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A Master Class in Rock Sculpting, 3D Modeling in 3DCoat, ZBrush and Modo

hi everyone, this is Aaron from and I’m happy to show our first tutorial video. In the video we go over the full details of sculpting and texturing a rock formation. our workflow starts out sculpting in voxels using 3DCoat, then we move on to use Zbrush to complete the modeling and surfacing process […]

Explode Shape Layers Places Paths and Groups in After Effects to Individual Layers Explode shape layer paths & groups into individual layers.

Multi Script Editor, Cross Python Programming Editor

Multi Script Editor. Maya features How to install MSE: Download MSE: Music:

Wind, Simulates the Motion of Natural Breezes in After Effects Harness the power of nature in After Effects. Wind works with Text, Vectors, Video and Shape Layers in native AE 3D space. Easy to use and customize.

Create Ocean Wave Deformation and Motion With the Ocean Wave Effector for Cinema 4D

Inspired by Pysop’s Milk commercial work, Creative Tools AB offers up a free Ocean Wave Effector for Cinema 4D which will allow you to create ocean wave forms and animations easily.CT Wave Effector is responsible for the wave-like movement, the plane can be replaced by any objectSimply move and rotate the CT Wave Effector to […]

Writing Python scripts for Blender with Intellij IDEA

Juraj Michalek with an overview of Blender’s support for Python and how to write Python Scripts with Intellij IDEA.“IntelliJ IDEA is a code-centric IDE focused on developer productivity. The editor deeply understands your code and knows its way around the codebase, makes great suggestions right when you need them, and is always ready to help […]

TypeMonkey Kinetic Type Generator for After Effects, Ridiculously Easy Kinetic Type Animations

Dan Ebberts and Orrin Zucker have taken the popular kinetic type animation and threw it on its ear with TypeMonkey, which will allow you (with a copy and paste of some type, sentences or phrases, and a single click), to create the camera-move-on-type style animations in After Effects.Whether used to generate an end product, a […]

Working Faster in After Effects With the Array & Sortie Scripts

In this series i will explain you how to work faster in after effects using scripts, plugins and other techniques. In this part I’ll explain array (a cloner tool for after effects) and sortie (a powerful layer sorting tool). You will learn how to create a grid and make animations on them then offsetting them […]

Advanced Mask Editor for Ae Now Works With Animated Masks Advanced mask editing toolkit for After Effects.

Auto Generate Audio Keyframes in After Effects for Autodesk Maya

This is kind of cool, Pete Stache has scripted a way to create keyframes based on a piece of audio in After Effects and bring those automated keyframes into Maya with an After Effect to Maya Audio Keyframe Converter script. With AEtoMayaAudioKeyframeConverter script you are able to generate Maya keyframes based on audio keyframes by […]

Using the Cinema 4D Proggle, “Protection Tag Toggle” Script

Proggle is a “Protection Tag Toggle” script that I find pretty handy. In this video I’ll show you my basic setup and how to use it. Let me know if you have any questions. Download here: Enjoy!

Build a Wheel Rig in Maya the Proper Way Using World Vectors float $radius = 25; vector $moveVectorOld = `xform -q -ws -t “rightWheelOld”`; vector $moveVector = `xform -q -ws -t “R_Wheel”`; vector $dirVector = `xform -q -ws -t “rightWheelDir”`; vector $wheelVector = ($dirVector – $moveVector); vector $motionVector = ($moveVector – $moveVectorOld); float $distance = mag($motionVector); $dot = dotProduct($motionVector, $wheelVector, 1); R_Wheel.rotateZ = R_Wheel.rotateZ + 360 […]

Easily Arrange Ae Layers in a Circle, With Circle Align Easily align layers in a circular form

Wiggle Script for Quicker Access & User Interface to the After Effects Wiggle Expression

wihihihiggle script for AECS4+ Verison 0.2.2 Aren’t you tired of writing wiggle again and again and again? Do you always use wiggle() with a basic setting like wiggle(0.5,23)? Did you ever wonder what the extended version wiggle(freq, amp, octaves = 1, amp_mult = .5, t = time) does? read more and download it there –> […]

Create Pivotal Null Quickly Creates and Parents Null Objects at Key Layer Points in After Effects

Zack Lovatt is on a bit of a roll these days, with his latest effort Create Pivotal Null, you are able to simplify and speed up the process of creating nulls in After Effects, based on a layer or shape’s corners, sides or center, and have that new null already parented and ready to go. […]

Methods for Moving Maya Components Numerically

Some Maya tips and tricks to help you work quickly.

New Script Allows You to Copy and Paste Between 3D Apps

OD_CopyPasteExternal is an open source initiative by Oliver Hotz, to copy and paste points,polygons,weights,uvs and material names across multiple applications. Looking for contributors to cover more applications and prune current ones. Check it at:

Change the Number of Leader Zeros in C4D’s Save Incremental

Yeah it’s boring but I loathe all these extraneous zeroes all over the place when you save a new version of your C4D file. Get shot of them by editing the ‘Save Incremental…’ script. One minute from now, you’ll know how. Follow me here on vimeo, on Twitter @Kingsley_Amiss or just go to my website […]