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Houdini Tutorial | Rolling Debris with VEX part 1

In this short video I explained how to create orient attribute from scratch, to add proper rotation to particles.

Auto Custom Shape Addon for Blender Aids Creating Bone Custom Shapes

Jacques Duflos offers an Auto Custom Shape Addon for Blender that will save some time when creating Bone Custom Shapes in Blender. Check out the page for Auto Custom Shape Addon for Blender for Creating Bone Custom Shapes here.Jacques Duflos notes: “This script is meant to save some time and to facilitate the design of […]

Easily Bake Dynamic Fracture Objects into Keyframes in C4D

Following a question I was asked after my NAB 2015 presentation, here’s a very quick tutorial that shows how to bake a dynamic simulation of a fractured sphere to keyframes. I hope it is helpful.

Creating Gaseous Volumes in Nuke With Eddy

Matt Barker from Intraware and VortechsFX takes you through your first look at Eddt with a quickstart smoke tutorial.

Kurulumun Curly Parametric Spline Generator for Cinema 4D Sees Release

Tomas Sinkunas dropped me a quick note to inform me that his Kurulumun plugin for Cinema 4D has just launched and is availible for free on his site, or over at is Python driven Cinema 4D plugin that generates funky parametric splines, that twist 90 degrees around a random axisKurulumun was something that drew inspiration […]

Mask Several Splines at Once With The Spline Mask Object in Cinema 4D Using The Free MultipleSplineMask Plugin

The C4DZone offers a freely available plugin for Cinema 4D that will allow you to mask multiple splines all at once with the spline mask object. MultipleSplineMask can mask multiple splines grouped under a null object allowing for adjustment of the behavior of the mask.MultipleSplineMask is a Cinema 4D plugin that masks multiple splines at […]

RayFire Tutorial – Presets

How to use Presets Online Help:

RayFire Tool 1.41 | Tutorial | PhysX Interactive Demolition | Advanced

This tutorial shows how to use Interactive Demolition.

Allan McKay – FumeFX Tutorial – HouseBurn Part 1

Here is the first part of an older two-part lesson I developed awhile back. It covers some interesting approaches to setting up your FX shots with FumeFX. Please Subscribe for more tutorials. YouTube | FaceBook | Twitter For more information, visit:

Easy Books Generator for Cinema 4D

Ahmed El-Hofy shares a beta version of his free plugin for Cinema 4D Easy Books Generator, which will allow you to place books on shelves controlling how they are placed, and randomize them easily. Similarly and recently you may recall, Nitro4D showed a preview of a book generating and animating plugin for cinema 4d, showing […]

Creating Streaking Lines With X-Particles & Ray Connector

On this cinema4D tutorial i will show you how to make those cool streak lines and make some great images for your projects. Subscribe for more tutorials Resource files free to download bellow. Few variations on my behance project : Programs used Cinema4d r13 : X-particles 2.0 : Project files & […]

Cosmos Command Launcher for Maya is Finally Here

Cosmos – A tool that speeds up your Maya workflows by a search-bar at your fingertips. Packed with Maya’s own tools and custom scripts that make you do less boring stuff, and focus on the important things. You can also add your own scripts to it and build up your library. Read more on:

Project Splines On Polygons in Cinema 4D with the New Spline Projection Plugin

This video show how to use Spline Projection plugin

NitroSolo Looks to Be an Indispensable Workflow Tool for C4D

homepage : with this great plugin your life in cinema4d with change you speed up everything nice and easy

RayFire Tutorial – Breaking Wooden Wall by Car

In this tutorial You can see how to break wooden wall by car and demolish it to splinters. Download Scene: WebSite: Twitter: Online Help: FAQ:

RayFire – Secondary Demolition

In this tutorial you can learn how to create secondary demolition using Interactive Demolition feature.

Phoenix FD Detailed Tutorial – pflow Explosion Mixing RGB

A longer and more detailed version of the tutorial for those who have not used pflow and phoenix RGB sources before.

Using Alpha Lights in PixelCloud Point Cloud Plugin for After Effects

One of the nifty features in the upcoming Pixel Cloud plugin for After Effects is the ability to use After Effects own 3D lights to “relight” the alpha of an image according to its depth/position information. This can be done using an additional position pass or height map pass. Here is a quick little demo […]

Easily Create Wind Streaks in After Effects

Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel: Tutorials by LeeDanielsART | This QUICK TIP After Effects Tutorial demonstrates a very quick way to create wind streaks to make stormy weather or highlight objects moving or falling at speed. Requirements for this tutorial: AfterEffects (Basic Understanding) More QUICK TIPS for After Effects | Playlist: These […]

Animating a Winding Rope in Cinema 4D

A quick breakdown of how I “rigged” the bucket rising out of the well; followed by a re-creation of the project (minus texturing and rendering).