Mocha Pro Webinar Replay: Object Removal Made Simple

In this webinar, product specialist, Mary Poplin show how to remove objects from moving video shots using the Mocha Pro plug-in inside of Adobe After Effects.

Tracking With Mocha Can be a Free and Fluid Thing

In this quick video, Product Specialist Mary Poplin explains the difference between the shape and the surface tool. 1. What is the Shape? The shape is a vector mask we use to define both a matte and where the track is looking. Mocha is a planar tracker, so its very different from the point track […]

Retouching tutorial with mocha Pro remove module & clean plates

Adding digital makeup and improving skin wrinkes & blemishes can be a timely process. In this video tutorial, Imagineer Systems Product Manager, Martin Brennand shows how mocha Pro’s planar tracking and remove module can be used to clean unwanted details for beauty shots. mocha Pro is available as an upgrade for owners of mocha AE […]

Unlink Tracking in Mocha Can Help When Stuff Leaves the Frame

This tutorial features one of the most simple and powerful techniques for using Mocha’s planar tracker to track camera movement: Unlink Tracking. 00:35 / Identifying the problem and when Unlink Tracking will be suitable 01:37 / Positioning the first shape in the correct area 04:11 / Handling problems when the tracking starts to slip 08:38 […]

Tracking and Compositing a Ground Cracking Effect

In this tutorial by ActionVFX’s Lendon Bracewell, you’ll see how Mocha Pro’s tracking is used with Adobe After Effects to composite their Ground Crack elements. Download the Ground Plate here – Learn more about ActionVFX – Download a free trial of Mocha Pro –

Make Jittery 360 Footage More Watchable With Mocha VR

In this intermediate tutorial, Mocha Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through smoothing the horizon in a Samsung Gear 360 shot using the Reorient Module in Mocha VR. Jittery 360 video footage can be made more watchable by stabilizing with Mocha’s planar tracking tools. The tutorial is done via the Adobe After Effects plug-in, but […]

Get 10 Times Faster Removals in Mocha

In this advanced tutorial, Mocha Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through a quick clean plate technique that greatly improves render performance in the Remove Module. For general Remove Module performance improvements, we recommend checking out this tutorial: The Remove Module is found in Mocha Pro and Mocha VR. Both available as standalone applications […]

Mastering Foreground Occlusions With Mocha Tracking

Solve motion tracking challenges with Mocha Pro 5. In this video tutorial, Mary Poplin shows how to set up a Mocha project when there are foreground occlusions in front of your tracking area. Mastering these quick tips will elevate your Mocha chops! Learn more about Mocha Pro:

How To Optimize Parameters for Mocha’s Remove Module

In this intermediate tutorial, Mocha Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through optimizing the parameters for the Remove module to improve render times. If you are not familiar with the basics of the Remove Module, we recommend you first check out the training videos online here: To learn more about Mocha, visit us at: […]

Mocha VR Will Simplify Effects for Cinematic VR

Mocha VR brings native 360° effects & post-production tools to cinematic VR filmmaking. This short intro video covers the general features and workflow. Features: 360° Planar Motion Tracking (based on mocha’s Academy Award-Winning algorithm) Advanced 360° Masking Tools Automatic Object Removal for Camera Removals and Nadir Patching Horizon Stabilizer and Reorient Module Plug-in option for […]

How to Track a Mirror With Mocha and After Effects

This week we are going to dive into tracking a mirror with Mocha & After Effects. We will look at best practices when tracking a scene with different moving perspectives and how to take boring footage of my bathroom and make a quality title treatment. To learn more, check out our other tutorials and free […]

Pasting Issues with the Mocha Pro Plugin and Ae? Here is a Quick Fix

In this (very) short video, Product Manager Martin Brennand shows you how to work around a clipboard limitation in Adobe After Effects CC when using the new mocha Pro 5 Plug-in. After copying your tracking data to the clipboard, simply ALT + TAB (Windows) or CMD + TAB (Mac) to refresh the clipboard so you […]

Use the Mocha Pro 5 Plugin in Ae for Easy Removals

Remove objects without manual clone and paint. In this short and sweet tutorial, imagineer systems Product Specialist, Mary Poplin, shows how to use the Remove Module inside of Adobe After Effects in 5 minutes. This same technique can be used on any platform the mocha Pro 5 Plug-In is available for. You can find a […]

Mocha Pro 5 Has a New OFX Plugin for Nuke and Fusion

New mocha Pro 5 OFX plug-in option. Now mocha Pro’s advanced planar tracking based tools can now be launched as a plug-in, direct from Nuke or Fusion. No more file import/export required and your mocha work is saved inside your final project. mocha Pro 5 plug-in greatly improves on previous workflows by embedding planar tracking […]

An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tracking With Mocha AE

New to Adobe After Effects CC? mocha AE is bundled FREE with your subscription. mocha AE is a lite version of mocha Pro and includes tracking and roto tools. In this step-by-step tutorial created by popular YouTube trainer Surfaced Studio, you’ll learn exactly what planar tracking is and how to use the power of planar […]

Mocha Pro 5 Will Add Python Scripting Module, GPU Tracking

mocha Pro 5 now includes a Python scripting module with in-application interface. Python lets artists control the user interface, modify and edit functions, and integrate with external applications and asset management systems. Python is a widely used scripting language that is completely integrated into the mocha Pro 5 standalone option. This video shows a couple […]

Mixing Mocha Tracking and 3D Elements With Cinema 4D

Here is the breakdown of the ‘Pencil & Cube’ finished shot. This shot illustrates what can be done by tracking some motion in mocha, converting it to a 3D path with MochaBlend-C4D, and linking the motion-path to a polygon vertex. To complete the illusion of the pencil tip dragging the cube corner around, an animated […]

MochaBlend-C4D Rotoscoping Basics

In part 1 of this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use MochaBlend-C4D to turn roto-shapes from mocha into various types of splines in C4D. This lays the groundwork for part 2, where we’ll use MochaBlend-C4D’s ‘Camera Map Editor’.

Multi-Plane Object Removal with Mocha Pro

In this one hour tutorial, Product Specialist Mary Poplin breaks down object removal using mocha Pro, including basic techniques and luminance render settings, remove with clean plate settings, and how to tackle more difficult multi-plane removes. mocha Pro is the upgrade from the Adobe After Effects bundled mocha AE. To learn more, visit: mocha […]

Using Mocha for Performance Replacement

Using After Effects and mocha AE, Product Manager Martin Brennand shows you how to track and replace an actor’s eyes when they accidentally look at the camera. Using similar techniques you can quickly track, mask and replace performances, either to fix mistakes or to get creative with your shots. This tutorial applies to both mocha […]