BodyPaint 3D for Painting Game Assets in Cinema4D

To learn more about Cinema 4D, please visit In this tutorial you will learn how to use the content browser to add pre-set textures to you object and then use the Bake Object command to turn it into an editable UV mapped object. Then you will learn how to use pre-set brushes to paint […]

Save Color and Spline Ramps Across Houdini Sessions

Ramp Manager is a Python-based HDA which allows you to save colour and spline ramp presets for reuse across Houdini sessions. You can forward ramps from the asset onto any other node and perform some common ramp manipulations. I’ve personally used it to save visualisers (heat-map, blackbody etc), spline ease functions and many project-specific colour […]

Check Out This Amazing Procedural Aircraft Toolkit in Houdini

I’ve finally found the time to put together a long-requested video demo for Project Aero. More info at Update: now you can see Project Aero in action at – collectible aircraft art project.

Creating Maya-Style Object Separation in Houdini

Decided to share this with everyone, hopefully some of you will find it useful. It was a very impromptu recording without a script, so be gentle! This video was a response to a specific question in a Facebook group. How do you go about separating an object from zbrush, like the separate tool would do […]

Growing Intertwined Knitted Surfaces in Houdini

Here is the second part of Houdini knit solver tutorial. This video shows how you can create the growth effect using Houdini knit solver.

Free Houdini Knit Solver Wraps Objects in Knitted Wonder

A tool for creating a cool effect! Direct link:

Easily Visualize UVs in Object Space With Houdini

Transforms your points from object space into UV space, allowing you to easily see where your UV shells are being mapped to It can be downloaded from

Create a Boiling Effect in Houdini on the Surface of an Object

This tutorial shows you how to create my geoboil setup in Houdini from scratch. It generates a boiling effect and double walled bubbles on the surface of any object. After that you can use this setup and turn it into a HDA and use it for example in Cinema 4D as shown here:

Building Houdini Digital Assets for Use in Cinema 4D

I created a Houdini setup which creates bubbles on the surface of objects. I decided to give the Houdini Engine in Cinema 4D R17 a shot and show you how to prepare a digital asset in Houdini, use it in Cinema 4D and finally render it with Octane.

Introduction to Creating Houdini Digital Assets

Eosacro has slowly been putting together an entire beginners course in Side FX Houdini, showing the basics and offering introductions to core concepts such as modeling, expressions and procedural workflow.Here, Eosacro shows how to create and use Houdini Digital Assets, taking a simple table model from previous episodes and converting it to a usable Digital Asset. 

Creating and Transferring Houdini Digital Assets to Maya

Mark Spevick, our head of 3D, made this awesome Intermediate Houdini workshop, walking you through the process of making an asset in Houdini, and transferring it into Maya using the Houdini engine plug in! Want to learn more about Houdini? Check out our part time course! Hit Subscribe for more! Follow us on Twitter! […]

Introduction to Creating Houdini Digital Assets

For Lesson Files and Part Two go to: This lesson is a good introduction to learning how to assetize Houdini networks which is essential for the Technical Director or those using Houdini to create Digital Assets for Houdini Engine. Broken into two, one hour sessions, this lesson gives you an in-depth look at the […]

Creating a Light Rig in Houdini Using Python

Using Python, the Parameter Interface, and Digital Asset Creation we will create our a light rig the can be used for production.