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A Rough Guide to the Motion Graphics Python Node in Maya

Some general examples using the Python node in MASH. (more specific tut with a breakdown of options/features to follow) Created using Maya 2017. MASH is now an Autodesk product and started shipping with Maya 2016 Extension 2.

Affect Any Parameter with MoGraph Effectors

A powerful setup to drive any parameter in c4d with the morgaph module. By outputting either position, scale or rotation from a cloner, changing it with a rangemapper and outputting to any parameter/value. Can also be done with multiple clones with iteration. Fast setup, aalot of possibilites! A lot of me talking – but what […]

Affixing Textures or Shaders Across MoGraph Cloners Procedurally Using Xpresso in Cinema 4D

Using an Xpresso setup, Orestis Konstantinidis demonstrates how you are able to have a shader or texture stick across cloners that can be used along side MoGraph Effectors, and as an example, shares a scene where thousands of cubes fall, displaying a logo by their color and seemingly, their arrangement.In this tutorial we will see […]

Animate Droplets on a Bottle With X-Particles

In this tutorial I will show you how to create animated water droplets on a bottle using X-Particles. We will be rendering in Arnold Render. This technique will work on any polygon surface.

Bake Animated Deformers or Effectors with Point Cache Tag

This is a follow up on my last tutorial: In that one I went over baking deformers or effectors and creating a polygon object. I had some questions asking if you could bake the animation of your deformer or effector as well. This tutorial shows you how to use the c4d point cache tag […]

Bake Mograph Animations to Objects Using Xpresso

This time we show you how to bake mograph animations to single objects by using a simple XPresso setup. Download example scene: For more interesting stuff visit our blog:

C4D quicktip – Dynamic Drops

In this video, Amazing Artist Berd shows us how to quickly setup Dynamic Drops in Cinema4d using dynamics & expresso.

C4D quicktip – Gum Explosion

In this video, Amazing Artist Berd shows us how to quickly setup Mesh Exploding effect which feels like Gum Explosion in procedural way.

C4D Tutorial – Mograph Cube Ocean

In this tutorial we use the mograph module with some deformers to create an ocean of cubes.

Cinema 4D | Controlling Animation with Effectors

For more info about the video, and for other tutorials check out the original post:

Cinema 4D | Creating Particles Into Text Using the Inheritance Effector

Walking through creating an animation where particles fly in to create the text in the scene, School of Motion’s Joey Korenman provides another opportunity to see workflow in action, which includes dead end strategies and work-arounds.The effect we create is a flurry of snowflakes that land and build on some typeHere, Joey covers quite a […]

Cinema 4D | Splitting Objects Into Animated Rotating Tiles

If you have ever wondered what a “fully self educated motion graphics artists” can achieve, then please take a look at Philipp Pavlov’s show-reel, as that is exactly how he describes himself. Here, Philipp shows how he created and animated the rotating tiles for the intro of his demo reel.a few interesting techincs used when […]

Cinema 4D MoGraph Cloners for Creating Condensation on Glass Bottles

In this tutorial we look into rendering a cola bottle with realistic looking condensation using mograph cloners.

Combining Thinking Particles and Xpresso Events with MoGraph and Dynamics

This is an overview or breakdown of a TP setup, I don’t go into detail regarding creating everything from scratch. It is mainly me explaining why and how each of the nodes are connected. I cover: TP settings TP Groups Passing particle groups Collisions Effectors Birthing particles from particles Combining TP with Mograph & Dynamics

Control Hundreds of Deformers With a MoGraph Effector and XPresso

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use a MoGraph Effector to control loads of Spherify Deformers. Project File:

Controlling Dynamics Easily With the Mograph Selection Tag

This is a quick tutorial about how to control exactly which of your clones behave dynamically, which of them act as collider bodies, and which of them to completely ignore. Sometimes when creating a scene that involves the dynamic destruction of walls, buildings, etc, the simulation can be hard to control in terms of what […]

Controlling Particles in Cinema 4D With a MoGraph Effector

Martin takes a look at using Cinema 4D’s Xpresso to emit and control particles from lights and shows a technique for setting up a MoGraph Effector Object in conjunction with Thinking Particles to do this.tutorial on how to set up mograph object effector in conjuction with TP-For advanced users of expressoMartin uses the Formula Effector […]

Create a Simple Swarm Simulation in Cinema 4D

Inspired by the short film “The Ottoman”, a tutorial on how to make a swarm of scorpions crawling on a surface using Cinema 4D and CMotion. Ottoman Kickstarter: Scene file:

Create a Unique MoGraph Animation in Cinema 4D Using the Tracer Effector

In this Cinema 4D R16 tutorial, learn to use the MoGraph tools to create a 3D tracer text animation, using MoGraph techniques in Cinema 4D. Then in part 2 in Cinema 4D, part 2 of the MoGraph Tracer Effector Animation Tutorial covers adding post-production effects in After Effects. I’ll start in Cinema 4D to create […]