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Instant Snow with Houdini

I show a quick way to add a layer of snow onto an object without using simulations.

HOUDINI BREAKDOWN / 01 / Ice Growth / Stalactite / Tutorial

Learn some techniques used to create a Stalactite / Ice growth effect in Sidefx Houdini. I directly manipulate the VDB volumes to create an art directable mask to drive an organic growth effect, in a custom direction needed.

Turbulence FD In Cinema 4D (Easy)

A super easy way to use the TurbulanceFD plugin in Cinema 4D.

Maya: MASH and NCloth Workflow

This tutorial will take you through an iterative process using nCloth to drive a chain mail created with a MASH network.

Maya FumeFX Crash Course by- Allan Mckay

Introductory video tutorial for FumeFX Maya, covering basic set up for fire and smoke, and fundamentals to creating your first fire simulation with FumeFX.

Maya Fluid Tornado Tutorial

if you have any problem or question please feel free to ask me. you can see my another tutorial here :

3ds max Mastering Phoenix FD – Vessel Ocean Tutorial

In this tutorial Tsvetan builds a Vessel sample scene that comes with Phoenix FD 2.2 from scratch. You will learn all parameters you need to create foam, waves and contact splashes around the ship.

Phoenix FD 3.0 for 3ds Max

Phoenix FD is a complete solution for fluid dynamics. It is used to simulate realistic water, fire, and other effects for multiple television series such as Game of Thrones.

C4D quicktip – Dynamic Drops

In this video, Amazing Artist Berd shows us how to quickly setup Dynamic Drops in Cinema4d using dynamics & expresso.

C4D quicktip – Gum Explosion

In this video, Amazing Artist Berd shows us how to quickly setup Mesh Exploding effect which feels like Gum Explosion in procedural way.

A Quick Tip for Tearing FEM Cloth in Houdini

Technically quite simple, yet some people seem to experience problems in setting this up – this quick tip shows the two basic mouse clicks you need in order to make cloth objects “tearable”, it also mentions that those two clicks aren’t enough to make it LOOK good.

Using Phoenix FD to Render Particles Using the Point System

Learning 3dsmax fluids – 2 parts

Quickly Get your self familiarize with newly introduced feature ‘Fluid Dynamics’ in 3dsmax with brief 2 part series.

Resolution Independent Cloth Sewing With Houdini

In this video I explore how to set up a cloth system where the pieces of cloth are stitched together using group names instead of hard coded picked points from the shelf tools. This allows the user to change the resolution of the cloth after the garment has been stitched together. This is a first […]

Fumefx Tutorial: Flamethrower

3ds max’s Pflow can be used to create advanced systems. Not just that we can simply use pflow to create simple setups and create powerful effects using third party plugins like fumefx. Using simple pflow setup we will create flamethrower with the help of this powerful plugin fumefx. So lets get started with this exciting […]

Large Scale Smoke in Fume FX Tutorial

Visit our website: In this tutorial we will be creating a large scale smoke inside 3ds max using Fumefx. Please Subscribe for more tutorials. YouTube | FaceBook | Twitter SANVFX Title Animation credit to :-Nagesh Kandel  

3Ds Max FumeFX Tutorial: Death Eater Smoke (Harry Potter)

In this tutorial we wil cover the smoke from the death eaters from the harry potter universe! Check out my inspired harry potter short film  Please Subscribe for more tutorials:- Facebook  | Instagram 

Phoenix FD Detailed Tutorial – pflow Explosion Mixing RGB

A longer and more detailed version of the tutorial for those who have not used pflow and phoenix RGB sources before.

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Flamethrower Simulation HD

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Fire and Smoke Simulation HD.In this Phoenix FD Tutorial you will create some fire and smoke to achieve the flamethrower effect.You will first create the fire that comes out from your source, and then you will add some smoke and then you will create your final render. Tutorial […]

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Ship in Ocean HD

In this awesome tutorial you will learn how to setup a ship scene in 3ds Max & Phoenix FD.You will create the scene from scratch, you will start off by setting up the units, the speed of the ship etc. Once you have that, you will create a Phoneix Simulator to add all the water […]