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A Master Class in Rock Sculpting, 3D Modeling in 3DCoat, ZBrush and Modo

hi everyone, this is Aaron from and I’m happy to show our first tutorial video. In the video we go over the full details of sculpting and texturing a rock formation. our workflow starts out sculpting in voxels using 3DCoat, then we move on to use Zbrush to complete the modeling and surfacing process […]

Add Details to Your Model With C4D’s Sculpting Tools

In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will show you how to Sculpt a Creature Head. I will show the sculpting tools – Pull, Grab, Flatten, Knife, pinch, inflate and wax. Also how to use a stamp for High frequency sculpting. C4D files:

Ahmad Merheb Shows Us How To Sculpt a Stylized Head

Zbrush Tutorial – Stylized Head Sculpting Part01 in This part 01 we will start Blocking out the head of our character. To keep those tutorials rolling become a Patreon on Or the FREE way would be to share and like this Video 🙂 Please support and spread knowledge Concept by Luigi Lucarelli

Anton Tenitsky Shares Rock Sculpting Techniques in ZBrush

Sharing my technique of rock sculpting in Zbrush. Or you can buy 17 rocks ready to go here on Gumroad – My Zbrush UI is available for free here – Rocks have been based on two Fotoref reference packs Layered Rocks – Coastal Granite Cliffs – Music is taken from youtube […]

Approaches for Sculpting and Design of a Dragon in Zbrush

In this tutorial we’re going to sculpt out very own dragon. We’ll take a look at a reference sheet containing our main inspiration (don’t be afraid to use reference!). From there we’re going to incorporate the features that we like the best, and of course add our own. This tutorial is very much a lesson […]

Blender Texturing Addon – yPanel – 4 parts

yPanel is blender texture painting add-on written by Yusuf Umar. This adds lots of additional extremely useful features other than texturing. Above all its free.

Cleaning Up Scanned Meshes With Blender

In this tutorial you will see how to import and clean a mesh coming from 3D created by pictures like 123Dcatch (Autodesk) – Blender import .obj – Using decimate modifier to make a lowpoly version – Using knife tool to clean the bottom of the object – Redo the UVW in one single and clean […]

cmiVFX Releases Lessons for Creating Sculpting and Retopology Workflows in Cinema 4D

The folks over at cmiVFX have just released a new offering taking an exclusive look at sculpting and retopology techniques in Cinema 4D, and as far as i know, it is the most complete set of lessons on the subject. Driven by Pavel Zoch, the lessons cover virtually every aspect of the sculpting tools, including […]

Create a Hydra in Blender

In this video you will learn how to sculpt a hydra creature in Blender.

Creating a Cliff Face in Blender by Sculpting, Displacements and Materials

Discover how to use sculpting and displacements to create a pretty convincing cliff in Blender. View the post:

Creating and Editing Pose Morphs in Cinema 4D With R15’s New Sculpt on Pose Morphs

Josh Johnson demonstrates one of his favorite features in the Cinema 4D R15 release, Sculpt on Pose Morphs, which as the name suggests, will allow you to create pose morphs or corrective poses, and here Josh demonstrates this from the sculpting environment.Here’s a quick look at one of my favorite features of R15- Sculpt on […]

Erasing from Layers in ZBrush

Learn how to erase from layers in ZBrush using morph targets. This is a trick we use in high-end VFX production all the time, and it can really save your skin.

Exploring Cinema 4D’s Collision Deformer With Curves and Falloff

This tip explores one of the Collision Deformer’s options; the Falloff options and the related Curve. See the full post here:

Gesture Sculpting in ZBrush

Christian Bull walks us through creating what he calls a gesture sculpt from life or a live model, extending from premise developed while he was at Double Negative, where a class would get a model and sculpt the whole figure in one sessions, or in roughly two or three hours.based off a sculpt done from […]

Get Started Sculpting in C4D With This Primer

I’ve been messing around with sculpting quite a bit lately and it’s a ton of fun. This tutorial is a quick primer to get you started in Cinema 4D sculpting. In this tutorial I’ll go over setting up your sculpt, using stamps and presets and how to use height maps (I use ones from […]

Getting Started with Sculpting – ZBrush for Beginners Tutorial

In this ZBrush for Beginners Tutorial, we cover all the necessary tools you need to know in order to get started with ZBrush! Features covered include Zspheres, masking, dynamesh, UI, brushes, and many more.

Hidden Features in ZBrush to Boost Productivity

We explore some of the features in ZBrush 4R8 which are often overlooked. These can help you speed up your work a lot and make your experience far more enjoyable.

Houdini Snippet Custom Remeshing

Houdini Snippet Custom Remeshing

How to Create Hard Surface Models in 3D Coat

Here are all the tips and tricks I used to create the tech box in the next video.

How to Sculpt a Stylized Head in Zbrush

Bonus Content: Thank you for your support! 🙂 (to skip straight to tutorial: 0:25) Parts 1-5 bundle now available at 25% discount! Now practice the hell out of just the section until you can do it blindfolded, by which point I should have the next part uploaded 🙂 Instagram: Tumblr: Twitch: […]