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3Ds Max & Phoenix FD Tutorial – Flamethrower Simulation

In this Phoenix FD Tutorial you will create some fire and smoke to achieve the flamethrower effect.

Houdini Tutorial | Rolling Debris with VEX part 1

In this short video I explained how to create orient attribute from scratch, to add proper rotation to particles.

RayFire. Old (1.71) vs New (1.81) dynamic simulation workflow.

Comparison of Old (1.71) Floater based simulation workflow and New (1.81) ObjectModifier based simulation workflow. Much more flexible simulation setup.

Using Alpha Lights in PixelCloud Point Cloud Plugin for After Effects

One of the nifty features in the upcoming Pixel Cloud plugin for After Effects is the ability to use After Effects own 3D lights to “relight” the alpha of an image according to its depth/position information. This can be done using an additional position pass or height map pass. Here is a quick little demo […]

Easily Create Wind Streaks in After Effects

Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel: Tutorials by LeeDanielsART | This QUICK TIP After Effects Tutorial demonstrates a very quick way to create wind streaks to make stormy weather or highlight objects moving or falling at speed. Requirements for this tutorial: AfterEffects (Basic Understanding) More QUICK TIPS for After Effects | Playlist: These […]

Animating a Winding Rope in Cinema 4D

A quick breakdown of how I “rigged” the bucket rising out of the well; followed by a re-creation of the project (minus texturing and rendering).

C4D SpiderWeb Generator Lets You Create Webs Easily A generator for cinema 4D to create spider webs very easily and quickly.

Using White Lights 2.5 for Cinema 4D to Generate Volumetric Lights from Splines

Paul Everett posts an update to White Lights, his post rendering effect for Cinema 4D that can create volumetric lighting effects from points, splines, particles or even edges for some really great effects.With White Lights , you can render splines, points,edges and particles, as solid lightPaul demonstrates using the White Lights plugin showing how easy […]

RayFire Voronoi – Stretching

This video shows how to use Stretching in Voronoi modifier in RayFire 1.64. Using Stretching You can create wooden splinters or squished rocks just in a couple of seconds.

RayFire 1.55 – Custom Properties – Custom Frag properties for Depth levels

Custom fragmentation properties support for different depth levels.

RayFire Tool 1.41 | Tutorial | PhysX Interactive Demolition | Basic

This tutorial shows how to use Interactive Demolition.

3Ds Max FumeFX Tutorial: Death Eater Smoke (Harry Potter)

In this tutorial we wil cover the smoke from the death eaters from the harry potter universe! Check out my inspired harry potter short film  Please Subscribe for more tutorials:- Facebook  | Instagram 

Using the Bleeble Animated Surface AddOn For Blender 2.6.1

Atom demonstrates basic usage of the Bleeble addon for Blender 2.6.1. Bleeble is a Blender AddOn for version 2.6.1 or better. The concept behind Bleeble is that you create selection sets and animate parameters for those sets.In this video the two sets are represented by the two colors. Using a 12×12 torus as a source […]

Tip for Animating Vertex Maps Using Pose and Morph Deformer in C4D

UPDATE: I posted a follow up tutorial to explain the final result more fully: A bit of a different Cinema4D tutorial: a little tip on animating vertex maps with Pose Morph and the Morph Deformer and then how to create a tearing cloth effect the easier way. Video inspired by Adam Schmisek who you […]

MamoWorld Takes After Effects Grids and Guides to the Next Level

download GridGuide at GridGuide for After Effects – Automatically align your layers using fundamental design rules – create a snappable guides grid – modifiable shape layer guides – because motion design isn’t static – align layers to guides “Simple but REALLY powerful” – Joey Korenman, School of Motion “How guidelines SHOULD work in After […]

Origami Maker for cinema 4D Creates Paper Unfolding Effects a Simple Task

Alessandro Boncio has recently released a free preset for Cinema 4D, Origami Maker, which will allow you to create paper unfolding and turning effects in animations using any object in Cinema. Here, Alessandro shows how to create a text transition effect using the Origami Maker Preset.We have created a new Free tool called Origami Maker […]

Cinema 4D | NitroFallOff Plugin Offers Modeling Control With Linear and Spherical FallOff Values

homepage: here the new great update the plugin release and you can get it here

RayFire Tutorial – Advanced Fragmentation Rollout properties

Just a short description of Advanced Fragmentation Rollout properties. Online Help:

RayFire 1.66.02 – Revive Dead by Offset

New feature in minor build 1.66.02 Allows to revive Dead sleeping objects by checking their position offset relative to their size.

Using Phoenix FD to Render Particles Using the Point System