Splattered Photoshop Tutorial

An advanced tutorial on how to make a stunning design using custom photo-shop brushes.

Texturing Cockpit Instruments in Mari

A quick overview how I texture some cockpit parts in Mari.

Introduction To Matte Painting – Digital Painting Basics – Concept Art Tutorial

Introduction To Matte Painting - Concept Art Tutorial

Painting an Oil Lamp in Substance Painter

Painting an Oil Lamp in Substance Painter

Handpainted textures workflow – Angelina Diez (4 parts)

An extremely talented artist Angelina Diez showing her workflow using 3DCoat and Photoshop to create beautiful creatures hand painted textures procedural workflow.

blender paint Eraser, Magic Eraser & Un Eraser

Craig Jones showing advance powerful features of blender texture painting mode. quite useful stuff, i wish i knew earlier. never too late

Texture Painting | Quick start | Blender | 3min

5 minutes video tutorial, which you won't regret watching. it will teach basics, which you need to know and you always wanted to clear out, darks and highlights.

Blender Texturing Addon – ZeroBrush

ZeroBrush is blender texture painting add-on written by Blender Sensei. This video series explore its functionality in detail.

Blender Texturing Addon – yPanel – 4 parts

yPanel is blender texture painting add-on written by Yusuf Umar. This adds lots of additional extremely useful features other than texturing. Above all its free.

Blender Texturing Addon – BPainter

BPainter is blender texture painting add-on written by Andreas Esau. This adds additional features over blender native texture painting features.

Setting Up Efficient Camera Mapping in Maya

In this video, taken from our newest course, we cover the steps on how to setup a manageable and efficient camera mapping shot. http://therenderblog.com/

Art Direct Fracture FX Simulations With Maya Fields

If you are binge watching the key features, skip to 00:21 to skip the introduction.

Use Python To Automate Camera Projection Setup in Maya

In this video we use python to automate the process of camera projection setup inside Maya. Creating the projections cameras, importing the images and setting the correct focal length. We take advantage of the PIL module to extract exif data from the images. This video is part of of our new course: http://therenderblog.com/advanced-shading-techniques/

Render Blog Releases Advanced Shading Techniques Course

http://therenderblog.com/advanced-shading-techniques/ In this course we cover a range of subjects including procedural shading, projection mapping, python scripting, look development and more. This course will be more project driven than the previous one, we will work on two different projects where we explore the procedural and photo based texturing approach. We also have some time for […]

Creating a Meteor Impact and Road Destruction With Maya Fracture FX

In this Destruction in Production tutorial series, Demolition expert Iskander Mellakh from icmstudios.co.uk guides you step-by-step through the creation of a destruction shot from scratch. PART 1 -1. simulation overview -2. initial scene set up -3. labeling and organizing

Paint Splines Directly on Objects in C4D

Related Cinema 4D Quick Tips: Cinema 4D Quick Tip #14 – Dynamic Subdivision – vimeo.com/191987691 Cinema 4D Quick Tip #13 – GeoBoil / Cinema 4D Edition – https://vimeo.com/155643512 Cinema 4D Quick Tip #12 – Baking the Tracer Object – https://vimeo.com/154414754 Cinema 4D Quick Tip #11 – Shaders to Vertex Maps – https://vimeo.com/132829405 Cinema 4D Quick […]

Mari Matte Painting Photogrammetry Workflow

This is a free video, exclusive for The Foundry fans! In this video, Garrett shows how he incorporates Photogrammetry into the matte painting process and shows you how a matte painter and texture artist use MARI in different ways. You can check out the full DVD here: http://bit.ly/1kM2Yly What’s in the DVD? Garrett Fry demonstrates […]

Cinema 4D | Free Alpha of C4D Paint plugin Offers Real Time Projection Painting

C4D Connect and Kent Barber release an alpha version of C4D Paint, an experimental plugin for Cinema 4D that offers realtime projection painting on polygonal objects using Cinema 4D’s new Sculpting R15 SDK.a new experimental painting plugin based on the Cinema 4D R15 Sculpting SDKC4D Paint is offered for free over at C4DPaint.com, and Kent […]

Using Cinema 4D’s Hair Module to Paint Objects on a Surface

Yader, (Derya Öztürk) posts a little hack showing how to evenly paint objects on a Surface using Cinema 4D’s Hair Module and the guides tools for controlling the distance the objects have from each other.This is a neat hack if one has to paint objects onto a surface without overlapYader notes that you are able […]

Paint Out Creates a Better Painting Workflow within After Effects

Designed to speed up and simplify the painting workflow in After Effects, Paint Out allows you to visualize, manage, and control paint strokes in After Effects with ease. This would include eliminating tracking markers or dirty of footage with Paint Out and a few simple clicks of the mouse.Take the pain out of painting! Control, […]