How to Up-Res X-Particles With Krakatoa C4D

In this tutorial we’ll take the Xparticles Sim we created in part 1: We’ll then use Krakatoa to create 30,000,000 particles. We’ll then look at the basics of the Krakatoa render settings to ensure a realistic looking final render. We’ll be using these plugins: X Particles – Turbulence FD – Krakatoa for Cinema […]

Converting Maya Bifrost Files to the Krakatoa Particle File Format

In this video, I explain the workflow to convert your .bif files to .prt. It’s quite simple, but there’s a few things to help you set up your environment that will make your life much easier.

Integrating RealFlow Mesh and Particles in Maya Using V-Ray, Krakatoa and Nuke

Hello all, NEW: Tutorial here: Different workflow though. In that tutorial I used Realflow and Maya instead of Max and Naiad. I always wanted to start experimenting with Krakatoa and now I have had the chance! Inspired by a video by PixelPro I went to work and did the simulation in Naiad. 4 Million […]

How to Generate BIN Files From RealFlow Mist Simulations

Unfortunately, mist simulations can’t be saved as BIN files so we can render them with FumeFX or Krakatoa. There is a workaround by using scripting but we need to do the splash simulation twice. First one Splash + Mist and another one only the Splash . Take a look at the video.

Exporting RealFlow Hybrido Particles for Krakatoa

Matteo Migliorini walks through exporting particles from a RealFlow simulation that uses the hybrido solver, and getting that export into 3ds Max for rendering with the Krakatoa system. RealFlows’ Hybrido System is a hybrid grid and particle-based fluid solver for medium to large scale simulations in RealFlow, making it a great source for Krakatoa’s rendering […]

Creating Complex Particle Simulations in Cinema 4D using TurbulenceFD and X-Particle

finally got some free time to make a tutorial 😛 now just add 3 or 5 million Particle and you will get renders looks like krakatoa render trust me you can if you have the right workstation 😉 Link to x-particle : check out the site : Facebook Page: ——————————————————————————–­­­­­­­­­­­­­­——————————-