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Female Walk Cycle – Workflow Tutorial

Maya Tutorial Female Walk Cycle

Bonnie 2 Rig Walkthrough

Bonnie 2 Rig Walkthrough

Maya Sticky Lips Rigging Tutorial Part 1

This video playlist covers the rigging setup of sticky lips (aka zipper lips) using a series of blendshapes and setRange nodes.

Tutorial : Rigging 2D Lego Facial Expressions in Maya

Rigging 2D Lego Facial Expressions in Maya

Create An Organic Tunnel in After Effects Using Freeform Pro

Overview for Creating a Branding Animation Using Cinema 4D Thinking Particles and After Effects

Move­craft Colin Evoy Sebestyen provides a breakdown with a few tutorials describing the process for creating the “Design the Future” brand for the Academy of Art’s Web Design and New Media department, showing some work with Cinema 4D’s Thinking Particles and compositing in After Effects.In this video, we breakdown the first shot of the “Design […]

Creating Animated Polygons Influenced by Metaballs in Houdini

Mathew Foscarini with another tutorial for SideFX Houdini where he looks at how to transfer the weighted field of influence from meta-balls over to polygon attributes and use those attribute to control the animation of each polygon. Check out Mathew Foscarini’s site for more great tutorials here. Mathew Foscarini writes: This tutorial is based […]

Quickly Creating Secondary Animation in After Effects

Taking a look at how to apply secondary animation quickly in After Effects projects, School of Motion’s Joey Korenman provides a few tips to plus your animations with some secondary motion.You’ll learn how to quickly apply secondary animation to your work, giving you an awesome tool to spice up even the simplest animationsJoey notes that […]

Animating Glitch Affected Type in After Effects

Summit 43 – Glitch Text Todays Summit is a quick (rare on this channel haha), easy and dare I say practical example of ‘glitch’ animation. Check out this snappy workflow to cut up objects to ‘glitch’ your work in an ultra-modern way. Additionally, I’ll introduce you to my good friends the Keyframe Assistant and Sequence […]

Easily Create an Overshoot for a Rotation With the Graph in After Effects

Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel: Tutorials by LeeDanielsART | This QUICK TIP After Effects Tutorial demonstrates a very quick way to create a momentum bounce when rotating objects come to a stop or change direction, with only a few simple keyframes. Requirements for this tutorial: AfterEffects (Basic Understanding) These tutorials are intended as […]

Working With Basic Animation Principles in After Effects

Daniel Brodesky offers a look at taking a simple animation and making it look more polished by making some simple animation design choices. See this post and more here: Even the simplest animation can benefit from using a few principles that can help you bring it to life. Daniel walks through how to create […]

Adding Anticipation and Overshoot to Character Animation in Ae

Download the project here – SUBSCRIBE – WEBSITE – TWITTER – What I was trying to get across in this tutorial was the idea of anticipation and recoil. I hope that came across well. If it didn’t then I apologise and can only hope that my next tutorial is clearer and […]

Create Radial Waves to a Beat in After Effects

In my Tutorial on Ferrofluid I used a short clip of Radial Waves synced to music that I had made in After Effetcs. Here’s how I did that. Plus as a bonus the same method can be used to create a slit scan effect. Aforementioned Ferrofluid Tutorial: Scene file: Yes, I am on the […]

Animating a Walk Cycle in Under 5 Minutes

This is an overview on how to animate a basic walk cycle in Autodesk Maya. For a tutorial in real time that covers every step of the process click here:

Rig a Car Turn in After Effects With DUIK

End result with this link

Watch Richard Lico’s Animation Process for Creating a Look-Around

I wanted to demonstrate what its like to animate Quill, the mousy hero from Moss. Here, I give her a quick look around animation, as you get to see some of the basics behind our Maya tools workflow. Lots of people have asked me how I go about creating animation for Quill, so I figured […]

Creating Realistic Water in Cinema 4D With Hot4D Houdini Ocean Toolkit

You Can View the Tutorial Here: In this tutorial, Stefan Surmabojov will introduce you to Hot4D. A very cool free plugin for Cinema 4D version R14, that easily generates realistic procedural water surfaces in only a few steps. With its simple, yet powerful controls, it’s capable of creating amazing and truly convincing results.

Introduction to Houdini Dynamics for Procedural Animation

The SideFX GoProcedural channel posts the newest installment of the Houdini Next Steps Series in Procedural Animation, with a look at all the nerdy bits to Houdini Dynamics.This week covers the basics of Dynamics. We will cover simple “art directed” motion based on dynamicsHosted by Arri Danesh who taks a look into the details view […]

Using the After Effects Shatter Plugin to Create a Puzzle Animation

Using AniSculpt for Blender to Sweeten Maya Animations

Max Hammond demonstrates a AniSculpt for Blender 3D and Maya workflow and looks at using AnisCulpt to tweek rigs to add an extra layer of spit and polish to animations in Maya.AniSculpt is a tool created by pepeland and notes: “AniSculpt it’s not a plugin, it’s only a technique based in to use the standard […]