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3d Tutorial | Twisted Fantasy Pendant | 3DSMAX

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to quickly model a twisted fantasy pendant or amulet object, complete with holes for hanging on a necklace. This step-by-step project will demonstrate a combination of procedural, and standard polygon modeling techniques.

Using Sculptris Pro in ZBrush 2018

Learn how to get started with Sculptris Pro in ZBrush 2018 in this video tutorial. Sculptris Pro is the innovative new feature found in ZBrush 2018. Learn how to use to to make your ZBrush life a lot easier and better as a sculptor!

3d Tutorial | Twisted StarBall For 3dprint | 3dsmax

3d Tutorial | Twisted StarBall For 3dprint | 3dsmax

HOUDINI BREAKDOWN / 01 / Ice Growth / Stalactite / Tutorial

Learn some techniques used to create a Stalactite / Ice growth effect in Sidefx Houdini. I directly manipulate the VDB volumes to create an art directable mask to drive an organic growth effect, in a custom direction needed.

Infinite Floor in Vray – 3DS Max Tutorial

In just a few minutes i manage to reveal the most secret technique of them all, the Infinite Floor!

Maya Sticky Lips Rigging Tutorial Part 1

This video playlist covers the rigging setup of sticky lips (aka zipper lips) using a series of blendshapes and setRange nodes.

Tutorial : Rigging 2D Lego Facial Expressions in Maya

Rigging 2D Lego Facial Expressions in Maya

Rig & Animate a Character in 2 Minutes – CINEMA 4D

A quick tutorial for someone who just want's to get that character rigged and animated as fast as possible using Mixamo in just 2 minutes

Turbulence FD In Cinema 4D (Easy)

A super easy way to use the TurbulanceFD plugin in Cinema 4D.

Michael Tierney’s Showreel 2017

Michael Tierney's Showreel

Cinema 4D MoGraph Cloners for Creating Condensation on Glass Bottles

In this tutorial we look into rendering a cola bottle with realistic looking condensation using mograph cloners.

nuke baselight matte export workflow

Dan Harvey showing off Nuke to Baselight matte export workflow using Baselight from FilmLight, makers of Northlight, Baselight, and truelight color grading products.Nuke > Baselight Matte Export Workflow from Dan Harvey on Vimeo.also, check out these other baselight tutorials…Soften Fleshtone in Baselight from Dan Harvey on Vimeo.Track and composite in Baselight from Dan Harvey on […]

Cinema 4D | A Look at the New SubSurface Scattering Features VRayforC4D

In continuation with his look at all the new features of VRayforC4D 1.8, Josef Bsharah shares some of the new functions in the VRayFastSSS2 material which can save some time while providing a nice and clean result.In this video we talk about the new cool feature of the VRayFastSSS2 materiel in 1.8Josef takes a look […]

Creating Semi-Realistic Flames with After Effects Built In Tools

VinhSon Nguyen from CreativeDojo looks at creating flames in After Effects using only After Effects’ built in toolset including Fractal Noise. Check out the complete tutorial for Creating Semi-Realistic Flames with After Effects Built In Tools here.From the tutorial description: “Today, we dive into After Effects and take a look at how we can create […]

Cinema 4D | Time Saving Tips for Using the Align to Spline Tag

Offering a look at some time saving tips in Cinema 4D, EJ Hassenfratz shows how to use the Splines and Align To Spline Tags with Xpresso running a few practical examples.some awesome time saving tips when using Cinema 4D’s ‘Align to Spline’ tag or splines in generalUsing a power cord an plug or headphone cord […]

Rigging Bellows Expansion and Contraction Using Xpresso

In this two-part tutorial, I discuss the steps required to create a procedural bellows piece.

How to Transfer Positional Data from Cinema 4D’s Mograph to After Effects