2 Ways to Animate a Draw On Effect in Maya

The Placer node in MASH lets you draw MASH instances on surfaces. A user in the Autodesk Knowledge Network asked how he could animate the process of drawing. Here are two different methods, both are using the Visibility node.

Working With Python Scripts With MASH

Python is a computer language which can be used to do sweet jobs in Maya and MASH. Mash’s mastermind, Ian Waters, helped me running one of his Python scripts, and here is my result. You will enjoy it if you have no fear of programming. You don’t need to be a programmer to understand this […]

Understanding The Importance of Order When Working With MASH

Mash in Maya does magic things. And it thinks differently from all things in Maya before. One can compare it with an audio processor like Cubase or Logic where you add one effect to a given audio track after the other. important is the sequence of the effects. A sound compression filter AFTER the reverb […]

How to Use Channel Randomizer to Animate MASH Points to Original Positions

How to use the Channel Random node to attract MASH points back to their original positions. Requires Maya 2018 Update 1

How to Emit From Collisions With MASH & Control Them With Contact Masks

REQUIRES UPDATE 1. How to emit from collisions with Maya 2018 Update 1. I also cover the ground work for contact/ collision masks where you can selectively control what collides with what.

How to Populate Vegetation With Paint FX, MASH & Arnold Stand-Ins

In this short tutorial I will demonstrate how to populate a terrain with vegetation, using paint effects, Arnold Standins and Mash.

Sticking Textures to Objects With the MASH Repro Node

We probably need to replace this tutorial but the theory’s there! Notes: Camera based UVs are used in this tutorial but you’d actually be better using Planar projection with the “Camera” option. You could also use BlendShapes between the dynamic alembic and the static one with new UVs and performance should improve vs transferring the […]

Working With MASH and Maya Particles

This is not my first Mash tutorial*. The first ones are from late 2016 when Maya 2017 had just come out. Mash was introduced with Maya 2017. In this tutorial I create a Mash_Waiter and drive it by particles, nParticles to be precise. We colour the particles, which in the meantime have become polygon objects, […]

How To use Arnold Procedurals in a MASH Network

A quick tip on using Arnold procedurals in a MASH network. If you’re working with high poly meshes then this is a great way to keep your viewport snappy. Also a very efficient way to take some load off your workstation when working with MASH Dynamics. Thanks to Stephen Blair at Solidangle for the tip! […]

How to Build a 620 Million Polygon Forest in 10 Minutes With Maya

Marcel DeJong uses MASH and Arnold in Maya 2018 to create and render a 620,000,000 poly forest of trees in a matter of minutes. Yes you read that right… 620 million polygons! Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/My.Oh.Maya My Blog – http://area.autodesk.com/blogs/stevenr

Mainframe Details How MASH Was Used in Their Latest Short Film

BASH is a film produced by Mainframe to celebrate the release of the MASH Dynamics node in Maya 2018. How we did it – http://mainframe.co.uk/bash Maya 2018 scene files – www.bit.ly/mfnbash Maya 2018 tutorials – www.bit.ly/Maya2018MASHTuts Team Director/Producer – Chris Hardcastle. 3D Artists – Ben Black, Jack Brown, Matt Oxley, Alex Dorman. Developers – Ian […]

Create and Render Grass With MASH and Redshift

How to creating a MASH instancing system in Autodesk Maya. This technique can be used to create grass, rocks, trees, plants, etc on any surface, even a deforming surface. I will be using Redshift to render, but any rendering engine should work. Animation shown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKD9S4a0904

Tip-Packed Tutorial Shows How to Model A Jet Engine in Maya

In this video our Autodesk Technical Specialist “Roland Reyer” explains hot to use Mash as a modeling tool while keep a non destructive and procedural workflow.

How to Model a Complex Twisted Ring With Holes in Maya

In to days lesson we are going to learn how to model a twisted ring with holed inside it. We are going to use different toolsets within maya to approach it. MASH is one the its new, yet a super powerful tool. Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aboutoneminutetutorial Original Tutorial from John Malcolm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks5y4iVe5lI&t=0s

Create a Holographic Effect With MASH’s New Curl Noise

We added Curl Noise to the MASH Signal node, here’s a quick ‘hologram’ tutorial which demos it.

Everything You Need to Know About MASH Dynamics

This tutorial shows you how to easily add dynamics to a MASH network and then render it out in Arnold.

Quickly Place Eyelashes in Maya Using MASH

In todays lesson we are going to learn how to model eyelashes in less then 10 mins using maya MASH Follow me on Facebook for more updates: https://www.facebook.com/aboutoneminutetutorial

You Can Drive MASH Attributes With Fluids

Maya’s Motion Graphics tools are well integrated with the rest of Maya. Here’s an example of using Maya’s Fluids capabilities to drive a MASH network.

Easy Set Dressing With the Placer Node and Arnold Stand-Ins

Autodesk release MASH in Maya 2017 Update 3. With this update comes the MASH World and Placer nodes. The placer node is basicly the ultimate set dressing tool for environment artist. I try to demo some features in this video below. Some shortcut to explain what I was doing : Holding M key for drag […]

How To Hook Up V-Ray to MASH’s Color Node

Quick overview of how to set up V-Ray materials for MASH’s Color node. Old one for Arnold – https://vimeo.com/165847462 and Mental Ray – https://vimeo.com/165847461 Made with Maya 2017 Update 2 and Vray 3.4