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Tracking and Stabilizing 360 Video With SynthEyes

This is an introduction to what we’re going to be doing: tracking and stabilizing an example shot from 360 Heros. We then insert a variety of objects into it, including adding shadows, and finally at the end we’ll composite the whole thing together in After Effects. Footage copyrighted by and used with permission of 360 […]

Syntheyes New & Improved Pixel Bender Plugins Available for After Effects

Quick review to complement the other AE/SE pixel-bender tutorials. SynthEyes Undistort nodes are automatically generated as part of an export of the 3D scene from SynthEyes to AfterEffects. This tutorial shows that in action and what the result is. Source footage by Arnie Itzkowitz courtesy of

Have a Chat With Your Tracker. SynthEyes Adds an Assistant You Can Instruct By Voice

[Yo! You don’t HAVE to talk to Synthia. Just as valuable typing too—this is about getting software to do what you want, first and foremost.] The SynthEyes Instructible Assistant, ie Synthia, enables chat-style natural language control. Unlike simpler assistants such as Siri or Google Now, Synthia responds to specific instructions, simple or complex, and can […]

Geometric Hierarchy Tracking in SynthEyes

This is a basic introduction to geometric hierarchy tracking, so basic that it skips the hierarchy part altogether. Shows the tracking of a truck. Shot courtesy of Available through the Downloads section of their website, see Tracking Plates.

Have a Look at the Improved Deglitch Tool in SynthEyes

Shows the operation of the newly improved Deglitch tool in the graph editor: it is a bit more subtle in determining what it should do. It has a nice additional piece of functionality too: Split a tracker via shift-click, when a tracker has jumped from one feature to another, and both are usable individually.

How To Install And Use Syntheyes to Blender 2.57

This tutorial shows you how to install the sizzle script from Andersson Technologies LLC and use it to export tracker data to Blender 2.57, and how to import the data into Blender 2.57. blender25.szl

How to Export SynthEyes 3D Meshes to After Effects

SynthEyes can export 3D meshes to After Effects, automatically setting up a CINEWARE connection to Cinema 4D. Cinema 4D handles the 3D animation and rendering that will all match up for the compositing in After Effects, using the tracking data produced by SynthEyes.

Use Google Map Reference for Tracking Areal Footage in SynthEyes

You can use a 3D mesh to as a reference for a camera-only match-move, for example to add a new building to an exact location in an existing environment. Here we use a flat plane textured with images from Google Maps as a reference (in lieu of a site plan). Footage is from Artbeats and […]

Matthew Merkovich Offers an Overview for SynthEyes UI

Here’s a quick introductory overview of the SynthEyes 3D tracker user interface. I didn’t make this for the power users out there, but for the people just starting out. Syntheyes has a pretty unique user interface and I hope this makes understanding it a little easier. If you have any questions, leave them in the […]

Manually Adjusting Scene Orientation in SynthEyes

A quick tip for users of SynthEyes tracking software, Josh Johnson demonstrates how to manually set scene orientation by adjusting the coordinate system after a solve with the 3 point system. Be sure to check out the post “SynthEyes Quick Tip: Manual Scene Orientation” at Josh’s VFX Daily site.

How to Stabilize 360 Video with SynthEyes and SkyBox Studio V2

Charles Yeager shows how to stabilise 360° footage using SythEyes with SkyBox Studio V2. SynthEyes is a dedicated tracking software, and the data that is generated can be exported and used with SkyBox Studio V2. If you are doing complex stabilisation, the results are very good.

Matthew Merkovich Recalls 3D Tracking Minority Report 15 Years Ago

Nearly 15 years ago I worked on the movie Minority Report and people often ask me what I did. Here’s a short video describing just that. The shot showing the 3D camera track solved in SynthEyes was re-tracked for this little side project. Because of the great Matrox hard drive crash of 2007, all my […]

Camera Matching a Single Frame With SynthEyes

This is a tutorial on how to match a camera using a single frame in SynthEyes and import it into Autodesk Maya. This process can translate over though and you have the ability to import it into your package of choice (3ds Max, Blender, Nuke, Etc.) —- I’m currently creating a small series of podcasts […]

Basic Automatic Tracking in SynthEyes

Includes using the new auto-place button, tracker cleanup, and export to Cinema 4D. The export process is basically the same for other applications. Be sure to go to full-screen 720p mode to watch the tutorial. Place button requires SynthEyes build 2008.0.1008 or later.

Introduction to 360VR Stabilization in SynthEyes

Stabilization is essential for safely viewing 360VR footage from moving cameras. This introductory tutorial shows the stabilization of a 360VR sequence from an ultra-light aircraft (courtesy 360Rize), and the export of that stabilization to After Effects. This demo was presented at the 2017 NAB Show.

SynthEyes Adds GPU-Based File Reading for RED Files

Runs through some details of GPU- and software-based reading of RED Movie files in SynthEyes. If your GPU is suitable, it can provide 10x faster reading than software-based reading (which is limited to single-threading by the RED SDK). The best way to find out if your GPU is suitable is to try it! NOTE: GPU-based […]

SynthEyes Adds Full-Featured 3D Export for HitFilm

Shows the extensive capabilities of the export from SynthEyes to HitFilm Pro, including 3D meshes, planes and planar trackers, and lens distortion workflows. IMPORTANT: Don’t turn off “Write .IFLs” if you are using movies as input, it will greatly increase your time to reopen movies. Tutorial uses the download.

SynthEyes Updates to Version 2011.1

The tutorial shows a way to set the relative scale when a scene has both a tracked camera and a tracked object — and you don’t have on-set scale information to use to set each scale exactly. Requires SynthEyes 2011.1.1009 or later.

SynthEyes INTENSE – knowledge for Camera Tracking

Donate here made during my free time. It is non-profit. If you enjoy watching it, you may donate a small amount of money to help me keep the non-profit tutorials running. In this intense 3D Tracking Tutorial I take you through syntheyes powerful Camera Tracking features. final result here

Using the Smudge Tool in SynthEyes

The smudge tool allows you to edit a mesh to better match shot imagery, typically after the mesh has been match-moved to the shot. You can use it to refine the boundary or interior of objects. This tutorial runs through various smudge modes and controls.