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Create Animation Triggered by Collision in Cinema 4D

This Xpresso tutorial is al about animating animations, timed on collisions of objects. I t will cover the collision node, compare, math and condition and follow trough to the same setup with Dynamics as trigger. Recorded in one go, so some mistakes will be made 😉

How To Create a Custom HUD Shot Mask for Cinema 4D

In this Tutorial, I will show you how you can create a bigger HUD for use in Animatic Renders with XPresso. After re-watching the video, I noticed I do say “so” a lot. I am SO sorry; I will tone that down in the future 😉

Easily Create Customizable Neon Signs With This Free Xpresso Rig

Xpresso rig for Cinema4D and Octane Render. Easily generate and customize neon signs, with additional controls over animation presets, materials, emissive and mesh parameters. Download here: https://gum.co/EKLtR Track: #000000 Nn da Club · Suzi Analogue

Create an Oscilloscope Display With Xpresso, Mograph and Textures

In the first of this three part series, we look at creating an oscilloscope, using a combination of a simple Xpresso expression with MoGraph and several textures. The result, I am sure you will agree, is pleasing on the eye, but will only be useful, if you don’t require sound. That being the case, be […]

An In Depth Look at the Material Iterator Node in Xpresso

In this tutorial, we take an in depth look at the Material Iterator Node and discuss how it can be used to alter the colour brightness of four materials.

Methods for Using and Taming Boolean Subtractions in C4D

00:00 Intro 00:53 Setting up boolean subtractions 03:31 Detecting and avoiding issues 15:27 Camera clipping for cross sections 19:08 Spline masks 22:51 Subdividing booleans + Xpresso

Modeling and Animating a Worm Gear With Xpresso

In this two part tutorial, we start by looking at a modelling technique for the actual worm gear.

How To Create Procedural Puddles With an Xpresso Shader Setup

Part Three of the Alien Flower tutorial series. We create puddles on an asphalt road in Cinema 4D by creating a Shading Network natively for C4D’s Standard Renderer in XPresso. And this technique isn’t just limited to wet roads, you can use it to put puddles on just about any wet surface! 00:23 – Scouting […]

Save Time in C4D by Linking Texture Slots Together

Super quick Cinema 4D tip, but a really, really useful one. It’s sometimes the easy/simple things that really save a lot of time. I hope it helps you out! For over 150 free 3D models, and tons of training/products head over to www.thepixellab.net

Setting Up 3D Puzzle Games Using Pure Xpresso

In this tutorial series i will try to teach you how to set up and rig two 3D puzzle games, a 3 by 3 Rubick’s Cube and a Pyramid using pure Xpresso in Cinema 4D. The setup is both easy to use and flexible. You can animate every move possible, or if you’re an expert […]

Creating a Working Track Tread Setup in C4D

Finally, a working tank track setup with proper wheel and tread rotation! Download link for basewheel9.5 scene file… http://www.mediafire.com/file/xcvcztb9km6cs0q/BaseWheelR9.5.zip Enjoy! =)

Synchronize Wheel Rotation With a Track System in C4D

Ever wonder how to sync wheel rotation with a track system? I go over one way to do it using xpresso.

Have a Look at C4D R18 New Python-Based Xpresso Presets

An introduction to the new Python-based Xpresso Presets in Cinema 4D R18. Niklas Rosenstein: https://www.niklasrosenstein.com/

Use Xpresso to Display a Series of Image Maps in C4D

hello , in this is tutorial we will learn how to animate lego face expressions in c4d , also this technique can be used for another purposes e.g. robot with screen on his head which display face expressions or any thing else …

Create Working Traffic Lights With Xpresso in C4D

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create working traffic lights and then introduce a switching setup, to allow them to be converted to a train signal. We will then take things a step further and add a speed control, to vary the duration of the light sequences.

Rigging a Funicular Railway With the Range Mapper Node

In this tutorial we will delve a little deeper into the power of the Range Mapper node, in order to create a basic, funicular railway, often seen in use at seaside towns, which feature steep cliffs.

Set a Rest Position for C4D Dynamics

This tip looks at a scenario where you may want to influence the ending position of a dynamically animated object. The video walks us through the process where we might allows a few objects to fall, and then come to a rest; in this case we want them to rest facing a specific direction.

Use C4D’s Hierarchy Node to Automatically Include Objects for Iteration

In this part 2 lesson, we go over how to use the hierarchy node to automatically include objects for iteration, vs manually adding them.

Use the Iteration Node to Make you Xpresso More Efficient

A quick tutorial showing how the iteration node can be used to make your xpresso setup more efficient.