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Cinema 4D – Photo based modeling Tutorial

Cinema 4D - Photo based modeling Tutorial

3d Tutorial | Gyroid Minimal Surface | 3dsMax

In this tutorial, we explore the creation of a Gyroid in 3dsMax, using simple modeling techniques in 3dsMax 2017.

A Beginner’s Guide to Substance Painter 2017

Basic Pipeline from 3ds Max to Substance Painter

Concepting Hard Surface Geometry in Houdini

A brief look at process and workflow of using Houdini for procedural assets. This video specifically focuses on Boolean Tools usage to draft and concepting Hard Surface Assets.

How to texture a 3D Ka-Bar COMBAT KNIFE in Maya 2018

In this 3D modeling tutorial video in Maya 2018 I will show you how to texture a Ka-Bar combat knife, typically used in the armed forces

Piece of Landscape (Cinema 4D Tutorial)

Landscape Cross Section With Cinema 4D

3Ds max Coca-cola tutorial

3Ds max tutorial, Coca-cola botle with loft modifier.

Modelling A Minion In 3Ds Max – Introduction To Workshop

3D Studio Max tutorial for creating a Minion from the Despicable Me films..

Tutorial Box Wood for Games in 3ds Max and Quixel

Box Wood for Games in 3ds Max And Quixel

Houdini Snippet Custom Remeshing

Houdini Snippet Custom Remeshing

Cloner Tool in Cinema 4D

A super easy way to use the Cloner tool in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Tutorial – 3D Pickle

In this tutorial I show you how to model, texture, and render a pickle in C4D r14 using parametric objects, procedural textures, subsurface scattering, HDRI lighting, and global illumination.

Creating a Spaceship in Blender

Andrew Price takes a look at creating a space ship in Blender using the entire creative process from sketches, to concept to model, and finally to rendered scene.Check out the tutorial for Creating a SpaceShip in Blender here.In this tutorial you will discover:Andrew Price writes: Since the start of this website, the topic of spaceships […]

Drawing Straight Lines in C4D With The Spline Tool – Available for Freelance In this Cinema 4D Quicktip, I will show you how to quickly create straight lines with the spline tool without having to snap to a grid. For more tutorials, visit my website

An Easy Way To Get Level of Detail in Blender, Using Drivers Learn how to use drivers to save scene geometry while keeping the needed detail.

Great Tips for Retopology Workflow in Maya Using Quad Draw

A few people asked me why and how I use Maya for retopo. Here is a quick demo of retopo in Maya 2016 using the modeling toolbox. You can download the hotkey toggle scipts I use for isolate selected, wireframe on shaded, and xray here:

Learn to Model a Fan Procedurally With Houdini

Freelance VFX Artist Saber Jlassi has a nice tutorial series that shows how to model procedurally using, of course  Side FX Houdini. Jlassi walks through creating a typical hard surface model (a computer fan), working with procedural methods. Moving from more traditional modeling methods to a procedurally based workflow can take some getting used to. […]

Sub-D Modeling in Cinema 4D Creating an Array of Holes

12th part of the series. I go over some simple ways to create an array of circular holes.

A Look at the C4D House Builder Tools in R16

In this exclusive video tutorial we’ll show you how to use the House Builder tool in Cinema 4D. Read the full post and get the font download link from PremiumBeat’s post: Need music for your motion design projects? Give us a listen:

C4D’s ModelingBundle to Get New Selection Tools

HB_ViewportSelect will be part of HB_ModellingBundle. More Infos: