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3 Ways to Align and Attach Objects on a Deforming Mesh in Maya

3 ways to attach and align objects to a deforming mesh.

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Flamethrower Simulation HD

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Fire and Smoke Simulation HD.In this Phoenix FD Tutorial you will create some fire and smoke to achieve the flamethrower effect.You will first create the fire that comes out from your source, and then you will add some smoke and then you will create your final render. Tutorial […]

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Ship in Ocean HD

In this awesome tutorial you will learn how to setup a ship scene in 3ds Max & Phoenix FD.You will create the scene from scratch, you will start off by setting up the units, the speed of the ship etc. Once you have that, you will create a Phoneix Simulator to add all the water […]

3Ds Max FumeFX Tutorial: Death Eater Smoke (Harry Potter)

In this tutorial we wil cover the smoke from the death eaters from the harry potter universe! Check out my inspired harry potter short film  Please Subscribe for more tutorials:- Facebook  | Instagram 

3ds max Mastering Phoenix FD – Vessel Ocean Tutorial

In this tutorial Tsvetan builds a Vessel sample scene that comes with Phoenix FD 2.2 from scratch. You will learn all parameters you need to create foam, waves and contact splashes around the ship.

A Look at RealFlow 2013 Features from Novedge’s RealFlow A Fluid Revolution Webinar What it’s About Since the first previews of Hybrido 2 (RealFlow’s large-scale fluid solver) were released at the beginning of the year, the industry has eagerly anticipated the release of RealFlow 2013. This webinar will guide you through some of the major new features you can expect to find in the latest and greatest […]

A Masterclass in Houdini 15 FLIP Fluid Workflow

In recent releases, advances in Houdini’s FLIP solver and distribution capabilities have enabled very large scale liquid simulations. However, the data sets produced by such large simulations can be unwieldy to save to disk and produce renderable surface meshes and secondary elements. This Houdini 15 Masterclass describes production-oriented additions to the Houdini FLIP toolset that […]

A Masterclass With the Mantra Renderer in Houdini 15

Click here to get sample files for this masterclass: Houdini 15 introduces many enhancements to the Mantra renderer, adding exciting new features and building on existing strengths. New features include quality metrics, adaptive sampling, texture & surface baking and render check-pointing. This class provides a mix of the theory behind the new features and […]

A Quick Tip for Tearing FEM Cloth in Houdini

Technically quite simple, yet some people seem to experience problems in setting this up – this quick tip shows the two basic mouse clicks you need in order to make cloth objects “tearable”, it also mentions that those two clicks aren’t enough to make it LOOK good.

A Quick Tip to Make Hair Fall Out in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Quicktip: Hair falls out only works with guides, not with render hairs -hair object: dynamics/disable fixed roots -menu: Simulate/Hair Edit/Unroot Guides -hair object: animate dynamics/hold roots

A Visual Guide to Blender Cloth Simulation

A plain short tutorial about the cloth simulation settings. I hope you’ll enjoy the video. More English Tutorials: Smoke Tutorial: Fluid Tutorial: Cloth Tutorial: SoftBody Tutorial: DynamicPaint Tutorial: Force Fields: Ocean Simulation: UV Mapping: More Portuguese Brazil Tutorials: Smoke Tutorial: Fluid Tutorial: Cloth Tutorial: […]

Adding Life to a Still Image Portrait Using Cinema 4D and After Effects

An interesting look at adding some animated life into a still image from Pawel Lukomski who shows how to use Cinema 4D and After Effects for animating subtly the parts of a portrait image with some wind blown hair and clothes and a move of the arm.In this tutorial we will face a common problem […]

After Effects | Creating a Meteor Fireball Using TrapCode Particular–ae-28553

After Effects | Rigging Character’s Hair With 3D Layers and Expressions

This actually represents part six in David Legion’s adventures into rigging and animating lip sync for a character in After Effects. In this installment, David shows a pretty clever solution for creating hair for the character that can swing with the movement of the puppet’s head. We’ll use 3D layers and some clever expressions to […]

Allan McKay – FumeFX Maya Crash Course

Introductory video tutorial for FumeFX Maya, covering basic set up for fire and smoke, and fundamentals to creating your first fire simulation with FumeFX. Please Subscribe for more tutorials. YouTube | FaceBook | Twitter For more information, visit

Allan McKay – FumeFX Tutorial – HouseBurn Part 1

Here is the first part of an older two-part lesson I developed awhile back. It covers some interesting approaches to setting up your FX shots with FumeFX. Please Subscribe for more tutorials. YouTube | FaceBook | Twitter For more information, visit:

An Introduction to Populating Scenes in Maya Using Golaem Crowd

A one hour overview of Golaem Crowd, showing how to easily populate a scene from assets creation to rendering.

Animate Easy Dynamic IK Chains With Cinema 4D – This tip uses: Joints, IK, SP turbulence, Skin, Loft In this silent tip I use the standard particle effectors to animate a dynamic IK chain of joints. This is a really useful little trick for animating things like tentacles. You can view part 2 of this tip here C4D silent tips […]

Arnold Realistic Hair with the alHair Shader

Welcome to this MtoA (Maya to Arnold) 119 course. Support me by becoming a Patron: In this video I will talk about how to setup shaders for realistic looking hair in Autodesk Maya 2017 and the new integrated MtoA plugin. It will an intermediate tutorial which covers a bit more challenging workflow on productions […]