A Masterclass With the Mantra Renderer in Houdini 15

Click here to get sample files for this masterclass: http://bit.ly/1Gtfi92 Houdini 15 introduces many enhancements to the Mantra renderer, adding exciting new features and building on existing strengths. New features include quality metrics, adaptive sampling, texture & surface baking and render check-pointing. This class provides a mix of the theory behind the new features and […]

A Masterclass in Houdini Shading and Shader Building

This masterclass provides an overview of new and existing shading features in Houdini 15. This includes an introduction to the new SHOP shaders as well as shading and layering in VOPs. We also take a deeper look at working with BSDFs to build custom shaders.

Getting Started With Portal Lights in Houdini Mantra

This video will demonstrate how to add additional light to a scene using geometry. In this case, the geometry is a window from a scene which you can download from blendswap.com/blends/view/42851. We’ll extract the windows into separate geometry and then using the Portal Light tool, convert them into a light source. With a camera placed […]

Rendering Interior Scenes With Houdini

This video covers the process of lighting and rendering an interior scene in Houdini. In this video we take a look at a variety of topics such as Portal Geometry, adding GI lights to calculate secondary bounces, optimizing the global illumination and manually adding bounce lights to better light up the scene. I did another […]

Using Houdini FLIP Solvers to Melt Objects

In this tutorial we’ll lean how to melt objects in Houdini 14 using FLIP with variable viscosity & custom attributes. We’ll also take a look at controlling our shader parameters with custom attributes and discuss techniques to leverage Houdini’s powerful compositing context for texture map creation. The FREE project file is available here: http://benwattsdesign.com

How to Set Up and Export AOV’s in Houdini Mantra

In this lesson Andrew Lowell (Lead FX TD Instructor) is going to show you how to set up and export AOV’s in Mantra. If you are interested in learning Houdini and FX check out our FX TD Program at Lost Boys @ http://lostboys-studios.com/effects-technical-director-fx-td-program/

Understanding Light Shade and Render in Houdini Modifying the Mantra Surface Shader

The Go Procedural channel has added another module for the first steps in learning SideFX Houdini, in this case, Module 2 of the Light, Shade, and Render series.In this module we will look at the Material Gallery and focus on the Mantra Surface Shader. Once we understand how to use the Mantra Surface Shader we […]

Rendering a Fluid Waterfall in Houdini Mantra

As a follow up to a previous tutorial (HOW TO CREATE A FLIP FLUID WATERFALL IN HOUDINI 12) – Scott Keating Product Specialist at Side FX Shows How to apply materials and use the Houdini Mantra Renderer to render the FLIP Fluid waterfall using render passes.from the tutorial description: In this lesson, you will learn […]

Shading with the Mantra Surface Shader in Houdini

Adrian Lazar posts a great look at the flexible built-in Mantra Surface Shader in Houdini with this nearly 2 hr tutorial focusing on shading in Houdini using the parameters that are in the standard Mantra Surface Shader creating 26 materials including wood, metal, glass, plastic, concrete, paint, etc. Check out the Tutorial for Shading with […]