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How to Use Maya’s Motion Graphics Toolkit to Animate with Audio

Daryl demonstrates how to use Maya’s motion graphics toolkit to animate objects based on an audio file. Follow along on our Journey to VR blog as Daryl builds his first VR experience:

How to Use Channel Randomizer to Animate MASH Points to Original Positions

How to use the Channel Random node to attract MASH points back to their original positions. Requires Maya 2018 Update 1

Working With the Motion Graphics Toolkit in Maya 2016 Ext 2

Files used: This tutorial shows you how to create a pixellated globe using MASH.

How to Use Maya’s nCloth to Create Motion Graphics

(Part 1 of 2) Daryl demonstrates how to use Maya’s nCloth to create motion graphics, sharing tips and hidden workflows. Follow along on the Journey to VR blog as he builds his own VR experience: Watch Part 2 of this demo –>

A Rough Guide to the Motion Graphics Python Node in Maya

Some general examples using the Python node in MASH. (more specific tut with a breakdown of options/features to follow) Created using Maya 2017. MASH is now an Autodesk product and started shipping with Maya 2016 Extension 2.

How To use Arnold Procedurals in a MASH Network

A quick tip on using Arnold procedurals in a MASH network. If you’re working with high poly meshes then this is a great way to keep your viewport snappy. Also a very efficient way to take some load off your workstation when working with MASH Dynamics. Thanks to Stephen Blair at Solidangle for the tip! […]

Animate Graffiti With Maya’s Motion Graphics Toolset

Daryl continues to animate objects in his scene using the motion graphics toolset in Maya, building up the animation using nodes such as Single, Offset, Delay and Merge. Follow along on our Journey to VR blog as Daryl builds his first VR experience:

Understanding The Importance of Order When Working With MASH

Mash in Maya does magic things. And it thinks differently from all things in Maya before. One can compare it with an audio processor like Cubase or Logic where you add one effect to a given audio track after the other. important is the sequence of the effects. A sound compression filter AFTER the reverb […]

Working With UDIMs in MASH for Maya

Ian describes how to use UDIMs with the Color Node to vary up the textures on your MASH points. Created using Maya 2016 Extension 2. MASH is now an Autodesk product and shipping with Maya 2016 Extension 2.

Distributing Objects Across Another With MASH Merge

Maya has a variety of ways of distributing objects. From nParticles, Geo Brush, to xGen to MASH, you definitely have options. Each have their strengths and weaknesses, while some are more flexible than others. The “standard” way for animation, previous to Maya’s Motion Graphics Toolkit, MASH, would have been nParticles. That setup was far from […]

Maya MASH, Animate Simple Planes Into Hypno-Tiles

In todays lesson we are going to learn how to animate planes using maya mash plugin. Follow me on Facebook:

Maya | Creating Complex MASH Networks Using Textures and Maps

There was a recent and fairly important update to MASH, the Procedural animation toolkit for Autodesk Maya. The update added texture maps support in the MASH Mute Node allowing you to control effects using image and texture maps. This was a possibility, however clumsy, in previous versions of MASH, but version 2.2.3 really made using […]

Have MASH Drive Custom Attributes With the Breakout Node

NOTE! With the release of Maya 2017 Update 3 a breakout connection scripts comes with Maya, this script was written before that release. For more info see this by Mainframe: A short video of one way to use the Mash breakout node in Maya.

Working With Python Scripts With MASH

Python is a computer language which can be used to do sweet jobs in Maya and MASH. Mash’s mastermind, Ian Waters, helped me running one of his Python scripts, and here is my result. You will enjoy it if you have no fear of programming. You don’t need to be a programmer to understand this […]

Using MASH Distribution to Create a Low Poly Planet

A quick run through setting up a simple MASH network. Created using Maya 2016 Extension 2. MASH is now an Autodesk product and shipping with Maya 2016 Extension 2.

Working With Maya’s New World Node Cluster Modes

New in Maya 2017 Update 3! Ian walks you through the World node’s Cluster mode. The Cluster modes help you to create non overlapping distributions of objects, around other objects enabling you to Art Direct complex, natural looking groups of objects. Created using Maya 2017 Update 3. MASH is an Autodesk product shipping with Maya […]

Create The Classic Particle to Type Move With MASH

In todays lesson we are going to learn how we can create random pixel animating and forming a text. Exercise Image: Follow me on Facebook :

Maya | Distributing Objects Easily with the MASH Distribution Node

The MASH Distribution node will allow you to create various arrays of objects in Autodesk Maya and will even allow you to distribute objects across the surface of another object. Here, Mainframe’s Ian Waters shows how to use the Distribute Node with some simple shapes and objects.How to distribute objects on a mesh using the […]

How To Hook Up V-Ray to MASH’s Color Node

Quick overview of how to set up V-Ray materials for MASH’s Color node. Old one for Arnold – and Mental Ray – Made with Maya 2017 Update 2 and Vray 3.4

2 Ways to Animate a Draw On Effect in Maya

The Placer node in MASH lets you draw MASH instances on surfaces. A user in the Autodesk Knowledge Network asked how he could animate the process of drawing. Here are two different methods, both are using the Visibility node.