How to Convert Styled Ornatrix Hair to XGen

Ornatrix and Xgen, which comes with Maya, can be best friends. Use Xgen alongside Ornatrix to help you style and simulate hair, or to introduce Ornatrix into your existing Xgen-based pipeline. In this first of three videos we go over how to convert styled Ornatrix hair to Xgen. Special thank you to Serguei Krikalev for […]

A Look at Ornatrix Maya’s New Animation Cache Node

Hi everyone! This is a quick overview of our new Animation Cache operator for Ornatrix. If you have any questions go to our forums or our Facebook groups:

Creating Complex Braids and Buns With Ornatrix in Maya

Hi guys, my name is Jeordanis Figuereo. Welcome to this series of tutorials about hairstyling in Ornatrix For Maya. In this video, we are going to start with very basic hair shapes and in following videos we’ll see more complex examples gradually. I hope you find it useful! Product page: FB user group:

Creating Feathers for a Character With Ornatrix Maya

When making feathers and foliage it is important to be able to blend multiple textures and UV sets together to achieve strands which are varied along a surface yet have their own textures individually. Normally this requires some complicated set up but Ornatrix makes this process easy. Learn how to create feathers which have surface […]

Working With Hair Dynamics in Ornatrix Maya

Simulating realistic animation is a very important part of a hair pipeline. Ornatrix provides a very robust and quick way of doing so. In this video tutorial we learn how to add simulation to your hair, how to adjust parameters to simulate different hair and fur types, and how to record and bake the resulting […]

Using Ornatrix With Maya’s Existing Hair Tools

In addition to being a great stand-alone hair solution Ornatrix also provides workflow for working with Maya’s existing hair tools. Use the hair stack and Ornatrix operators to model your parametric hair and use Paint Effects to fine tune it. In this tutorial we take a look at this non-destructive workflow as well as some […]

Creating Parametric Fur for a Character in Maya With Ornatrix

In this informative tutorial we set up a furry bat character in Maya by utilizing Ornatrix Surface Comb operator to define hair shape and Length operator to refine it. Learn how to use maps to control both length and distribution of the hairs and use this knowledge in the future to drive many other parameters […]