Tutorial: Compositing Large Scale Explosions

In this tutorial, Alan Fire shows us how to layer several of our Explosions Vol. 2 elements in a scene and blending them against a bright, sunny background.

GeoTracker Beta. Demo

GeoTracker is a lightweight Nuke plugin for the model-based single view object tracking. Download here : Demo materials:

GeoTracker 1.0 Showreel

GeoTracker is the first model-based object and camera tracker for Foundry Nuke. Learn more and download

Tutorial-Getting started with Syntheyes

In this tutorial, we go through the basic steps to get going inside of Syntheyes. We will 3d motion track our footage, bring it into C4D, add a cube, then composite all the multi pass layers in After Effects. Facebook– Twittter– Website

SynthEyes INTENSE – knowledge for Camera Tracking

Donate here made during my free time. It is non-profit. If you enjoy watching it, you may donate a small amount of money to help me keep the non-profit tutorials running. In this intense 3D Tracking Tutorial I take you through syntheyes powerful Camera Tracking features. final result here

Introduction to 360VR Stabilization in SynthEyes

Stabilization is essential for safely viewing 360VR footage from moving cameras. This introductory tutorial shows the stabilization of a 360VR sequence from an ultra-light aircraft (courtesy 360Rize), and the export of that stabilization to After Effects. This demo was presented at the 2017 NAB Show.

How to Stabilize 360 Video with SynthEyes and SkyBox Studio V2

Charles Yeager shows how to stabilise 360° footage using SythEyes with SkyBox Studio V2. SynthEyes is a dedicated tracking software, and the data that is generated can be exported and used with SkyBox Studio V2. If you are doing complex stabilisation, the results are very good.

Geometry Tracking in PFTrack

The video provides an orientation of rigid and deformable geometry-based tracking in PFTrack.

PFTrack Tutorial – 3D Motion Tracking

3D Motion Tracking For More VFX training check here Part 1 of a series of several tutorials on how to do visual effects seen in Oscar Nominated VFX films. More tutorials coming soon. This video goes over the basics of 3d motion tracking before adding materials in After Effects. This example taken from the Ipad […]

PFTrack Tutorial – 3D Object Tracking Tutorial

PFTrack Tutorial – 3D Object Tracking Tutorial – In this tutorial I explain how to do 3d object tracking in PFTrack 2014. 3d object tracking is one of the most important and most useful effects to do in the VFX industry! Using 3d object tracking you can replace objects within your scene. You can also […]

Pftrack 3d Object \ Face Tracking

In this Tutorial we will see how to track a face in pftrack using 3d face model. This tutorial also shows an application of object tracking. Further we will export the tracking data in Autodesk Maya and make a stunning effect. Do like the video and SUBSCRIBE the channel. Follow me on Instagram Also Follow […]

PFTrack Tutorial – 3d Camera Tracking

In this tutorial I show you how to use the best 3d camera tracking software, PFTrack, from The Pixel Farm. Remember to subscribe to be notified of new weekly tutorials Please leave comments below if you have any questions regarding PFTrack! Thanks for watching – please LIKE / SHARE / SUBSCRIBE Come say hi on […]


Tutorial on matchmoving with nuke’s cameratracker, exporting to maya, inserting animated dinosau, rendring in maya, and then comping it in nuke. The imagesequence is from some age-old maya-live training material. The dinosaur is by Harry Gladwin-Geoghegan (downloaded through Highend3d/creativecrash)

Reverse Stabilization of an Object in Houdini

This tutorial shows how to stabilize and reverse-stabilize an object in Houdini using the Match Size node, and how to modify the tool to avoid its limitations.

import tracking data into houdini 10

This video demonstrates the import process for matchmoving data as well as how to setup background images in the viewport for rotoscoping in Houdini 10. This process works with PFTrack, PFHoe, Syntheyes and any matchmoving software that exports a Houdini cmd file. There’s an error at 2:10 where I say “attribute” but really mean “parameter.”