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Houdini Procedural Bots

Some procedural characters done with Houdini, you put a shape, press play and you get different results.

Concepting Hard Surface Geometry in Houdini

A brief look at process and workflow of using Houdini for procedural assets. This video specifically focuses on Boolean Tools usage to draft and concepting Hard Surface Assets.

Rendering realistic Explosion and Smoke in Arnold for 3ds Max

In this tutorial which is a part of " Comprehensive introduction to Arnold for 3ds Max" course , we learn how to render realistic explosion and smoke in Arnold for 3ds Max

Making raindrops on window (3dsmax pflow)

this smart tutorial will help you to create re-use able setup of pflow nodes in 3dsmax for raindrops on glass windows.

Houdini Intro for Max FX Artists

(I recorded this in early 2016 – thought I’d upload it here) I go over an introduction of Houdini that is useful to FX Artists coming from 3ds Max or other programs. I use rigid bodies and VEX code. @mstarktv Links: Matt Estela: Website – Patreon – Johnny Farm Field: Twitter – […]

Procedural Shading in Maya with Arnold 5

In this video I will be showing you how to setup a organized shading network in Maya and with Arnold 5. First I will create 3 different shaders, with different noises to add more detail. After that, different mix masks will be created to mix the several shaders together to get the final result. ACCESS […]

Procedurally Modeling 3D Plants in Houdini

In this intermediate level tutorial, we go over how to procedurally model a 3D fern as an example of how to model plants in Houdini 16.

Creating a Sprite-Based Grid With Houdini

This video is definitely longer than it needs. shout out to Ryan and Ash for their work. .hip file (brain scan not included):

An Introduction to Procedural Modeling in Houdini

This tutorial goes over from start to finish the creation of a rudimentary fence asset that can easily be expanded upon. This is an introductory lecture on procedural modeling in Houdini I gave at Drexel University’s SIGGRAPH chapter as a Junior Animation & FX major. Let me know if you have any questions, enjoy! Link […]

Swap Out Low Geometry for High in a Houdini Simulation

Files can be downloaded here: Hey guys, Was looking into how to do this, and to my surprise it was hard to find anything on how to do this, even though it’s very simple. So I decided to record a tutorial for it. Let me know if you have any questons. For more stuff […]

Working With the Motion Graphics Toolkit in Maya 2016 Ext 2

Files used: This tutorial shows you how to create a pixellated globe using MASH.

Creating an Organic Propagation Effect in Houdini

In this first quick tip we’ll learn how to grow attributes across static or deforming geometry. This effect looks very organic and is useful for many things including the spreading of shader attributes, growing / joining polylines or even liquid growth style effects. The FREE project file is available here:

What Exactly is Procedural Modeling and Animation?

This video aims to explain what exactly is Procedural modeling and animation and how it applies to Houdini. regards Rohan Dalvi. P.S. You can download the lungs file at the link given below For more Houdini training you can visit my website

A Brief Introduction to the POP Grains Solver in Houdini

Hello Everyone, This is a brief introduction to the POP grains solver or the new Position Based Dynamics which has been introduced in Houdini 14. There is also a simple tip on how to create the PLEXUS effect in Houdini towards the end of the video ( Go to Minute 43.00 for the plexus effect) […]

An Introduction to Houdini’s Procedural Workflow

eosacro has been doing introductions not he key components of SideFX Houdini, covering a range of beginner and starter topics. With a new post, he looks specifically at offering an introduction into Houdini’s procedural workflow.If you are not used to a node based system, Houdini’s procedural workflow may seem a little daunting to you. I remember the first time i […]

Creating a Granular Solid With Houdini 14

This video will take a look at the Granular Solid tool in the Grains Shelf, using the test geometry pig head and dropping it on a ground plane. The pig head turns into a mesh of grain particles that are in a point-constrained network and we will look at the Shock Scaling Power under Internal […]

Create Procedural Geometric Images in Blender Using Modifiers

In this tutorial you’ll see how a plane can be turned into something very interesting just by using modifiers in a creative way on top of it. Visit to see the original post in my website!

Creating Procedural Stone with Blender in 5 Easy Steps How to create a stone in Blender procedurally, using Displacement modifier? In this video, we’ll explore layering Displacement modifier to produce large, medium and small scale details on our rock. Also we’ll prove one more time, that everything is better with stalactites. Can’t wait to see your procedural creations! p.s. Check out Kiril Viktorov’s […]

Create a Dynamic Peeling Effect Using SOuP Nodes in Maya

I present here the result of few months study about dynamic skins in maya. SOUP plug-in allow to use bounding objects to interactively control chunks’ weight and strength. follow this link for tutorial: My research is based on these guys work:

Creating a Procedural Modeling Asset Using Maya SOuP

this video is about how to create a MDA procedural modelling workflow using SUOP plug-in. reference material and more infos: