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Refine Your Cinema 4D Texturing by Using Vertex Maps

In this tutorial I will show you another way to use Vertex Maps. This time I’ll show you how to use them inside of materials which will give you a lot of control over your texturing. Make sure to watch Ben Watts’ tutorial after this one. He goes over this technique in much greater detail […]

Cinema 4D | Controlling Animation with Effectors

For more info about the video, and for other tutorials check out the original post:

Use Sound To Influence Houdini Parameters

In this new tutorial, you will learn how to import, control and use sounds or music to influence parameters in Houdini. We will cover techniques to implement correctly the audio on an effect. As usual, we will push the exercise to rendering and compositing inside After Effect. I hope you will like it ! Many […]

C4D quicktip – Dynamic Drops

In this video, Amazing Artist Berd shows us how to quickly setup Dynamic Drops in Cinema4d using dynamics & expresso.

Creating Sequential Time Offset Animated textures in Cinema 4D with the Mograph Multishader

Second video about using MoGraph’s internal Color system for Time Offsetting animated Textures in a MultiShader. This time I use a Formula Effector. A few bits of info : As soon as you introduce t to a formula you introduce time. It has a default Value of 1 (a second), but you can play with […]

Controlling Particles in Cinema 4D With a MoGraph Effector

Martin takes a look at using Cinema 4D’s Xpresso to emit and control particles from lights and shows a technique for setting up a MoGraph Effector Object in conjunction with Thinking Particles to do this.tutorial on how to set up mograph object effector in conjuction with TP-For advanced users of expressoMartin uses the Formula Effector […]

Getting Started With Generative Art in Houdini

Project Files: This Generative Art tutorial introduces the concepts of wrangle nodes, particles and how to create an object level Houdini Digital Asset. The goal is to recreate the kind of Spirograph toy many of us played with as children.

Cinema 4D | Splitting Objects Into Animated Rotating Tiles

If you have ever wondered what a “fully self educated motion graphics artists” can achieve, then please take a look at Philipp Pavlov’s show-reel, as that is exactly how he describes himself. Here, Philipp shows how he created and animated the rotating tiles for the intro of his demo reel.a few interesting techincs used when […]

A Rough Guide to the Motion Graphics Python Node in Maya

Some general examples using the Python node in MASH. (more specific tut with a breakdown of options/features to follow) Created using Maya 2017. MASH is now an Autodesk product and started shipping with Maya 2016 Extension 2.

Rendering realistic Explosion and Smoke in V-Ray for 3ds Max (Volumetric Grid)

we learn how to render realistic explosion and smoke in V-Ray for 3ds Max. (Volumetric Grid)

Recreating ManvsMachine British Fashion Awards Segment Using Cinema 4D

A series of bespoke graphic animations to form a nomination package for the prestigious British Fashion Awards ceremony. The live event was held at London’s Royal Courts of Justice – inspiring a very British eccentric & architectural approach. All elements were designed specifically for use with Musion Eyeliner 3D holographic projection system, allowing a spectacular […]

Revealing 3D Objects in Cinema 4D Using MoGraph Effectors

Uwe Schweer-Lambers (Equiloud) take a look at a topic that has been covered a few times out there, creating a reveal effect in MorGraph Effectors in Cinema 4D.How to reveal objects using MoGraph EffectorsEquiloud notes that this is a great technique for revealing text, logos or anything in Cinema 4D, and it is worth going […]

Using Houdini for User Interfaces & Motion Graphics

Hello Everyone, Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2015 sale 27th nov – 1st dec (from midnight to midnight Indian Standard Time) 30% discount on all parts / 40% off on bundles The aim of this commercial training is to take you through the process of creating the Motion Graphics animation shown in the promo. The […]

Combining Thinking Particles and Xpresso Events with MoGraph and Dynamics

This is an overview or breakdown of a TP setup, I don’t go into detail regarding creating everything from scratch. It is mainly me explaining why and how each of the nodes are connected. I cover: TP settings TP Groups Passing particle groups Collisions Effectors Birthing particles from particles Combining TP with Mograph & Dynamics

Controlling Dynamics Easily With the Mograph Selection Tag

This is a quick tutorial about how to control exactly which of your clones behave dynamically, which of them act as collider bodies, and which of them to completely ignore. Sometimes when creating a scene that involves the dynamic destruction of walls, buildings, etc, the simulation can be hard to control in terms of what […]

Unfolding Effect C4D Tutorial

Learn about how to create a nice unfolding growth effect.

Creating a Gooey Center for Torn Layers in After Effects

Summit 29 – Gooey Layer Rip I’m back from the dead! haha Sorry for the delay in getting a video up, I’ve been a little sick … so riding the struggle bus with getting a new Summit up. Anyway, here is a pretty awesome Tips & Tricks video in the form of ripping an alien […]

Nitro4D Releases NitroMotion Broadening Cinema 4D’s MoGraph with Procedural Animation

HomePage Finaly After All this days work the plugin release today also i show you one nice video how you can make to work with MoGraph 😉

Bake Animated Deformers or Effectors with Point Cache Tag

This is a follow up on my last tutorial: In that one I went over baking deformers or effectors and creating a polygon object. I had some questions asking if you could bake the animation of your deformer or effector as well. This tutorial shows you how to use the c4d point cache tag […]

Create a Unique MoGraph Animation in Cinema 4D Using the Tracer Effector

In this Cinema 4D R16 tutorial, learn to use the MoGraph tools to create a 3D tracer text animation, using MoGraph techniques in Cinema 4D. Then in part 2 in Cinema 4D, part 2 of the MoGraph Tracer Effector Animation Tutorial covers adding post-production effects in After Effects. I’ll start in Cinema 4D to create […]