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Blender Light Wrapping in Compositing

This Blender 3D light wrap in the Blender Composite tutorial from Josh Makinda covers the aspects of creating a “light wrapping” effect effectively with some 3D foreground footage over some live action footage.Blender Compositing – Light Wrap (background wrap) Tutorial from Josh Makinda on Vimeo.This is a tutorial based around Light Wrapping, or Background Wrapping […]

Quick and Easy Facial Texturing in Blender 3D

The Blender Nerd looks at a method for quickly texturing a face in Blender without too much effort while still remaining effective. Check out the Quick and Easy Facial Texturing in Blender tutorial here.“Ever come to the point where you’ve finished a model but don’t really want to texture it properly, yet you want to […]

Creating a bird flock in Blender

Manuel L. shows how to create an animation of flocking birds in Blender using animated Particles for a realistic look. Check out the Creating a bird flock in Blender Tutorial here.Manuel L. on his tutorial: I just finished my newest tutorial, i hope you enjoy it. Its about how to create a flock of birds using […]

Creating a Logo Animation in Blender Using an Anisotropic Metallic Shader

Logo Animation created for the fake movie company “Emerald Pictures”. Watch the full tutorial here:

Creating a Carbon Fiber Material Using the OSL PYLA Layered Shader in Blender

François Gastaldo demonstrates how to use the PYLA Layered Shader in Blender, showing how to create a Carbon Fiber material for an automobile render.Working with layers in shading is a really powerful way to obtain Physically correct and realistic materials and Indeed, it’s not so easy to know what to do with PYLA, So, here […]

Notes on a View-Dependent Face Rig in Blender

Character Artwork by: Kevin Roualland ( Additional Slides: Pet by Patrick Osborne / Titmouse Facinator

Working With New Animation Nodes Falloffs in Blender

One of the biggest changes to Animation Nodes in the 2.0 update was the introduction of Falloffs, which are similar to “Effectors” in C4D. In this video we will go over how they work, and how we can use them going forward. Support me on Patreon: Follow me on Twitter: Previous Part: […]

Blender | Creating a Snow Scene With Sculpting, Particles and Procedural Materials

This week’s tutorial is a bit messy…but I decided to upload it anyway because it really shows my thought process while creating pieces! Hopefully you find it helpful!

Blender Texturing Addon – yPanel – 4 parts

yPanel is blender texture painting add-on written by Yusuf Umar. This adds lots of additional extremely useful features other than texturing. Above all its free.

Import Textures like a Boss into Blender 3D

Andrew Price shows show to import texture images “like a boss” into Blender 3D using Import Images as planes” which is a great timesaver when importing images for use on poly planes using the proper image dimensions.Quick Tip: Import Textures like a Boss from Andrew Price on Vimeo.

Blender Retopology using the Shrinkwrap Modifier

The Blender Nerd takes a look at using the ShrinkWrap Modifier in Blender for re-topologizing workflow in Blender. For more Blender tutorials, be sure to check out the BlenderNerd site.The Blender Nerd notes: “In this tutorial you will learn how to use the useful shrinkwrap modifier to do retopology on a very high poly mesh, […]

Creating & Rendering a Spaceship Corridor in Blender

BlenderGuru’s Andrew Price has a two part tutorial looking at how to create a classic Spaceship corridor scene using Blender. Andrew walks us through the entire process showing how the modeling was done for the scene, provides some tips for conceptualizing and finding references, and demonstrates an easy way to model greebles in the hallway.…In […]

Ivy Growth Animator for Blender Creates a Growing Effect in Blender Easily

This is a little demo of an animation created with the Ivy Growth Animator Addon for Blender. Rendered in Blender 2.65 (Cycles). Tutorial – soon! For more info about the addon and how to use it: Ivy Growth Animator is ready with an Interface! Source and download:

Add Dust to Any Model in Blender

Discover how you can easily add a layer of dust to the surface of any model in blender! Get the downloads and the text summary:

Curving and Styling Leaves With the Blender Sapling Addon

Daniele De Luca provides a short look at how to create curve leaves with Sapling addon, using a trick that can be used to add some more realism to the models that Sapling generates.Here I show how to curve the leaves of trees generated with the Sapling addon for BlenderDaniele uses the UV and edit […]

Building Your Own Maya-Style Wrap Deformer in Blender

In this video I do a simple walk through of how to use the Blender Mesh Deform modifier in such a way so that it can be used to emulate the functionality of the Maya Wrap Derformer.

Tutorial I Blender 2.78 Boolean Modifier

Today we will see the Boolean modifier is useful for welding meshes.