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Nuke Beauty Tutorial

Tutorial on doing beauty fixes using NukeX and a little bit of Mocha

Tutorial: Compositing Large Scale Explosions

In this tutorial, Alan Fire shows us how to layer several of our Explosions Vol. 2 elements in a scene and blending them against a bright, sunny background.

Blood Splatter Effect – After Effects Tutorial

— INFO — Here’s a little cool trick you can use to achieve water-like liquid effects with particular (and blood in this case). The premise of this tutorial is using a very simple and basic particular simulation to achieve a blood splatter. Using different layers and effects we can mesh the particles together to create […]

Fusion 9 – COMPLETE Lighting Shading Tutorial with new Spherical Camera

This is a time-lapse of a Tutorial which will be released soon. Patrons will enjoy a pre-release.

3Ds Max Corona Interior Rendering

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an interior living room (piano room) with 3ds max and corona.

Maya Chrome Ball Lighting-Feedback for Nuke Compositing

Capac Roberts shows a simple way to use HDRI and Mental Ray to light a scene using a chrome ball to give some feedback to the lighting in the scene, then creating render passes for compositing in NUKE.Capac Roberts writes: Maya Nuke Chrome Ball tutorial explains a simple way to use HDRI and Mental Ray […]

Create a Simple Light Wrap With Blender’s Compositor

Blender HD – Blender Tutorials Download the node setup for free here: Make your #b3d animation and VFX composites look awesome with this fast light wrapping technique!

Creating Gaseous Volumes in Nuke With Eddy

Matt Barker from Intraware and VortechsFX takes you through your first look at Eddt with a quickstart smoke tutorial.

Realistic Outdoor Environments In Maya Introduction

Intro video to our new Realistic Outdoor Environments tutorial. We’ve had this one in the pipeline for a very long time now. Finally got time to finish it off, I hope you enjoy it. For more tutorials, please visit our site Tweets by Simply3DWorld

Cinema 4D | Create Animated Bullet Casings With Dynamics

Check out the tutorial here: In this two part tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a cool shell casing animation using Illustrator, Cinema 4D and After Effects. You’ll learn how to model a simple bullet shell casing using splines, match a 3D scene to a background plate, and use dynamics to animate multiple shell […]

Creating and Compositing RGB Light Passes in Maya, Nuke

Here I try to show you how to render RGB Light Pass in Maya as well as how to compose it in Nuke. This workflow also applicable when you deal with super white value in your pass.(Specially when you render your image in openexr) BG Music:

Getting Started With Nuke in Production

Dave Scotland offers a new multi=part series taking a look at using Nuke in a production environment, starting with a general overview of the interface, panels and menus, providing a great start for new users.In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at the Nuke user interface and explore the various panels and menusThis series is […]

Nuke Using geometry to mask elements and particles

Please support my channel at Patreon: In this episode 9, we cover how to use the FillMat material in Nuke’s 3D system to create 3D based mattes to occlude 3D particles and 2D elements. Hope you enjoy this video and please leave some comments in this Post or in the YouTube post.

Understanding Premultiplication in Alpha Compositing

James Whiffin takes a look at Premultiplication in Alpha Compositing and takes a look at how a 3D application such a Maya goes about creating alpha images by premultiplying the alpha. Check out the tutorial for Understanding Premultiplication in Basic Alpha Compositing here.In this tutorial we’ll learn what premultiplication is, when we need to premultiply […]

Creating a Super Easy After Effects Light Wrap

Super easy light wrap (meaning it doesn’t take lots of duplicating and precomping and such) using the set matte effect. So, next time you are comping some green screen footage, check out this technique. also bonus points to anyone who notices the background I used, and what tut its from. My Tip Jar: If […]

Change Environmental Reflections in Post by Using 3 Simple Passes

Here is the tutorial how to Change Reflection map in Post production. I design some passes in Maya mental ray and for post production I used Nuke. It is very helpful specially when you create your Modeling demoreel and after render you feel that environment reflection not looks great. BG sound:

Nuke zdepth and multipass compositing tutorial

In this tutorial learn how to extract 3d render passes from an EXR file and composite them in the Foundry’s Nuke using the shuffle node and other techniques to create depth of field. download the project files  

Creating EXR Render passes in Cinema 4D with VrayforC4D for Nuke Workflow

Scott from Impossible Engine shares a short video showing a workflow for using Cinema 4D with V-ray to create multi pass EXR files for compositing in Nuke. Check out the post for VrayforC4D Multipass workflow for Nuke tutorial here.Scott notes that when the Impossible Engine Studio were using V-ray and Cinema 4D on a recent […]

Multi Script Editor, Cross Python Programming Editor

Multi Script Editor. Maya features How to install MSE: Download MSE: Music:

Create a More Realistic Fire Glow in Nuke with 3 Easy Steps

Simple tutorial showing how to make a 3 step glow for more realistic “looking” fire glow in CG and stock footage.