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3 Ways to Align and Attach Objects on a Deforming Mesh in Maya

3 ways to attach and align objects to a deforming mesh.

A Quick Tip to Make Hair Fall Out in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Quicktip: Hair falls out only works with guides, not with render hairs -hair object: dynamics/disable fixed roots -menu: Simulate/Hair Edit/Unroot Guides -hair object: animate dynamics/hold roots

Adding Life to a Still Image Portrait Using Cinema 4D and After Effects

An interesting look at adding some animated life into a still image from Pawel Lukomski who shows how to use Cinema 4D and After Effects for animating subtly the parts of a portrait image with some wind blown hair and clothes and a move of the arm.In this tutorial we will face a common problem […]

After Effects | Rigging Character’s Hair With 3D Layers and Expressions

This actually represents part six in David Legion’s adventures into rigging and animating lip sync for a character in After Effects. In this installment, David shows a pretty clever solution for creating hair for the character that can swing with the movement of the puppet’s head. We’ll use 3D layers and some clever expressions to […]

Animate Easy Dynamic IK Chains With Cinema 4D – This tip uses: Joints, IK, SP turbulence, Skin, Loft In this silent tip I use the standard particle effectors to animate a dynamic IK chain of joints. This is a really useful little trick for animating things like tentacles. You can view part 2 of this tip here C4D silent tips […]

Arnold Realistic Hair with the alHair Shader

Welcome to this MtoA (Maya to Arnold) 119 course. Support me by becoming a Patron: In this video I will talk about how to setup shaders for realistic looking hair in Autodesk Maya 2017 and the new integrated MtoA plugin. It will an intermediate tutorial which covers a bit more challenging workflow on productions […]

Bake Hair Splines & Tracers to Point Level Animation in C4D

Trace Object is a great tool in the Cinema 4D arsenal to generate trails from animated objects or points. But unlike other Mograph generators, this one doesn’t have any option to cache the animated splines it generates. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to further manipulate these splines, add deformers to them like any […]

Blender | Creating Animal Fur With Hair Particles and Cycles

Blendfile and part 2: Jonathan Lampel shows you how to create animal fur with the hair particle system in Blender.

Building a Tree Using Cinema 4D’s Hair Module

Create a growing tree effect in Cinema 4D using hair dynamics. Part 2 – Motion Squared Texture Packs – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Free Cinema 4D Textures –

Cinema 4D | Creating and Rendering a Ball of Yarn

Using cinema 4D’s hair module, Stephan G offers a look at creating and rendering something that is winter related, a realistically rendered ball of yarn or wool. The C4D Cloner makes short work of modeling the yarn ball by cloning a simple torus shape with the random deformer, taking care of creating the major strands […]

Cinema 4D | Using Advanced Hair and Fur Support in VRayforC4D 1.8

Recently the VRayforC4D update brought a ton of new features into Cinema 4D, and Josef Bsharah has been creating regular posts and videos showing off some of them. Here Josef Bsharah takes a look at the VRayforC4D 1.8 advanced hair and fur support and checks out the new BRDF Hair Material.In this video we look […]

Cloning Objects Onto Cinema 4D’s Hair System

Digital Sandwich’s Glen Faught shows how to instance objects on the Hair System in Cinema 4D instead of using a Cloner Object in C4D. This carries the benefit of having objects behave with the same parameters that are typically reserved for the Hair System in Cinema 4D.This technique would be very useful for any object […]

Convert a Static Library Tree to a Dynamic One, Using C4D Hair

A quick way to make a dynamic tree blowing in a wind out of a content library model using hair module. Song: Moderat – Milk

Create a Full Fur Groom for a Chimpanzee With Maya’s XGen

NOTE: PLEASE TURN ON CAPTIONS In this screen captured session, special guest grooming artist Michael Todd demonstrates how to use XGen’s various tools to create a full fur groom for a chimpanzee.

Create Braided Hair With Maya’s XGen

A quick lesson on how to use XGen to create a braided ponytail with details added by modifiers and stray hair expressions.

Create Geometry from XGen for Game Character Hair

Credit CD Projekt RED for Witcher 3 character & Michael Todd for hair groom Facebook – Blog –

Create Stray Hairs from One Xgen Description in Maya

How to use expressions to work with stray hairs in XGen Look at my Channel for more XGen tutorials:-)

Creating a Checker Shader in Arnold for C4D

AVAILABLE FOR FREELANCE – * SolidAngle have now included a checker shader in the current version

Creating Dynamic Grass Using Cinema 4D’s Hair Module

Tutorial Link: Cinema 4D’s easy to use hair module enables us to create any type of hair object by its comprehensive options and powerful tools. In this tutorial, the Hair module will be used in order to create a realistic grass effect which will also dynamically interact with a collider object.

Creating Facial Hair for a Character With Maya xGen

Maya Tutorial -Creating eyebrows with xgen Hey everyone in this tutorial i will show you how i approach creating eyebrows with xgen in Maya . i will go over how to create the maps necessary then how i approach creating hair in maya using xgen , the parts that i plan to make eyebrows. then […]