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Creating Damage and Variation in Mari With Curvature Maps

This quick tip is part of my article about creating Curvature Masks in Zbrush for the VFX industry. Check it out here: http://www.paulhpaulino.com/7-steps-to-create-a-powerful-curvature-mask-in-zbrush/ If you enjoyed the video, please like and share it with your friends 🙂 Artstation: artstation.com/artist/paulhpaulino Facebook Page: facebook.com/paulhpaulino/ Thanks, Paul

Recreating C4D’s Shader Effector and Displace Deformer in Houdini

In this lesson we’ll take a look at how to use the Attribute VOP to call procedural textures or bitmaps and use those to modify geometry or clones. regards Rohan Dalvi http://www.rohandalvi.net/ On a completely different note, I’ve been writing an original Urban Fantasy story. I’m uploading it on a per chapter basic. I’ve written […]

How to Create a Sketched Logo Effect in Illustrator

In this tutorial we'll be learning how to create a sketched logo effect in Adobe Illustrator.

How to Draw the Android Logo in Illustrator

In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to draw the Android logo in Adobe Illustrator.

Learn How To Use the Shape Builder Tool in Adobe Illustrator | Dansky

In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to create more complex shapes, using the Shape Builder Tool in Adobe Illustrator.

Time Lapse – Basic Music player in Gimp

http://theblendmode.com A video I made several months ago, couldn't figure out how to speed it up. :P Final image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidwoodfx/4637998928/ Carbon Fiber patterns: http://projectfx.exofire.net/2010/05/carbon-fiber-pattern/ Songs used: The Catalyst remix - Linkin Park and Noisy Toyz http://www.indabamusic.com/asset/show/1243025 ------------------------------------- Session - Linkin Park http://www.linkinpark.com/page/meteora-1 ------------------------------------- Cure for the Itch - Linkin Park http://www.linkinpark.com/page/hybrid-theory ------------------------------------- All Rights Reserved. I do not own any of the above music, all music is the property of Linkin Park.

3 Methods for Texture Mapping a Banana in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to texture map a banana. The focus will be on the mapping process, not the material. I will show three methods; conventional flat projections, Vertex Painting and Bodypaint.

Remove Logos in an Image in Photoshop

If the logo you want to remove is surrounded by a simple background, the best tool for the job is the Spot Healing Brush Tool. In this example we remove the branding on the truck by created a new layer, selecting the Spot Healing Brush Tool, checking the “Sample all Layers” box on the top of the screen and painting over the logo. If you find that the edges need a bit of cleanup, this is where the Clone Stamp Tool comes in. Create a new layer, select the Clone Stamp Tool and check “Sample All Layers” or “Sample Current and Below”. Next, open the “Clone Source” window by going to “Window-Clone Source” and be sure to check “Show Overlay” to see a preview of the Clone Stamp Area.

Enhancing Quixel Wood with 3D Texture Projection in Maya

In this brief tutorial, I demonstrate a simple process for adding a wood ring pattern to an existing Quixel Suite project using 3D texture projection in Maya.

Substance Painter Tutorial – Fundamentals 14: Smart Materials

In this video we discuss how to create smart materials and how they can be used as sharable assets. Support thread: https://forum.allegorithmic.com/index.php?topic=6297.new#new

A Sneak Peak at Some Things Slated for Mari Extension Pack

Little Sneak Peak at some workflow improvements for Mari Extension Pack 4 (Update 5)

Image trace tool for sketches in Adobe Illustrator Ep14/19 [Adobe Illustrator for Beginners]

In this video I will be showcasing a particular tool called the image trace tool, known in earlier versions of illustrator as the live trace tool.. We will be taking a look at this tool, how it works, and later on I will be discussing its pro and cons and why we may, or may not want to use it. In this video tutorial I will be using Adobe Illustrator CC for mac. Almost all of the principles demonstrated and covered will apply to future and previous versions. Some differences may apply if you are using a previous or future version.

NEON Text Effect Illustrator Tutorial

In this tutorial we're going to learn how to create a neon text effect in Adobe Illustrator.

Design a Gradient Logo Illustrator Tutorial

In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to draw a colourful gradient logo in Adobe Illustrator. The design is also the previous Dansky logo.

Vector Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we’ll cover all the steps required to create this silhouette moonlight illustration with sparkling stars. We’ll use a custom scatter brush to create several layers of clouds, blend them with some shadows and opacity adjustments, we’ll use offset path to create a moon with glowing vector rings, we’ll create a starry sky with randomized dots by scattering dots with the brush tool, we’ll mask everything as needed to blend the illustration into our background, and then we’ll drag a photo in a go over how to trace it with multiple shape tools and the Pen tool to create our silhouette. Check it out and I hope you love it!

GIMP Tutorial – 17 – HDR Photo With GIMP

How to make an HDR photo using GIMP. Make an HDR photo using one image reference. GIMP HDR Effect. ▼ More Classes from Wild Academy PHP Tutorials ➪ http://goo.gl/V48HyA Ruby Tutorials ➪ http://goo.gl/9Dkcny GIMP Tutorials ➪ http://goo.gl/UrdkYS SketchUp Tutorials ➪ http://goo.gl/A1FMSD ▼ Freebies, Sponsors, and Affiliates Free lifetime membership to Wild Academy ➪ http://goo.gl/tQJHtG ▼ Amazon Book Deal The Book of GIMP: A Complete Guide ➪ http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1593273835?ie=UTF8&camp=213733&creative=393185&creativeASIN=1593273835&linkCode=shr&tag=learnphp0c-20&linkId=4U7GW32KS4QNGJA5&creativeASIN=1593273835

Gimp Quick Tip: How to Edit Scripts

http://theblendmode.com Here's a quick way to edit Script-Fu plugins and change the path way to the script in the Gimp task bar. Lightsabre script: http://www.baudalign.com/lee/gimplightsabre.html

Creating Your Own HDR Images for 3D Renders With NUKE Maya and Photoshop

Seneca College instructor Joe Raasch shares a look at techniques for creating your own Lat-Long “budget” High Dynamic Range Images that can be used as an Image Base Lighting or Light Dome in Maya or any other 3D Application.This video shows techniques that you can use with a entry level Canon DSLR with a tripod […]

1 Minute Skin Softening in Photoshop

Amazing way to smooth skin, with the skin texture still intact and beautiful in Photoshop CC. Using this quick high-end skin retouching technique, make the skin look as if airbrushed, in one minute or less. Also, at the end of the video, I'll show you how to do the same thing in 30 seconds or less!

Substance Painter Tutorial – Scifi Crate Project 04: Painted metal base material

This is the real-world project for the Texturing for Beginners series. In this video we will create the painted metal base material. Support thread: https://forum.allegorithmic.com/index.php?topic=6297.new#new