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2 Ways to Create a Movable Pivot in Maya

Here’s a rig tip about rotation pivots that can be moved and animated allowing you to easily re-position the pivot wherever you need to rotate something from and key the position to change it multiple times in an animation. Share this video: This video gives a description of what a movable pivot is (also called […]

3 Ways to Align and Attach Objects on a Deforming Mesh in Maya

3 ways to attach and align objects to a deforming mesh.

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Flamethrower Simulation

In this Phoenix FD Tutorial you will create some fire and smoke to achieve the flamethrower effect.

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Flamethrower Simulation HD

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Fire and Smoke Simulation HD.In this Phoenix FD Tutorial you will create some fire and smoke to achieve the flamethrower effect.You will first create the fire that comes out from your source, and then you will add some smoke and then you will create your final render. Tutorial […]

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Ship in Ocean HD

In this awesome tutorial you will learn how to setup a ship scene in 3ds Max & Phoenix FD.You will create the scene from scratch, you will start off by setting up the units, the speed of the ship etc. Once you have that, you will create a Phoneix Simulator to add all the water […]

3Ds Max FumeFX Tutorial: Death Eater Smoke (Harry Potter)

In this tutorial we wil cover the smoke from the death eaters from the harry potter universe! Check out my inspired harry potter short film  Please Subscribe for more tutorials:- Facebook  | Instagram 

3ds max Mastering Phoenix FD – Vessel Ocean Tutorial

In this tutorial Tsvetan builds a Vessel sample scene that comes with Phoenix FD 2.2 from scratch. You will learn all parameters you need to create foam, waves and contact splashes around the ship.

8 Tips for Working With Particle Dynamics in Maya

This is the dynamics Portion of a presentation on Maya tips and tricks Daryl Obert presented at AU/CAVE 2013. These are aimed at the beginner to Intermediate Maya user but old pro’s will probably get something out of them as well.

A Brief Introduction to the POP Grains Solver in Houdini

Hello Everyone, This is a brief introduction to the POP grains solver or the new Position Based Dynamics which has been introduced in Houdini 14. There is also a simple tip on how to create the PLEXUS effect in Houdini towards the end of the video ( Go to Minute 43.00 for the plexus effect) […]

A Look at Ornatrix Maya’s New Animation Cache Node

Hi everyone! This is a quick overview of our new Animation Cache operator for Ornatrix. If you have any questions go to our forums or our Facebook groups: https://ephere.com/plugins/autodesk/max/ornatrix/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/ornatrixmaya/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/ornatrix/

A Masterclass in Houdini’s Material Stylesheets

Project files for this lesson are available at: http://sidefx.co/1XAnS9U Material Style Sheets provide a powerful and flexible new way to assign Mantra materials and overrides. This masterclass provides detailed explanations of how to use Style Sheets to describe looks for objects, geometry, packed primitives, and crowds. It also covers the use of VEX scripting to […]

A Quick Start For Setting Up Spline Dynamics

Just a little beginners tutorial on how to set up spline dynamics in Cinema 4D so you can have cables, ropes etc. that are dynamic. Hope it helps! The model used is from our Events and Venues Pack you can find in our store here: www.thepixellab.net/products For tons of free training and over 100 free […]

A Quick Tip for Tearing FEM Cloth in Houdini

Technically quite simple, yet some people seem to experience problems in setting this up – this quick tip shows the two basic mouse clicks you need in order to make cloth objects “tearable”, it also mentions that those two clicks aren’t enough to make it LOOK good.

A Quick Tip to Make Hair Fall Out in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Quicktip: Hair falls out only works with guides, not with render hairs -hair object: dynamics/disable fixed roots -menu: Simulate/Hair Edit/Unroot Guides -hair object: animate dynamics/hold roots

Accessing the Time Scale Dynamics Port in Cinema 4D’s Xpresso

Another look at some Xpresso features in Cinema 4D by MoGraph Candy’s Dan Conrad, this time showing how you can access the Time Scale Dynamics feature in Xpresso.In this Mograph Candy tutorial I show you how to get at the Time Scale Dynamics feature in XpressoDan notes that there is no x–pool node for Project […]

Adding Life to a Still Image Portrait Using Cinema 4D and After Effects

An interesting look at adding some animated life into a still image from Pawel Lukomski who shows how to use Cinema 4D and After Effects for animating subtly the parts of a portrait image with some wind blown hair and clothes and a move of the arm.In this tutorial we will face a common problem […]

After Effects | Rigging Character’s Hair With 3D Layers and Expressions

This actually represents part six in David Legion’s adventures into rigging and animating lip sync for a character in After Effects. In this installment, David shows a pretty clever solution for creating hair for the character that can swing with the movement of the puppet’s head. We’ll use 3D layers and some clever expressions to […]

Allan McKay – FumeFX Maya Crash Course

Introductory video tutorial for FumeFX Maya, covering basic set up for fire and smoke, and fundamentals to creating your first fire simulation with FumeFX. Please Subscribe for more tutorials. YouTube | FaceBook | Twitter For more information, visit http://www.allanmckay.com

Allan McKay – FumeFX Tutorial – HouseBurn Part 1

Here is the first part of an older two-part lesson I developed awhile back. It covers some interesting approaches to setting up your FX shots with FumeFX. Please Subscribe for more tutorials. YouTube | FaceBook | Twitter For more information, visit: http://www.allanmckay.com

An Introduction to Destruction with Blender Bullet Physics

****LINKS ARE HERE**** Constraints addon – http://goo.gl/Vjg9o Blender Builds – http://goo.gl/zpybh Here’s a tutorial on how to achieve some of the destruction tests I uploaded on my channel earlier. I go through the constraints system/addon and how to set up the scene to allow for some awesome destruction effects within Blender, at near realtime speeds! […]