Maya Fluid Tornado Tutorial

if you have any problem or question please feel free to ask me. you can see my another tutorial here :

Make An Explosion In 8 Minutes Using Maya (FumeFX)

Programs used: Autodesk Maya 2016, Adobe After Effects CC Plugins used: FumeFX 4.0 For Maya BY: Tristan Bray

Rendering realistic Explosion and Smoke in Arnold for 3ds Max

In this tutorial which is a part of " Comprehensive introduction to Arnold for 3ds Max" course , we learn how to render realistic explosion and smoke in Arnold for 3ds Max

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Flamethrower Simulation

In this Phoenix FD Tutorial you will create some fire and smoke to achieve the flamethrower effect.

Bifrost wet beach sand effect

daryl obert from autodesk explains an extremely useful and simple technique to generate webmaps in maya. similar can be done after simulation in any other tool like c4d,blender,max etc

Making raindrops on window (3dsmax pflow)

this smart tutorial will help you to create re-use able setup of pflow nodes in 3dsmax for raindrops on glass windows.

Houdini Intro for Max FX Artists

(I recorded this in early 2016 – thought I’d upload it here) I go over an introduction of Houdini that is useful to FX Artists coming from 3ds Max or other programs. I use rigid bodies and VEX code. @mstarktv Links: Matt Estela: Website – Patreon – Johnny Farm Field: Twitter – […]

Nuke Quick Tip 007 Using Idistort and noise to create natural FX (Animated Tree wind)

In this Nuke quick tip we will show how to use the IDistort node in Nuke in combination with the noise node to create simple tree wind animation. This is a great technique to add some life to a static matte paintings. Also we will show simple variation of the technique to create water reflection […]

Download 40 Free Explosion VFX and SFX From PremiumBeat – Download 40 free VFX and SFX from PremiumBeat. Get 15 free explosion elements and 35 sound effects, all perfect for compositing with footage of motion graphics. MUSIC: “Ready Go” by MVM Productions from – FOLLOW PREMIUMBEAT: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – MORE TIPS, TRICKS, AND TUTORIALS: PremiumBeat […]

Projection-3D offers Amazing Workflow for Camera Mapping in AE

Projection-3D is an advanced tool for camera projection and photo parallax animation in After Effects


Tutorial on matchmoving with nuke’s cameratracker, exporting to maya, inserting animated dinosau, rendring in maya, and then comping it in nuke. The imagesequence is from some age-old maya-live training material. The dinosaur is by Harry Gladwin-Geoghegan (downloaded through Highend3d/creativecrash)
Deep Compositing in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Deep Compositing in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Deep Compositing was introduced in NUKEX 6.3. Here Robin Hollander takes us through Weta Digital’s ground breaking use of the technology on Rise of the Planet of the Apes. If you’re a bit confused about the benefits of Deep Compositing, this video shows them very clearly. It will leave you itching to get cracking with […]

Understanding Premult and Unpremult in NUKE

Premult and Unpremult nodes in NUKE can sometimes be overlooked. In this tutorial, we will learn just how important they are. Learn more

Nuke Basics : Merge

This tutorial takes a look at the Merge node in Nuke You can download the image I’m using in my tutorial here Visit here for more

Dust My Shoulders Off

*影像工作邀約來信請至 (Outerspace studio) Any work invitations please mail us: [email protected] Singer Zhang Liangying, portrays the role of an office lady and was presented at the beginning of the story. This unlucky lady was blamed by her boss over the phone when she visited the Art Institute of Chicago. Suddenly, she enters a world of famous […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Visual Effects With Blender

Learn How to do VFX with this Beginner Blender Tutorial! Tutorial Files: Realistic Nature Asset Pack: PATREON: Thanks to Chris Kuhn for the awesome model: Intro Music: Andrew Lund – Facebook:… Twitter: ArtStation: DevianArt: Also check out my DVD here!

Creature Pinup

The Creature Pinup Calendar a parody of 12 different creatures of movies like King Kong in a typical Pinup-pose. To keep the charm and the humor of the RetroPINUPs we translate their typical characteristics to the poses of the creatures. CREDITS: DIRECTOR: Christian Leitner PRODUCER: Juliane Walther LIGHTING/ SHADING/ RENDERING/ GROOMING: Kiril Mirkov CONCEPT/ […]

Main Road Post’s VFX Breakdown of “Attraction” is Nothing Short of Spectacular Visual Effects breakdown for “Attraction” movie (2017). Showreel credits: Music: Original score by Ivan Burlyaev and Dmitry Noskov Sound design and mix: Flysound

Behind the Scenes With The Mill’s Opel ‘Racing Faces’

Take a look behind the scenes of Opel ‘Racing Faces’, created by Mill+ and Scholz & Friends. Directed by Mill+’s Jimmy Kiddell, the spot features five charismatic, finely crafted CG animals experiencing the speed normally reserved for the cockpit of an Opel rally race car. Learn more: Follow @Millchannel on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram […]

Mocha VR Will Simplify Effects for Cinematic VR

Mocha VR brings native 360° effects & post-production tools to cinematic VR filmmaking. This short intro video covers the general features and workflow. Features: 360° Planar Motion Tracking (based on mocha’s Academy Award-Winning algorithm) Advanced 360° Masking Tools Automatic Object Removal for Camera Removals and Nadir Patching Horizon Stabilizer and Reorient Module Plug-in option for […]