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After Effects Expressions Tutorial 4: Rotating Wheels Rig

In this class we use everything we learned in the previous classes for a hands-on example: We develop an expression to rotate the wheels of a car automatically.

Projection-3D offers Amazing Workflow for Camera Mapping in AE

Projection-3D is an advanced tool for camera projection and photo parallax animation in After Effects

New mGear Rigging Framework Updates for Maya2018

Big, big thanks to Studio Anima Inc (Is where I am working now 🙂 for his support!!! Your are awesome! Also big thanks to all the people and contributors, who made this release possible! For the official release, with compiled solvers and example data please download mGear from: Official Documentation: mGear Goggle […]

Easily Organize C4D Scenes With This New Viewport Colors Script Apply different type of colors to your objects in the viewport. Viewport Colors is a scripts package for C4D to improve your viewport workflow

Making Interconnected Elements in After Effects – Download the FREE Technicons from RocketStock and the AE script from Motion Boutique. Follow along with the steps in creating this animated icon network in After Effects on the PremiumBeat blog. VIDEO ELEMENTS: Free Technicons by RocketStock – Connect Layers Script from Motion Boutique – MUSIC: “Beach Rabbit” by Senbei from […]

AEInfoGraphics Updates With Powerful New Preview Feature

AEInfoGraphics turns your data into beautifully animated charts with just one click!

Easily Lock a Control to World-Space With This Maya Script

Get the tool here : This is a quick run-through showing how to install and use my ‘lock to world’ tool for Maya. This can make it easier to fix foot slip, keep a controller in place while space-switching and many other animation tasks. For a much cooler demo see my recent video where […]

An Easy Approach to Animating Cell Division in Maya

In this tutorial we will be looking at how to create a cell division cluster (Metaballs) in Autodesk Maya. This can also be applied to older versions of Maya but I am using Maya 2018 here. There are a few different ways you can approach cell division in Maya, but I think this is quite […]

Easy Treez for Maya Lets You Design Trees Based On Volume

Presenting ‘Easy Treez V1.0’ Available on Gumroad: ‘Eazy Treez’ is a A Highly Art-directable Canopy-Volume based Tree-Designing-Tool for Autodesk Maya. With Eazy Treez – Artists can create ‘Custom Shape/volume based’ Trees & bushes, and also Add complex ‘Procedural Dynamics’.. with just a few clicks.. within a few seconds. Create Complex & realistic looking Trees […]

Easily Arrange Ae Layers in a Circle, With Circle Align Easily align layers in a circular form

CursorKit Easily Creates Animation for Cursor Elements in Ae

CursorKit is a script for after effects that allows you to create animation for cursor elements. Features •Different Cursor Types •Actions: Click and Drag •Scroll Up and Down •Auto Typewriter effect Simple start tut: voice: Andrea Waisgluss music: In case you forgot, Otis McDonald

New Text Exploder Splits Type How You Like in After Effects

get TextExploder at This tutorial shows how to split a text layer in After Effects into individual layers for each character, word or line of the text. It is also possible to pop out a single word or do custom splits with regular expressions. Music by License this music at

Mesh Blend is Impressive Kit Bashing for Maya AMT Mesh Blend is a kitbash modeling tool that allows you to manage your kitbash assets, place them on selected faces and blend them directly onto your source mesh. The idea behind it came from the Polystein Kit of Modo. Polycount thread :

After Effects Global Renamer 2 Makes Revisions Fun Again Bulk rename anything in After Effects. Completely rewritten with lots more functionality and a super tiny UI! Promo video credits: Illustration by Kevin Synder Animation by Kevin Snyder and Traci Brinling Osowski

New Tool Lets You Create a Custom Toolbar In After Effects

Ae’s layout is pretty flexible. It allows you to customize your workspace how you like. The one thing that is missing, is an easy way to add your own buttons and commands into a panel. There are quite a few toolbar offerings that can do this for you. Most popular of those would be ft-Toolbar.Now […]

New Script Makes Brings Sound in Ae to Nested Comps Make audio flow through all your nested comps, always giving you audio reference and markers to animate and edit to, no matter where you are in your project, even if your comps are stretched, reversed or time remapped.

Rigging Dock for Maya is a Free Script for Rigging Tasks

A collection of scripts and procedures I wrote for rigging tasks in Maya. The UI is compact and feature-rich, making common-use tasks fast and easy. Free Download — To Install – Add the file to your script directory: My Documentsmayascripts Restart maya, or run command in mel command line: rehash; Then run mel command: […]

New Tool Highlights Your FUI Code in After Effects

Introducing ASH, the one and only syntax highlighter for After Effects text layers! Sound niche? It is! For more information & to purchase, visit: Direction: Zack Lovatt Design & Animation: Zeis Lentz

Advanced Mask Editor for Ae Now Works With Animated Masks Advanced mask editing toolkit for After Effects.

Have a Look at This New 1-Click Export Between C4D & Ae

AEC4D optimizes the workflow between Cinema4D and After Effects, whether you are a Motion Designer or Post Production Artist. Main Features: – 1-Click-Export from C4D to AFX – No need to bake your Objects first (Just make sure to check “Evaluate Caches”.) – Instant access to position data of camera, lights and other objects – […]