Introduction to Yeti, Building Your First Graph

Learn the basics of Yeti in this series of tutorials. In this first lesson we talk about grooming and give a first introduction to Yeti, the grooming plug in we use in our work. Here you find the link of our Gumroad page, where you can support us and have access to the models and […]

Arnold Realistic Hair with the alHair Shader

Welcome to this MtoA (Maya to Arnold) 119 course. Support me by becoming a Patron: In this video I will talk about how to setup shaders for realistic looking hair in Autodesk Maya 2017 and the new integrated MtoA plugin. It will an intermediate tutorial which covers a bit more challenging workflow on productions […]

Watch an Alternative Method for Creating Hair in ZBrush

A short tutorial showing how to make hair quickly with the zremesher guide brush. Check out the finished model here: Dylan Ekren’s Brush: I’ve put the model here if anyone wants to check it out along with my UI: You can also download the tutorial video in HD from here:

Procedurally Building Bioluminescent Jellyfish in Cinema 4D

Part 1 of 3 on how to make a procedural bioluminescent jellyfish in Cinema 4D. In this one we do the modelling, rigging, animation, and grow some tentacles with the hair module. Part 1: That’s this one, you crazy person. Part 2: Part 3: Scene file available on part three. Yes, I am […]

Create Geometry from XGen for Game Character Hair

Credit CD Projekt RED for Witcher 3 character & Michael Todd for hair groom Facebook – Blog –

A Quick Tip to Make Hair Fall Out in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Quicktip: Hair falls out only works with guides, not with render hairs -hair object: dynamics/disable fixed roots -menu: Simulate/Hair Edit/Unroot Guides -hair object: animate dynamics/hold roots

New Free Tool Converts ZBrush Fibermesh to C4D Hair

It works with all kinds of Fibermesh (any profile or segments settings). Hope this helps. And please let me know if you have any questions. Download the script: Or copy the codes here: (Music: Grimes – Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U))

Creating Facial Hair for a Character With Maya xGen

Maya Tutorial -Creating eyebrows with xgen Hey everyone in this tutorial i will show you how i approach creating eyebrows with xgen in Maya . i will go over how to create the maps necessary then how i approach creating hair in maya using xgen , the parts that i plan to make eyebrows. then […]

Animate Easy Dynamic IK Chains With Cinema 4D – This tip uses: Joints, IK, SP turbulence, Skin, Loft In this silent tip I use the standard particle effectors to animate a dynamic IK chain of joints. This is a really useful little trick for animating things like tentacles. You can view part 2 of this tip here C4D silent tips […]

Convert a Static Library Tree to a Dynamic One, Using C4D Hair

A quick way to make a dynamic tree blowing in a wind out of a content library model using hair module. Song: Moderat – Milk

How to Use Hair to Render Edges in Cinema 4D

This tutorial is a quick answer to a question from one of my students. Intrigued by the rendering speed of hair, he asked if it was possible to render every edge of a object as a hairline. Of course this is possible with Sketch and Toon, but if you still want to stick to Hair […]

Bake Hair Splines & Tracers to Point Level Animation in C4D

Trace Object is a great tool in the Cinema 4D arsenal to generate trails from animated objects or points. But unlike other Mograph generators, this one doesn’t have any option to cache the animated splines it generates. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to further manipulate these splines, add deformers to them like any […]

Creating a Checker Shader in Arnold for C4D

AVAILABLE FOR FREELANCE – [email protected] * SolidAngle have now included a checker shader in the current version

Getting the Most Out of The Arnold Hair Shader in C4D

In this tutorial which is a part of ” Comprehensive introduction to ARNOLD for Cinema 4d ” course , we learn how to use the amazing Hair Shader in Arnold for Cinema 4d get the ” Comprehensive introduction to ARNOLD for Cinema 4d ” from here

Create Braided Hair With Maya’s XGen

A quick lesson on how to use XGen to create a braided ponytail with details added by modifiers and stray hair expressions.

Create a Full Fur Groom for a Chimpanzee With Maya’s XGen

NOTE: PLEASE TURN ON CAPTIONS In this screen captured session, special guest grooming artist Michael Todd demonstrates how to use XGen’s various tools to create a full fur groom for a chimpanzee.

Using Photoshop or UV Textures with Maya XGen

A quick tutorial on how to use Photoshop or UV textures with XGen in Maya 2016.

Using Dynamic IK for Animating a Group of Tentacles in C4D

London based digital effects studio, Munk Studios have been posting some really useful “silent” tips for working with Cinema 4D. Here, they post a look at how to get get a group of tentacles moving using Dynamic IK in Cinema 4D.use the standard particle effectors to animate a dynamic IK chain of joints.A dynamic IK […]

Creating Simple Grass With C4D Hair

This time we share with you the grass setup we used for our VRAYforC4D Sneak Peek. It is based on Cinema 4D Hair split in two layers. Download Realistic Grass with Hair: For more interesting stuff visit our blog: Grass Texture by Steves Ideas:

Working With the ThinkParticle Toolkit to Build Turbulent Strands in Cinema 4D

Vimeo isn’t taking our audio. We are currently working on fixing this. In this tutorial we use the TP Toolkit found at to create some really cool dynamic strands. Save 15% on your cart on our blog with the discount code: strandstutorial This will be a fun video that takes just over half and […]