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Lighting and Baking Workflow: Blender Tutorial

Discover the complete workflow of setting up lighting in a nature scene. And then learn how to bake lighting for a blazing fast render (14 seconds per frame compared to 8 minutes!).

3Ds Max Corona Interior Rendering

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an interior living room (piano room) with 3ds max and corona.

Cinema 4D – Volume Lighting Tutorial

In this video, Valeriy Seleshko shows how to do volume lighting in the Red shift plugin for Cinema4D.

9 Lighting Tips In Cinema4D

It has been a while, so I tried making a shorter video with some lighting tips for cinema 4D to improve your workflow. Music: ALBIS – New Land

Lighting Scenes – V-Ray for Maya Guide

Our easy-to-use lighting scenes allows you to spend less time on technical hassles and more on making your work look great.

Tutorial Interior Night light

In this tutorial we will learn Interior Lighting setup In 3Ds Max.

Orange Juice in 3Ds max & V-ray

This tutorial will teach you how to create a glass filled with orange juice

Realistic Outdoor Environments In Maya Introduction

Intro video to our new Realistic Outdoor Environments tutorial. We’ve had this one in the pipeline for a very long time now. Finally got time to finish it off, I hope you enjoy it. For more tutorials, please visit our site Tweets by Simply3DWorld

Lighting Rendering with Maya MR Compositing in Fusion.

Lighting Rendering with Maya Mentalray, Compositing in Fusion.

Learn Lighting Basics in Solid Angle Arnold

Welcome to this MtoA (Maya to Arnold) 118 course. Support me by becoming a Patron: In this video I will talk about lighting basics, tools and workflows in Autodesk Maya 2017 and the new integrated MtoA plugin. It will be an introductory video, on how to setup basics lighting scenes, use ies photonetric lights, […]

Lighting an Interior Scene With Arnold

Learn how to place lights in an interior scene, use volumetric lighting and how to remove noise from your scenes. Download the sample maya file here: Table of Contents: 02:45 – Indirect Lighting problems 05:35 – Area light setup 12:56 – render settings 20:37 – aiUtility Shader 25:13 – Directional Light 32:22 – Volume […]

Volume Scattering With Arnold for Those Dramatic God-Rays

Welcome to this MtoA (Maya to Arnold) 106 course. Support me by becoming a Patron: In this video I will talk about practical light scattering in Autodesk Maya 2017 and the new integrated MtoA plugin. If you like this video please leave a comment below and give this video a thumbs up. Home Tweets […]

Get Better Renders by Optimizing V-Ray for Interior Scenes

in this free VRAYforC4D tutorial we learn how to approach interior lighting and scene optimization in V-ray. visit our website for more free and premium tutorials.

Get Started With Arnold aiStandard Material in 34 Minutes

Welcome to this MtoA (Maya to Arnold) 101 course. Support me by becoming a Patron: In this video I will show you how to set up simple physical shading using MtoA basic aiStandard shader in Autodesk Maya 2017 and the new integrated MtoA plugin. If you like this video please leave a comment below […]

Create Your Own HDR Environments in C4D

You can check out StreetView4D for making 360 hdris from google streetview scenes here: In this great tutorial, Simon Spencer-Harvey, a co-conspirator with me at The Pixel Lab, shows you how to create your own HDRI for free in Cinema 4D. This is a great way to light a scene in a creative and […]

Global Illumination, How to Best Manage C4D Interior Renders

In this Tutorial we take a pretty comprehensive look at Global Illumination in Cinema 4D, this includes GI methods and the settings for each of these methods. We also go into reducing lighting artifacts for a nice clean results.

Working with the Arnold Mesh Light in Cinema 4D

Free sample from the upcoming “Mastering Arnold Renderer for Cinema 4D”. Check out the full post at Related Arnold Renderer (C4DtoA) Tutorials: C4DtoA 13 – Motion Blur – C4DtoA 12 – Arnold Mesh Light – C4DtoA 11 – Arnold TP Group – C4DtoA 10 – Vertex Maps – C4DtoA 09 […]

Creating a Flickering Light in C4D

So you want to make this horror scene with a flickering light, or some electrical short circuit. The light of someone welding. Instead of placing thousands of keyframes this can be scripted with a vibrate tag and a bit of very simple XPresso. Enjoy!

Use the Lighting Tool in Cinema 4D for Quick Lighting Setups

Light your way to success with the Cinema4D Lighting Tool. This tool is firmly placed at the front of my workflow now. Learn to light quickly and efficiently in this quick tutorial. Enjoy! For more free training and 100+ free models go to

Creating an Inner Glow Effect in C4D With Splines & Lights

Learn how to create an inner glow / illumination effect in Cinema 4D. Project files – Motion Squared Texture Packs – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Free Cinema 4D Textures –