Maya: MASH and NCloth Workflow

This tutorial will take you through an iterative process using nCloth to drive a chain mail created with a MASH network.

Attach a MASH Network to a Cloth Solve in Maya

In Part 1 of this demo, Daryl combines a number of tools in Maya to generate a motion graphics animation. He shares tips on how to hook up a MASH network to create geometry-based outlines on a deforming nCloth mesh. Follow along on the Journey to VR blog as Daryl builds his own VR experience: […]

How to Create a Dynamic Chain With nCloth

In this tutorial we’ll make a dynamic chain using nCloth. Rivet for Maya: Maya – Music – CMA – You’re Free

How to Use Maya’s nCloth to Create Motion Graphics

(Part 1 of 2) Daryl demonstrates how to use Maya’s nCloth to create motion graphics, sharing tips and hidden workflows. Follow along on the Journey to VR blog as he builds his own VR experience: Watch Part 2 of this demo –>

Growing and Popping Bubbles With Maya’s nCloth

An overview of the script. I’ll go through a rough setup as well as how the script works and ways you can alter it for your own needs. It’s best to have an understanding of nCloth, dynamics and python in order to follow along. You can find more at

Hang Objects on a String Using Maya’s nHair and nCloth

This is a quick tutorial teaching how to easily hang objects from a rope using nCloth and nHair in Maya.

Simple Maya nCloth Setups for Cloth Modeling Tasks

In this video we’ll cover simple nCloth setups for common cloth modeling tasks. Download a Trial of Autodesk Maya: Download Free Maya for Students:

Inflate Objects with Maya nCloth

The dynamic visual effect of inflating stuff has always been a staple for animators and this tutorial by Stuart Christensen will show you some basics of working with nCloth to inflate objects. There’s some things you need to be aware of in order to maintain your sanity when working with this effect and hopefully this […]