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3 Ways to Align and Attach Objects on a Deforming Mesh in Maya

3 ways to attach and align objects to a deforming mesh.

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Flamethrower Simulation

In this Phoenix FD Tutorial you will create some fire and smoke to achieve the flamethrower effect.

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Flamethrower Simulation HD

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Fire and Smoke Simulation HD.In this Phoenix FD Tutorial you will create some fire and smoke to achieve the flamethrower effect.You will first create the fire that comes out from your source, and then you will add some smoke and then you will create your final render. Tutorial […]

3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Ship in Ocean HD

In this awesome tutorial you will learn how to setup a ship scene in 3ds Max & Phoenix FD.You will create the scene from scratch, you will start off by setting up the units, the speed of the ship etc. Once you have that, you will create a Phoneix Simulator to add all the water […]

3Ds Max FumeFX Tutorial: Death Eater Smoke (Harry Potter)

In this tutorial we wil cover the smoke from the death eaters from the harry potter universe! Check out my inspired harry potter short film  Please Subscribe for more tutorials:- Facebook  | Instagram 

3ds max Mastering Phoenix FD – Vessel Ocean Tutorial

In this tutorial Tsvetan builds a Vessel sample scene that comes with Phoenix FD 2.2 from scratch. You will learn all parameters you need to create foam, waves and contact splashes around the ship.

A Look at Ornatrix Maya’s New Animation Cache Node

Hi everyone! This is a quick overview of our new Animation Cache operator for Ornatrix. If you have any questions go to our forums or our Facebook groups:

AE3D Tools Releases OSX version of DarkCorner After Effects GPU Ambient Occlusion plug-in

We have listened to our users and ported DarkCorner to OSX. Here is another sample scene under OSX.

After Effects | Digital Anarchy Releases Flicker Free Beta for Removing Flicker From Time Lapse & Slow Motion Shots

Digital Anarchy have posted a free public beta to their new tool for removing flicker in time-lapse and slow motion shots in After Effects, Flicker Free.An introduction to Flicker Free, the new plugin for removing flicker from time lapse and slow motion footageFlicker Free for After Effects is based on research that the Digital Anarchy’s […]

After Effects Users Get Back ProRes, H264 on Windows

Allan McKay – FumeFX Maya Crash Course

Introductory video tutorial for FumeFX Maya, covering basic set up for fire and smoke, and fundamentals to creating your first fire simulation with FumeFX. Please Subscribe for more tutorials. YouTube | FaceBook | Twitter For more information, visit

Allan McKay – FumeFX Tutorial – HouseBurn Part 1

Here is the first part of an older two-part lesson I developed awhile back. It covers some interesting approaches to setting up your FX shots with FumeFX. Please Subscribe for more tutorials. YouTube | FaceBook | Twitter For more information, visit:

An Introduction to Populating Scenes in Maya Using Golaem Crowd

A one hour overview of Golaem Crowd, showing how to easily populate a scene from assets creation to rendering.

Animate a Crack Effect Procedurally in Maya Using SOuP Nodes

Video on how to animate crack procedurally inside Maya using SOUP nodes.

Animating a Photo with Pixel Cloud Point Cloud Relighting Plugin For After Effects

I’ve shown how we can use a CG render and a Position Pass in After Effects to animate and relight a 3D displaced Pixel Cloud. But not all 3D programs can produce a Position Pass and photographic sources obviously do not come with specialized passes. Pixel Cloud can still get around these limitations. Although not […]

Animating a Still Image Fly-Through Using the PlaneSmart Plugin in Cinema 4D

Ronn Trevino discovers and demonstrates a new spin on an old technique for transforming photographs and making a faux 3D effect with them in After Effects, however, here, Rovino shows how to do the same effect in Cinema 4D using PlaneSmart.Here a tutorial showing you how to do a fly through on photographs using C4D […]

Animating a Winding Rope in Cinema 4D

A quick breakdown of how I “rigged” the bucket rising out of the well; followed by a re-creation of the project (minus texturing and rendering).

Animating Ivy in Cinema 4D using The Ivy Grower Plugin

Glen Faught shows how to get ivy to grow and animate over time in Cinema 4D using the Ivy Grower Plugin for cinema 4D which was based upon Thomas Luft’s Ivy Generator with a few extra features added.This is the part 2 tutorial for the ivy grower cinema 4d plugin. In this tutorial we cover […]

Auto Custom Shape Addon for Blender Aids Creating Bone Custom Shapes

Jacques Duflos offers an Auto Custom Shape Addon for Blender that will save some time when creating Bone Custom Shapes in Blender. Check out the page for Auto Custom Shape Addon for Blender for Creating Bone Custom Shapes here.Jacques Duflos notes: “This script is meant to save some time and to facilitate the design of […]

Bake Animated Deformers or Effectors with Point Cache Tag

This is a follow up on my last tutorial: In that one I went over baking deformers or effectors and creating a polygon object. I had some questions asking if you could bake the animation of your deformer or effector as well. This tutorial shows you how to use the c4d point cache tag […]