Rendering Hair and Fur With Xgen and Redshift

Just a quick overview of the process of applying xgen fur descriptions to a mesh and rendering with Redshift. First we’ll look at creating an xgen description, next we’ll assign the shader and finally we’ll have a look at the shader attributes. Stay up to date on Facebook: Check out more of my work: […]

A Closer Look at XGen Interactive Grooming

Facebook – Blog – Credit CD Projekt RED for Witcher 3 character & Michael Todd for hair groom

Create Geometry from XGen for Game Character Hair

Credit CD Projekt RED for Witcher 3 character & Michael Todd for hair groom Facebook – Blog –

Creating Facial Hair for a Character With Maya xGen

Maya Tutorial -Creating eyebrows with xgen Hey everyone in this tutorial i will show you how i approach creating eyebrows with xgen in Maya . i will go over how to create the maps necessary then how i approach creating hair in maya using xgen , the parts that i plan to make eyebrows. then […]

Managing Resources When Creating a Grass Field With Maya XGen

I demo of how to make a field of grass and weeds using XGen expressions to control the instanced Archives. I also cover some tips and tricks on working with large face counts in VP2. Expression for random size with sliders: $min = 0.2500; $max = 0.9500; $a = rand($min,$max); $a

Easily Output XGen Splines to Geometry in Maya

A quick demo teaching you how to turn XGen primitive splines into real geometry. Mel command is below:-) $sel = `ls -sl -fl`; for ( $each in $sel ) { if($each != $sel[0]){ extrude -ch true -rn false -po 1 -et 2 -ucp 1 -fpt 1 -upn 1 -rotation 0 -scale 1 -rsp 1 $sel[0] […]

Create Braided Hair With Maya’s XGen

A quick lesson on how to use XGen to create a braided ponytail with details added by modifiers and stray hair expressions.

Managing Density & Tips for Working With XGen Archives

Some quick tips and tricks to help you work with XGen Archives. I talk about preparing the archive to work with LODs, how to work around high density on large geometry and a quick tip on painting Masks.

Create a Full Fur Groom for a Chimpanzee With Maya’s XGen

NOTE: PLEASE TURN ON CAPTIONS In this screen captured session, special guest grooming artist Michael Todd demonstrates how to use XGen’s various tools to create a full fur groom for a chimpanzee.

Using Photoshop or UV Textures with Maya XGen

A quick tutorial on how to use Photoshop or UV textures with XGen in Maya 2016.

Creating Topological Art with Maya’s XGen

This movie shows you how to use XGen to create a series of primitive cubes, then adjust their heights and color via ptex map to create interesting works of art. More examples: Level: Beginner Recorded in: Maya 2015 ext

Tips for Rendering Maya XGen Fur with Arnold

How to go about texturing your groom in Xgen using SA Arnold. This video is from for more tutorials visit this page. Linkedin:ørn-blaabjerg-søre­nsen/30/410/465/ Bjørn Blaabjerg Sørensen

An Extensive Look at Using XGen Primitives in Maya

This is Part 01 of a series of Video Trainings on XGen Plugin in Maya Covering the Parameters in Create XGen Description.

Practical Instancing with Maya’s Xgen

Facebook – My Oh Maya (Blog ) Learn how to populate an environment with 1000’s of trees using both procedural and artistic controls with XGen in Maya 2015

Converting XGen Instanced Primitives to Curves in Maya

A quick tip on how to converter your instanced primitives to curves or geometry Look at my Channel for more XGen tutorials:-)

Walking Through XGen improvements in Maya 2015 Extension 1

Some XGen workflow improvements have been made in Maya 2015 extension 1. Look at my Channel for more XGen tutorials:-)

Create Stray Hairs from One Xgen Description in Maya

How to use expressions to work with stray hairs in XGen Look at my Channel for more XGen tutorials:-)

Building an Xgen Index Archive Tool

Quick tutorial of working with XGen’s Custom Archives and expressions. Expressions to download: Look at my Channel for more XGen tutorials:-)

Tips For Creating Short Hair With Maya’s Xgen

Tips and tricks to do short hair in Maya using XGen. Look at my Channel for more XGen tutorials:-)

Controlling Complex Xgen Primitives in Maya 2015

Join Maya expert Daryl Obert as he walks through the ins and outs of using the new Xgen tools in Autodesk® Maya® 2015. Daryl will create everything from hair to complex environments while using expressions and modifiers to refine every last detail. Don’t miss how to use the tools originally developed by Disney for their […]