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3D Splitter Can Split Any After Effects Composition in 3D Space Split any comp where ever you want in 3D

3DOptions Displays Geometry & Material Options in a Convenient After Effects Panel

The motionboutique, creators of the Newton Physics Engine for After Effects have posted another script for After Effects called 3DOptions. 3DOptions will place all the Geometry and Material Options for the After Effects 3D Layers and Ray Traced 3D attributes in a handy floating panel interface in After Effects so its all there in one […]

A Beginner’s Introduction to Maya Expressions

I’ve just posted a video introduction to what expressions are and how to achieve a few basic movements with expressions. In this very basic introduction to expressions in Maya, I talk about how with expressions, we can drive attributes of objects with the current frame, the current time, or with another attribute that is animated.

A Free, Faster, More Interactive Wedge Tool for Maya

Download on Gumroad > Free script for Autodesk Maya which builds upon Maya Wedge Tool and makes it more interactive and useful in everyday modeling. All additional info about the tool and supported Maya versions you can find in the description on Gumroad (link above)

A Master Class in Rock Sculpting, 3D Modeling in 3DCoat, ZBrush and Modo

hi everyone, this is Aaron from and I’m happy to show our first tutorial video. In the video we go over the full details of sculpting and texturing a rock formation. our workflow starts out sculpting in voxels using 3DCoat, then we move on to use Zbrush to complete the modeling and surfacing process […]

A Quick Tip for Modeling Rope in Maya

In this lesson we are going to learn how to model a rope. Follow me on Facebook

Advanced Mask Editor for Ae Now Works With Animated Masks Advanced mask editing toolkit for After Effects.

AEInfoGraphics Updates With Powerful New Preview Feature

AEInfoGraphics turns your data into beautifully animated charts with just one click!

AESequenceExporter Bridges Hiero to After Effects Workflows

Matt Brealey shares his tool for exporting clips, shots and sequences from the Foundry’s Hiero into After Effects. The AESequenceExporter is sort of a work in progress that Matt is sharing in the hopes that a select few will find it useful.A quick video showing just what the Hiero > AfterEffects exporter I put together […]

After Effects | Using JavaScript Libraries for Assisting with Scripting

The Scripting language After Effects uses is actually JavaScript. Noting that there are plenty of 3rd party JavaScript Graphics and animation Libraries out there, Calvin Swaim posts a little tutorial (2 minute tut) showing how you can use relevant JavaScript Libraries in After Effects scripting.This episode we talk about using 3rd party Javascript libraries within […]

After Effects Expressions Tutorial 4: Rotating Wheels Rig

In this class we use everything we learned in the previous classes for a hands-on example: We develop an expression to rotate the wheels of a car automatically.

After Effects Global Renamer 2 Makes Revisions Fun Again Bulk rename anything in After Effects. Completely rewritten with lots more functionality and a super tiny UI! Promo video credits: Illustration by Kevin Synder Animation by Kevin Snyder and Traci Brinling Osowski

Align3D Tool Distributes and Aligns 3D Layers in After Effects 3D Space

Wish there were tools that could align layers to After Effects 3D space? Align3D for After Effects is a simple align tool for After Effects’ 3D space providing a way to easily distribute or align 3D layers from its author Misaki Akatsuki.“Align3D” is the simple 3D space align and distribute script that can be used […]

An Easy Approach to Animating Cell Division in Maya

In this tutorial we will be looking at how to create a cell division cluster (Metaballs) in Autodesk Maya. This can also be applied to older versions of Maya but I am using Maya 2018 here. There are a few different ways you can approach cell division in Maya, but I think this is quite […]

An Introduction to Populating Scenes in Maya Using Golaem Crowd

A one hour overview of Golaem Crowd, showing how to easily populate a scene from assets creation to rendering.

An Introduction to Scripting in After Effects

Dylan Winter has been killing it lately with his tutorials for After Effects, and here he provides a great overview for Scripting in After Effects. Right off of the bat Dylan makes a distinction between scripting in After Effects and Expressions in After Effects.Scripting: the lost continent. The final frontier. Unlike expressions, scripts operate from […]

Animate Anything to Sound in After Effects With Cloners Effectors

Learn how to animate your clones to the audio spectrum in After Effects, using Cloners+Effectors. Get Cloners+Effectors here: Get the trailer source files here: