Watch Some of Maya’s UV Editing Improvements

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Getting Stated using UVLayout With Maya

Recorded this for a friend who wanted a breakdown of UVLayout. Tried to keep it as beginner friendly but also in-depth as possible, hope some of you find it useful!

Maya | Creating Distortion Free UV’s Using Headus UVLayout

Most everyone who I have met has their own way to create and manipulate UV’s in Maya. Being that many feel that the UV tools are a bit “lacking” in efficiency, there are quite a few options out there to enhance Maya’s UV workflow.Diving into Headus UVLayout, Timothy Hanson from MaxDepth shows how to unwrap […]

Creating Tabbed Panels for Your Cinema 4D Layout

A quick little tip from Sam Welker, who shows how to get a Maya inspired shelf layout in Cinema 4D, to better organize your C4D Interface.In this video we look at how you can consolidate your layout with palettes which can contain your buttons. This makes things easier if you have overpacked and overwhelming layouts […]

Using ZBrush to Layout Model UV With ZBrush UVMaster

Recently the author of this tutorial, Glen Southern updated his Mac to Lion and lost the use of Headus UV Layout, so he thought the use of Zbrush UV Master would be up for the task, and this is the resulting video.From Glen Southern: “I upgraded to OSX LION this week on two of my […]