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Creating “Ye Olde Book” in Blender

Porter Nielsen with a great multi-part tutorial on creating an old-timey book using Blender 3D, including UV’s, Textures, Baking, Lighting and Rendering to an end result.Blender Tutorial: Ye Olde Book Part III from Porter Nielsen on Vimeo.Blender Tutorial: Ye Olde Book Part II from Porter Nielsen on Vimeo.Blender Tutorial: Ye Olde Book Part III from […]

Using the Bleeble Animated Surface AddOn For Blender 2.6.1

Atom demonstrates basic usage of the Bleeble addon for Blender 2.6.1. Bleeble is a Blender AddOn for version 2.6.1 or better. The concept behind Bleeble is that you create selection sets and animate parameters for those sets.In this video the two sets are represented by the two colors. Using a 12×12 torus as a source […]

Advanced Texturing of Fractured Objects Using Cel Fracture Tools in Blender

Here is one more video about the cell fracturing in Blender. This one is about advanced texturing of fractured objects. This tutorial will lead you through the progress of texturing a cube with two different textures for inside and outside parts of the fractured cube.

Layering Textures to Create a Decal using Blender Cycles

In this Quick Tip about layering textures, I go over how to use multiple UV Maps on your model to add a base texture, and then add a second (or more) texture on top of that one. I also go over how to apply a separate shader to each texture in a single material!

Approach Lighting in Blender As If You Were a Photographer Discover how to create a jaw-dropping scene without having a reference or a concept art. After watching this tutorial, you’ll learn how to treat your 3d art like a photographer.

Tracking a Target with Animation Nodes in Blender

Find out how to use animation nodes to rotate several objects towards a single target at once and control additional properties with the resulting setup. First part of the BlenderDiplom 2016 Halloween tutorial: — Website: Twitter: Facebook:

Creating Draping Cloth in Blender for Interior Visualization Renders

Blender HD – Blender Tutorials Learn how to make great looking blankets, sheets, bedspreads, or any other cloth object for architecture visualization! Here is the link to the Blendswap file:

Check Out This Simple Method for Mapping an Image to Blender Cycles Particles

In this short tutorial I demonstrate a very simple method for mapping an image across multiple Cycles particles to create an artistic effect. Addendum to this technique here – Final result here – Intro music by Sardi (me) Main music ‘Rains Will Fall’ by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution […]

How to Render a Wireframe in Blender

Quick tip tutorial showing you how to use the new Wireframe modifier in Blender 2.7.

Auto Custom Shape Addon for Blender Aids Creating Bone Custom Shapes

Jacques Duflos offers an Auto Custom Shape Addon for Blender that will save some time when creating Bone Custom Shapes in Blender. Check out the page for Auto Custom Shape Addon for Blender for Creating Bone Custom Shapes here.Jacques Duflos notes: “This script is meant to save some time and to facilitate the design of […]

Adding Reflections & Shadows to Live Footage using Blender

Dario Senkic shows how to add reflections/shadows to live footage for your renderings using Blender, BLender render passes, and the Node Editor.Dario Senkic writes: In this tutorial I explain how to add shadows and reflections to live footage with the help of render passes and the node editor. Well, that’s pretty much it.

Baking Blender’s Ocean Modifier Simulations to Images

At some point and time you may have had the need to export Blender’s Ocean Modifier Simulation to images so that you could use them elsewhere, be it a game engine, or another application, and here, SlyDrako shows how to just that.In this tutorial I will explain how to export the animation from an Ocean […]

Modeling Non-Destructively in Blender Using Shape Keys

Learn how to use Blender’s shape keys to make your modeling workflow less destructive in this video tutorial by Kent Trammell:

Create Realistic Wet Looking Puddles in Blender

Blender tutorial showing you how to make realistic puddles: Puddles add contrast and visual interest in your scene, while also helping to balance the composition. In this video you’ll discover a super easy way to make them in Blender, which can be used on almost any surface.

Animated UV’s Can Create a Great Wormhole Effect in Blender This is something that comes up a lot in sci-fi, in fact the same kind of thing gets used in anime a fair bit too. WHAT IS SPACE VFX? Space VFX Elements: the Ultimate Guide to Creating the Galaxy in Blender is 12+ hours video course about space. Quasars, gas giants, planets, black […]

Building Walls Quickly in Blender From Imported AutoCad DXF’s

Umberto Oldani shares a method for creating building walls when you are creating architectural models in Blender, siting his method and a fast and easy way to build up an imported DXF file.In this video tutorial I explain how to create the main building walls with simple and speed wayUmberto walks through his process using […]

Using the Using the Sun Beams Node in Blender 2.72

You can find the written tutorial here: – start / finish .blend file | – orginal .blend file from | – hdr image from hdrlabs’s sIbl Archive | Social Media: – My Website: – My Portfolio: – My Linked-In Page: – My ArtStation Page: – My […]

Blender Light Wrapping in Compositing

This Blender 3D light wrap in the Blender Composite tutorial from Josh Makinda covers the aspects of creating a “light wrapping” effect effectively with some 3D foreground footage over some live action footage.Blender Compositing – Light Wrap (background wrap) Tutorial from Josh Makinda on Vimeo.This is a tutorial based around Light Wrapping, or Background Wrapping […]