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Arrange After Effects Layers Into a Customizable Grid with Gridder

Gridder is a tool which will allow you to arrange layers into a grid in some pretty customizable ways. It’s author, Nik Ska mentions that Gridder is a bit like Cinema 4D’s MoGraph Cloner, a feature type that is sadly missing in After Effects.Gridder is a tool definitely missing in After Effects. Somehow similar to […]

Create a Bullet-Time Effect For a Maya Bifrost Simulation

A simple demo of how to re-time a Bifrost simulation.

Create Interfaces in Maya With This Free Visual tool

Interface Architect is a Maya tool I wrote to help visually generate GUI and its python code for Maya tool. This video is a quick demo and preview of the tool. It does not show the code Interface Architect generated but shows the preview of the code. Link for the full tutorial: Link for […]

Animating a Ribbon in Maya Using Nested Deformers

Just thought I’d upload this to demonstrate a specific workflow I utilised on the Christmas Card project. Sorry for the sound quality, but hope it comes in handy! You can see the Christmas Card here!:

Using Position To Mask Gizmo for Nuke

Mark Spindler demonstrates another of his Gizmo creations for Nuke called Position to Mask which creates a spherical mask in 3D space perfect when rendering with a position pass in Nuke. MArk notes that this tool was inspired by a fxguidetv episode about District 9, in which Shervin Shoghian from Image Engine shows a similar […]

Working With a Unified Color Palette in After Effects Using Ray Dynamic Color Imagine if all elements that share the same color reference from one main color source. This would give us many options to manage our colors. Ray Dynamic Color assigns numbers to the elements in your scene within one click. These numbers can then be represented by any color you like.

Great Tips for Retopology Workflow in Maya Using Quad Draw

A few people asked me why and how I use Maya for retopo. Here is a quick demo of retopo in Maya 2016 using the modeling toolbox. You can download the hotkey toggle scipts I use for isolate selected, wireframe on shaded, and xray here:

CursorKit Easily Creates Animation for Cursor Elements in Ae

CursorKit is a script for after effects that allows you to create animation for cursor elements. Features •Different Cursor Types •Actions: Click and Drag •Scroll Up and Down •Auto Typewriter effect Simple start tut: voice: Andrea Waisgluss music: In case you forgot, Otis McDonald

3DOptions Displays Geometry & Material Options in a Convenient After Effects Panel

The motionboutique, creators of the Newton Physics Engine for After Effects have posted another script for After Effects called 3DOptions. 3DOptions will place all the Geometry and Material Options for the After Effects 3D Layers and Ray Traced 3D attributes in a handy floating panel interface in After Effects so its all there in one […]

Paint Out Creates a Better Painting Workflow within After Effects

Designed to speed up and simplify the painting workflow in After Effects, Paint Out allows you to visualize, manage, and control paint strokes in After Effects with ease. This would include eliminating tracking markers or dirty of footage with Paint Out and a few simple clicks of the mouse.Take the pain out of painting! Control, […]

Create Low Poly Backgrounds in Ae Using Triangulator Script

Quick tip on how you can quickly and easily create nice low-poly background in After Effects. aw_Triangulator script:

Pseudo Effect Maker is the Easy Way to Make Custom Effect Controls in Ae The simplest way to create custom effect controls

Turbo Join Combines Spline Segments Together in Cinema 4D Quickly

Adam Heslop shares a little python script that he created for Cinema 4D, Turbo Join. Quite often when importing vector artwork into Cinema, splines will be disconnected, making it difficult to extrude or even close the spline shape.I got bored of joining segments together of bad imported vector objects so I made this, it’s not […]

CINEWARE proxy Helps Refine the Workflow Between After Effects CC and Cinema 4D

more infos about CINEWARE proxy at more detailed tutorial: Royalty Free Music by

Modeling Clouds Using Maya’s Aero Solver

Lee Fraser (Technical Specialist for Maya at Autodesk) walks us through a simple yet clever way to model clouds using aero sims. Blog page:

Color Marker Adds the Ability to Randomize Wireframe Color

Download link > Color Marker is a small Outliner management script for Autodesk Maya that will allow you to add some colors in Outliner and Viewport(object(mesh) wireframes, locators, curves, deformers, joints, emitters…) making it way easier to see and arrange stuff if you are dealing with the heavy scene. A lot of people complained […]

Projection-3D offers Amazing Workflow for Camera Mapping in AE

Projection-3D is an advanced tool for camera projection and photo parallax animation in After Effects

Random Tracker Colors For SynthEyes

The tutorial shows using the “Random Tracker Colors” script after an autotrack to help find problems in the generated trackers — it is a lot easier to see what the trackers are doing if they are all different colors. The script is available to SynthEyes 2011 customers in the customer-only area of our website.