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MyPaint Review

Beginners tutorial to learn about MyPaint Interface. MyPaint is a fast and easy open-source graphics application for digital painters. It lets you focus on the art instead of the program. You work on your canvas with minimum distractions, bringing up the interface only when you need it.

Painting in MyPaint and Gimp

Time-lapse of painting "Watched Wave", Christmas card for 2012. I worked with this to and fro about two weeks, so this is sped up a lot and also put together from multiple recording sessions. I try to give comments to make it clearer what is going on (so turn on annotations). Hopefully it can be interesting in order to see my workflow!

Digital Painting in Mypaint

Learn by watching timelapse of digital painting in MyPaint. Go through the whole process of painting just in 10 mins.

Kristen Stewart Portrait in MyPaint

This is a test to show how to paint a complete portrait with the "red sanguine" classic style. Hope you will like it becouse it takes me lot of time to make it . aprox 1 hour into lees than 10 mins.

Mypaint Drawing Process Tutorial

Mypaint Drawing Process Tutorial