Blender Texturing Addon – ZeroBrush

ZeroBrush is blender texture painting add-on written by Blender Sensei. This video series explore its functionality in detail.

Visualizing Sound With Animation Nodes’ Sound Falloff in Blender

One of my favorite things to make in motion graphics are things that react to music, and so in this tutorial we will be looking at the Sound Falloff node to create some cool effects.

Blender 2.79 release and new features

Get my exclusive tutorials: In this video I will give you a quick (and dirty) overview about the new features in Blender 2.79. ___ Download Blender    |   Blender 2.79 Release Notes  

BPainter Unifies Texture Painting in Blender

Get Bpainter from the Blendermarket now! BPainter 1.0 is now released. Here is a quick overview of all important features. Head over to Patreon or Blendermarket. On the blendermarket its actually going live next week.

Procedurally Add Worn Edges to Your Models in Blender

Learn how to procedurally add worn edges to your models in Blender. tHis tutorial is easy to follow and straight forward. Like and subscribe. cheers.

Creating Realistic Pine Trees in Blender In this peek into the Mastering Mountains training course, learn how to make great looking pine trees from scratch.

Creating a Large Scale Battles Scene With Blender’s Particles

how do you animate literally thousands of characters? pros use software like MASSIVE, but can it be done right in blender? this intermediate tutorial with show you a hack to get to generate a battle scene with pars of characters fighting each other on a battlefield. is it perfect? no, but with some work, you […]

Using the Blender Edit Linked Library Addon

In this short video tutorial, I’ll show you how to effectively use the Edit Linked Library Addon in Blender. Thanks for watching, happy Blending, and have fun! -Reyn Time markers: 00:38 – Library Linking Overview 03:15 – Library Linking Demo 09:15 – Using the Edit Linked Library Addon 12:19 – Edit Linked Library Addon Used […]

Curving and Styling Leaves With the Blender Sapling Addon

Daniele De Luca provides a short look at how to create curve leaves with Sapling addon, using a trick that can be used to add some more realism to the models that Sapling generates.Here I show how to curve the leaves of trees generated with the Sapling addon for BlenderDaniele uses the UV and edit […]

Create Worn Edges Map Addon for Blender

This addon make a vertex map for simulate worn edges.

Quick Lattice Editing Addon for Blender Adds and Assigns a Lattice Deformer Easily

Kursad Karatas shares an Addon he created for blender, which will allow you to edit your models and meshes with a lattice object easily. the Quick Lattice Editing Addon for blender will create a Lattice Object, the associated Lattice Deformer, and the necessary associated temporary selection weight group.this addon creates a lattice and lets you […]

Ivy Growth Animator for Blender Creates a Growing Effect in Blender Easily

This is a little demo of an animation created with the Ivy Growth Animator Addon for Blender. Rendered in Blender 2.65 (Cycles). Tutorial – soon! For more info about the addon and how to use it: Ivy Growth Animator is ready with an Interface! Source and download:

Extending Blenders Modeling Capabilities With the F2 Addon for Blender

This video shows how to use the F2 add-on, which extends Blender’s native make-face functionality. More information and a download can be found at:

TileCam Addon for Blender Easily Creates Seamlessly Tileable 3D Images

Stuffmatic has created a new Addon for Blender which allows you to create a kaleidoscope like image. Called TileCam, you are able to adjust the Blender camera based on input parameters, which, in the end will render a tileable image.I’ve spent some time lately thinking about tilings, seamlessly repeatable images and the cool stuff you […]

Using the Particle Morphing Tools Addon for Blender

Jakub Zolcik walks through some of the capabilities of his Blender Addon, Particle Morphing Tool or PMT. The Particle Morphing Tool will allow you to create animations where shapes can disintegrate into a series of particles and reintegrate into a completely different shape, essentially blending between tow shapes in Blender, with some particle animation.This is […]

BreakPoint Script Debugging Addon for Blender Updates

Good Spirit Graphics has recently released an update to its BreakPoint script debugging addon for Blender which now allows you to print your variable values to a log file inside your .blend file. Now you can use the find function in the text editor as a search for specific conditions. Check out the BreakPoint Addon […]

Island Tools Blender Addon Maneuvers UV Shells Easily

Jordi Vall-llovera Medina demonstrates an Addon he has created for Transforming UV Islands in Blender called Island Tools. Island Tools can be useful for transforming UV shells or “islands” around to better fir the UV coordinate space by allowing you to tweak, scale or transform the UV shells easily. Check out the Island Tools here, […]

BProjection Blender Addon for ZBrush Zproject Like Projections in Blender

Geoffroy Krantz (kgeogeo) shows his Projection Tool for Blender that is similar to the ZBrush Zproject tool which is useful for cloning textures off of an imported reference image right in the Blender 3D Viewport.Check out the BProjection Blender Addon for ZBrush Zproject Like Texturing Projections in Blender here.

How to Add & Use the Blender Fracture Addon

This is my first blender video tutorial, It covers how to setup the fracture addon, and how to get the object to only fracture upon collision. Hope this helps!

Using BLAM The Blender Camera Calibration Toolkit

Stuffmatic recently released BLAM Addo-On for Blender, a Camera Calibration Toolkit for Blender which allows you to match your geometry over an image to match the camera accurately. Check out the post for the release of BLAM Camera Calibration Toolkit Add-On for Blender here.Stuffmatic writes: No Blender nerd will have missed the recent introduction of […]