to create […]

J_Ops Updates for Nuke 6.3

On the heals of the Foundry’s nuke 6.3 Release, Jack Binks updates J_Ops which adds support for Nuke 6.3. Check out the post on Major Kong’s site for more detailed info on the J_Ops set of scripts for Nuke here.J_Ops is a suite of Nuke ops adding the ability to analyse the source image and draw […]

Paul Winex’s Multi Script Editor Lets You Code for Houdini, Nuke and Maya

Details: Music

How to Simulate Physically Accurate Depth of Field in Nuke

A discussion of lenses and optics, and how they affect depth of field behavior in an image. We talk about depth channels, what they are and how they work. How depth of field can be simulated in Nuke with the ZDefocus tool. We also demonstrate the OpticalZDefocus gizmo, which is a tool for generating physically […]

FurnaceCore For Nuke – F_ReGrain

If you are not comfortable with adding / matching grains manually using r,g,b channels in nuke or tired of doing it manuuly. this tutorial is going to solve your problem. thanks for Naz Parker.

Compositing Trapcode Particular Effects and ShapeShifter AE With Proper Occlusions in After Effects

Brad Magnus takes a look at how to composite Trapcode Particular and ShapeshifterAE together showing how you are able to have Particular in After Effects flow in and around 3D Type that was created with ShapeshifterAE and have it respect the 3D space.Watch as I walk you through how to composite a scene using ShapeShifter […]

A Nuke Gizmo for Depth of Field That Takes Transparency Into Account

This is a very quick walkthrough of a Gizmo I wrote it Python last winter. It lets the user easily add values to image channel isolated my user selected masks. A practical use of this, is manually adding depth values for transparent surfaces, as depth of field done in compositing does not take this into […]

Understanding Premultiply and Unmultiply When Compositing in NUKE

eosacro demonstrates one of the basic concepts in compositing, premultiply and unmultiply, and provides a great example of exactly what is happening when an image with RGBA is premultiplied.If you have ever wondered what premultiply is and what it does to an image, then in this video I will show you understand itPreMultiply basically refers […]

How to Blend Images and Create a Composite in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will also learn how to create the shadow using the existing one and mimic other properties and nuances of the image like blurriness, noise, etc. and get it to match with the object or the subject.

Creating a Fake UFO Sighting in After Effects & Mocha

UFO İN İSTANBUL 27.06.2011 (İSTANBULDA UFO) I work my roof today and wıth ıphone i filim this. About 18.00, close Fatih Sultan Mehmet Köprüsü Brıdge. Please share others and tell ıf you see also a ufo. Sorry wrong date, very exıted uploaded. Is June no July. I fıx now.

Create a Weird Cyriak Inspired Animation in Ae: 30 Days of Ae

Join our mailing-list : —– Twitter : FB : —– Sponsored by The Department of Motion Design @ Ringling College of Art & Design, the best Motion Design program in the country. Check ’em out! Ringling is also sponsoring an amazing contest to get your work in front of Ringling […]

VFX Lens Distortion Workflow With PF Track, Maya & Nuke

There is always difficult to design a VFX workflow to solve lens distorted footage without any plugins. So here I am explaining the key features to solve this problem within default tools. In tutorial I avoid basic steps like how to create/track track points, camera solver, keying, lighting, etc. I used PF Track as tracking […]

Nuke Basics : Merge

This tutorial takes a look at the Merge node in Nuke You can download the image I’m using in my tutorial here Visit here for more

Compositing V-Ray Render Elements in Nuke

Following the previous tutorial last week, Here is a Practical step by step tutorial for Multipass Compositing in Nuke using the regular passes and Advanced passes. For more information have a look at this Page → Info: 01 – Why Using Raw passes? 02 – What is a Raw pass? 03 – Regular Compositing […]

Nuke Grading Essentials for Photographers and Artists

This video is sponsored by BenQ. I will show Grading basics in Nuke for Photographers and Artists. We will be opening Nuke, Lightroom and Da Vinci to show some basic concepts like Highlights, Mid Tones, Shadows, Primary Colour and Secondary Colour Correction. Please visit: Music: Backed Vibes Clean – Rollin at 5 by Kevin […]

Lighting Rendering with Maya MR Compositing in Fusion.

Lighting Rendering with Maya Mentalray, Compositing in Fusion.