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13 Quick Tips for Blender and Cycles

Fast-track your Blender education with this collection of 13 quick tips. Imagine this. You find an obscure feature of Blender, that could have saved you thousands of hours of work. You cringe, but feel empowered at the same time.

9 Things You Should Know When Working With Blender’s EEVEE

Aidy Burrows here taking a look at the new Eevee real-time viewport being developed for Blender 2.8 The Eevee viewport for Blender is now available for very early testing! Once you’ve got it working it’s a lot of fun to try it out. However there are a few things that I think you should know […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Visual Effects With Blender

Learn How to do VFX with this Beginner Blender Tutorial! Tutorial Files: Realistic Nature Asset Pack: PATREON: Thanks to Chris Kuhn for the awesome model: Intro Music: Andrew Lund – Facebook:… Twitter: ArtStation: DevianArt: Also check out my DVD here!

A Look at 4 Awesome Features Recently Added to Blender

Andrew price of BlenderGuru with a post on the 4 most awesome features of the latest merge for Blender, where alpha features were merged into the trunk of Blender including the Cycles rendering engine, the Camera Tracking stuff, Dynamic Paint, and the Blender Ocean Simulator. Andrew also shows how to get all these features in […]

A look at the New Masking Tools in Blender

This is a first demo of the current status of the masking tools in Blender, that are currently being developed. Since we need it desparately for the work on Mango, we are all very happy to be able to use these tools. But be aware that the development is still in progress, so you can […]

A Look at the UV Offset Modifier in Blender

Pawel Kowal shows off his efforts in creating a UV Offset Modifier for Blender 3D which can be used for cut out style animations right in Blender. Check out Pawel Kowal’s post on his UV Offset Modifier for Blender and Blender tutorial using the UV Offset Modifier for Cut out animations here.Pawel Kowal writes: I’m […]

A Quick start Using Python and Blender

Juraj Michalek with a quick start guide to using Python and Blender together and more importantly how to save time when learning Python for Blender!“Video tutorial shows some quick tips how to start working with Python in Blender and how to save time when you’re learning Python for Blender.”

A Sneak Look at Blender’s Grease Pencil Using Modifiers

Developer Antonio Vazquez has just implemented the first modifiers for Grease Pencil objects. Demo by Daniel Martinez Lara. Follow more updates on

A Visual Guide to Blender Cloth Simulation

A plain short tutorial about the cloth simulation settings. I hope you’ll enjoy the video. More English Tutorials: Smoke Tutorial: Fluid Tutorial: Cloth Tutorial: SoftBody Tutorial: DynamicPaint Tutorial: Force Fields: Ocean Simulation: UV Mapping: More Portuguese Brazil Tutorials: Smoke Tutorial: Fluid Tutorial: Cloth Tutorial: […]

Add Dust to Any Model in Blender

Discover how you can easily add a layer of dust to the surface of any model in blender! Get the downloads and the text summary:

Adding Reflections & Shadows to Live Footage using Blender

Dario Senkic shows how to add reflections/shadows to live footage for your renderings using Blender, BLender render passes, and the Node Editor.Dario Senkic writes: In this tutorial I explain how to add shadows and reflections to live footage with the help of render passes and the node editor. Well, that’s pretty much it.

Advanced Array Animation in Blender

Creating advanced array animation in Blender 3D from tutorial author Derrick Sesson in this 10 part series looking at the array modifier in Blender and how to set up the Blender array modifier for animation. Check out the complete tutorial for Advanced Array Animation using Blender at here.

Advanced Texturing of Fractured Objects Using Cel Fracture Tools in Blender

Here is one more video about the cell fracturing in Blender. This one is about advanced texturing of fractured objects. This tutorial will lead you through the progress of texturing a cube with two different textures for inside and outside parts of the fractured cube.

An Early Look at Open Shading Language implementations in Blender

This is a quick demo of the new OSL Script Node in the Cycles Render Engine inside Blender. Open Shading Language in Cycles

An Easy Way To Get Level of Detail in Blender, Using Drivers Learn how to use drivers to save scene geometry while keeping the needed detail.

An Introduction to Destruction with Blender Bullet Physics

****LINKS ARE HERE**** Constraints addon – Blender Builds – Here’s a tutorial on how to achieve some of the destruction tests I uploaded on my channel earlier. I go through the constraints system/addon and how to set up the scene to allow for some awesome destruction effects within Blender, at near realtime speeds! […]

Animated UV’s Can Create a Great Wormhole Effect in Blender This is something that comes up a lot in sci-fi, in fact the same kind of thing gets used in anime a fair bit too. WHAT IS SPACE VFX? Space VFX Elements: the Ultimate Guide to Creating the Galaxy in Blender is 12+ hours video course about space. Quasars, gas giants, planets, black […]

Animating a Grid of Objects in Blender Using the Wave and Cast Modifiers

Dimitris Christou shows how to create a cool looking animation rather simply in Blender. The animation is similar, although an expanded effect similar to a look achieved by TrapCode Form in After Effects, where you are procedurally manipulating a grid in 3D space.Blender video tuorial about creating a nice little clip using modifiersIn this case, […]

Animation Nodes Tutorial – Cool Spline Turbulence with Some Super Simple Scripting!

n this exciting Blender tutorial, Theo walks you through how to add an awesome turbulence effect to procedurally replicated splines using animation nodes and just barely over 1 line of code.