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Tutorial Zbrush – Sculpting A Head

This is a tutorial looking at how to sculpt a male bust in z-brush.

Houdini Snippet Custom Remeshing

Houdini Snippet Custom Remeshing

Using Sculptris Pro in ZBrush 2018

Learn how to get started with Sculptris Pro in ZBrush 2018 in this video tutorial. Learn how to use to make your ZBrush life a lot easier and better as a sculptor!

Create a Hydra in Blender

In this video you will learn how to sculpt a hydra creature in Blender.

ZBrush Tip – Smart Symmetry in ZBrush

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, make sure to follow the links below for even more content.

ZBrush Tip – Customize Your ZBrush Startup Document

In this quick tutorial we’ll take a look at how to customize your startup document inside ZBrush. This can be useful for a number of things i.e. defining a custom resolution or removing the standard gradient. You can even set a custom color.

ZBrush Tutorial – Decimating Your Mesh in ZBrush

This time we're taking a look at how to get a lower the polycount of your mesh substantially while still preserving the details. Decimation Master is an amazing plugin that reduces the polycount of your mesh by triangulating it and providing more resolution in complex areas and less detail in simpler ones.

ZBrush Tip – Clipping Brushes in ZBrush

In this video, we're looking at how we can use the Ctrl Space menu in ZBrush to bring out additional and handy features when using clipping brushes.

ZBrush Sculpting Tutorial – Sculpting a Dishonored Character in ZBrush

In this video, we are going through how to sculpt a bust of a character which could fit into the Dishonored universe. We start off using Dynamesh which we use to play around with the design.

ZBrush Tip – Alternate Smooth Brush

In this tutorial, we'll explore the hidden alternate smooth within ZBrush. This is useful for a number of things where standard smoothing is either too aggressive or produces unwanted results.

Zbrush Tip – Backface & Polygroup Masking

In this tutorial we are going to take a look at backface and polygroup masking. This allows you to sculpt on thin meshes without affecting the mesh behind, as well as restricting the affected area to just one polygroup.

ZBrush Sculpting Tutorial – Sculpting Hair in ZBrush

Sculpting hair has been a highly requested video, so finally, we got around to it! This tutorial serves as an introduction to sculpting hair in ZBrush.

ZBrush – Using the Curve Bridge Brush

Learn how to master the Curve Bridge brush in ZBrush and how to use it to make your life a lot easier.

ZBrush Tutorial – Sculpting a Game of Thrones White Walker in ZBrush

In this tutorial, we're discussing the process involved with sculpting a white walker from Game of Thrones in ZBrush.

Posing Characters in ZBrush

In this ZBrush tutorial, we go through how you can easily pose your characters using Zspheres and Transpose Master. This is one of the most efficient ways of posing characters in any 3D software and it's simple to set up, compared to traditional rigging.

Erasing from Layers in ZBrush

Learn how to erase from layers in ZBrush using morph targets. This is a trick we use in high-end VFX production all the time, and it can really save your skin.

Hidden Features in ZBrush to Boost Productivity

We explore some of the features in ZBrush 4R8 which are often overlooked. These can help you speed up your work a lot and make your experience far more enjoyable.

Getting Started with Sculpting – ZBrush for Beginners Tutorial

In this ZBrush for Beginners Tutorial, we cover all the necessary tools you need to know in order to get started with ZBrush! Features covered include Zspheres, masking, dynamesh, UI, brushes, and many more.

Splitting Up Your Model in ZBrush

In this ZBrush video tutorial, we cover how to split up your model in order to get a lot of additional resolution. This is common if you need a lot of resolution on specific parts, such as the head.

Zbrush Tutorial HD ZBrush 4R4 Insert Multi Mesh in Action

ZBrush 4R4 Insert Multi Mesh in Action.