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3Ds Max Corona Interior Rendering

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an interior living room (piano room) with 3ds max and corona.

9 Lighting Tips In Cinema4D

It has been a while, so I tried making a shorter video with some lighting tips for cinema 4D to improve your workflow. Music: ALBIS – New Land

Approach Lighting in Blender As If You Were a Photographer Discover how to create a jaw-dropping scene without having a reference or a concept art. After watching this tutorial, you’ll learn how to treat your 3d art like a photographer.

Auto HDRI Light Gen for Maya Creates Practical Lighting Setups from HDR Images

Yong Kim shares his script for Maya that will automate, or semi-automate the process of creating physical light source objects in Maya, based on an HDR image, placing the HDR’s Lights as textures for the Maya lights.semi-automatic light generator and uses input HDRIAuto HDRI Light Gen might be a tricky sell, as it needs a […]

Baking Ambient Occlusion in Maya

In this tutorial I show you how to bake ambient occlusion onto multiple objects in Maya at one time. This is really helpful to use as an additional overlay in your texture work to add depth.

Cinema 4D – Volume Lighting Tutorial

In this video, Valeriy Seleshko shows how to do volume lighting in the Red shift plugin for Cinema4D.

Cinema 4D | Creating and Lighting a Space Scene, Part One: Modeling

Part 1 of 3 of the space lighting series. I go over one of the most overlooked aspects of lighting, which would be modeling. Without proper modeling, even the best lighting wont help. SolidChamfer plugin link… The lighting used in this series is the same style lighting that I used for my Destiny animations. […]

Cinema 4D | Creating and Lighting a Space Scene, Part Two: Lighting and Textures

Part 2 deals with textures and basic lights. Texture download link….

Cinema 4D Tutorial – 3D Pickle

In this tutorial I show you how to model, texture, and render a pickle in C4D r14 using parametric objects, procedural textures, subsurface scattering, HDRI lighting, and global illumination.

Create and Render a Realistic Breakfast Still Life in Blender

In this tutorial I’m explaining how to create a breakfast scene. There is a lot of interesting stuff in this video and of course an open blend file with free textures to experiment and making your own version. More information: Download the files:

Create Your Own HDR Environments in C4D

You can check out StreetView4D for making 360 hdris from google streetview scenes here: In this great tutorial, Simon Spencer-Harvey, a co-conspirator with me at The Pixel Lab, shows you how to create your own HDRI for free in Cinema 4D. This is a great way to light a scene in a creative and […]

Creating a Concert Style Lighting Effect in Cinema 4D & After Effects

The Pixel Lab’s Joren Kandel takes a look at how to set up a scene in Cinema 4D so that it is easy to create concert style lighting effect in After Effects. Check out the post for Creating a Concert Style Lighting Effect in Cinema 4D & After Effects here.In this tutorial I’ll show you […]

Creating a Flickering Light in C4D

So you want to make this horror scene with a flickering light, or some electrical short circuit. The light of someone welding. Instead of placing thousands of keyframes this can be scripted with a vibrate tag and a bit of very simple XPresso. Enjoy!

Creating a Light Rig in Houdini Using Python

Using Python, the Parameter Interface, and Digital Asset Creation we will create our a light rig the can be used for production.

Creating a Simple Light Chaser With Xpresso

Creating a LED ladder is a relatively easy task, if you have MoGraph. However, if you don’t, it is still possible to create them using Xpresso. In this tutorial, the technique for doing doing will be fully explained, along with using the Noise node, in order to control the ladder.

Creating a Stark Noir Lighting Effect in Cinema 4D

A look at creating a stark contrast lighting effect from Ryan Boyle who provides a quick tip for the use negative lights in Cinema 4D that will remove lights from certain areas of the scene.A quick introduction to positive and negative lights in Cinema 4D and how to use them to create a sharp, noir-ish […]

Creating an Efficient Lighting Pipeline in SideFX Houdini

Ari Danesh with another module for learning SideFX Houdini by taking the first steps of understanding of the Lighting, Shading and Rendering in Houdini.In this lesson, we will look at setting up takes, wedges, and extra image planes to optimize the lighting pipeline. We will then move on to look at Render Output drivers and […]

Creating an Inner Glow Effect in C4D With Splines & Lights

Learn how to create an inner glow / illumination effect in Cinema 4D. Project files – Motion Squared Texture Packs – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Free Cinema 4D Textures –

Creating and Comparing Natural Lighting Set Ups in Cinema 4D

Rob Redman demonstrates the various effects of natural lighting in Cinema 4D by taking a look at some different lighting methods for managing exterior lighting using the classroom pack as a test scene.This intro to daylight lighting in C4D is aimed at getting you up and running if you haven’t tried it beforeRob provides […]

Creating and Rendering a Realistic Still Life in Blender

Umberto Oldani provides a demonstration using illumination, materials, and rendering techniques to create a great looking still life scene in Blender and also touches on compositing the image to its final stage.In this tutorial you can see the steps I use to get a rendering through Blender, showing a “Still Life”. I jump the modeling […]